Monday, December 7, 2009

We're Not Quite Done!!

Hi VP's...well, we got a phone call from Mary, Dr. Hong's medical assistant, this morning. We learned that although we are declaring Brenda cancer free, Dr.Hong wants a touchdown...with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. He wants Brenda to have some clean-up chemo to get any of those nasty cells that might still be lingering. Needless to say, Brenda is discouraged and so very tired of being so very tired. We both understand Dr. Hong's reasoning, but we don't have to like the path this journey is taking us once again.

The good news to all this is that we'll be able to do the chemo here in Phoenix. Dr. Hong has yet to decide what kind of drugs to use and how many treatments to administer, but he will continue to draw up the plans and then we just have to find a good medical oncologist here in Phoenix to actually administer the medicine. He wants to see the pathology slides and talk to the pathologist before he determines exactly what the treatment will be. Whatever it is, it won't start until after the holidays. Thanks the Lord!!

I feel so bad for our girl...I wish there was something I could do to take this from her. She's just been through so very much and she's so tired. But Dr. Hong wants a CURE (so does Brenda and I) and he wants to MAKE SURE the bad cells are dead! Brenda is driven to realize a long life, but it doesn't make the news any easier to take. Please continue all the wonderful prayers you've sent her way...for strength...for healing...for some happiness in all this...and most importantly...for the CURE!!!

I'll keep you posted.
Dee and Brenda


  1. Hey Brenda... Dee

    Still sounds like good news... but I can understand the discouragement and feeling this will never end... but it will... its so hard to stay the course but you both have perserved for so long and I believe there will be a final completion of all this soon!

    As always you remain in our prayers, thoughts and good vibrations!
    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings

  2. UGhhhhhhhh!!!! Just when you thought you were done! I wish I could say something to make you feel better about this but I don't have the words. I know you're tough but this still sucks! The final outcome ....the cancer being gone for good is the most important thing! Hang in there! We all continue to think of you and pray for you every day.


  3. Ouch...tough news to read, although that's what I love about a perfectionist. Dr. Hong is covering all bases with his determination to bring you home a winner in every way. It will happen. Our arms of support surround you as you head down the final stretch. You're so close and it will happen. Meanwhile, love the holidays together and continue sharing your strength that leaves us all in awe!

    Bonnie and Jackie

  4. Not the best news, but certainly not the worst. In my mind I see it as going for the 2 point play versus the field goal. Just a bit of insurance.
    Count on your VPs to get you both through this next portion of the journey.
    Looking forward to seeing you both next weeken.

    Love you both

  5. Hey, Brenda and Dee:

    Still keeping you close in prayer. Keep the faith, despite the disappointment of the new round of chemo recommended by the doc. . .

    Hope you had a peaceful holiday. May 2010 bring you good health and much love.