Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OMG!!! Brend'as Head Dress Entry - I Found the Beaver!

Michele was hiding behind a palm tree when Brenda came out of the pool and caught our girl in all her glory...Lordy! Michele is a sneaky little devil and please believe me that you all need to guard your secrets from this "Naughty One." Kiiiiiiiim...they're all over the place!!

Michele...always has a's what she said:

Brenda's found the beaver:

Do you remember this photo?  I searched high and obviously low for this entry.  The background is the island of Moorea in French Polynesia (Tahiti).  The year is 2007. The person is our very own Chemo sabe pre personal hygiene class.

Maybe we have a winner here...then again...maybe NOT! Ha!

OK VP'S this beaver theme is slowly going down the drain!! Ha!

Nurse Dee

Brenda's Update

Hello All,

I have to say that this blog is addicting and lots of fun. I gets so many people that tell me that they are laughing out loud at how funny you all can be. I, personally, have increased my counts by laughing so hard with all of you. 

Here's the latest on what's going on with the road to my cure. I am receiving a high amount of chemotherapy and therefore have side effects. Some include infections and high pitch hearing loss. I have never talked about my bowel movements so often and my food intake. I have a very good N.P that stays on top of every symptom no matter how small it is. 

The schedule got messed up for me to get my port put in. The infusion unit had a difficult time finding a deep vein in my arm and this chemo really blows out the veins. If they can't find a vein then they will use my hands and do an I.V every day of chemo instead of using 1 I.V. for 3 days. So, tomorrow morning I am getting a pic line put in so that I don't have to bring in the expert I.V team to find a stinkin' vein. I will have my blood drawn and see my oncologist on Monday to insure that I am ready to go for another round next Thursday. I have had a few good days and I am taking advantage of those days while I can and appreciating the rebound of my immune system and energy. 

Dee came back last night after driving herself to exhaustion for 2 days. It's good to see her and I certainly appreciate Nurse Becky helping us out on a short notice. She is an absolute love. I am finding that Dee is a union nurse and is expecting to go home 2 more times during my stay in Houston. She has already summoned Nurse Vic and Nurse Toni to help me out. Imagine that? Karen, I think that you need her union to negotiate the contract for you at your hospital!! Three weeks on and 1 week off. That's a schedule that would allow you to keep up with your travel demands!

Dee is my hero because she has a tough job. I am thankful that this village is so loving and supportive of my road to recovery and helping us to get through this. It is not easy watching someone go through this and then figure out what the hell to feed them. We had the most interesting dinner tonight. Put it this way, variety is a spice of life. :-) 

I am proud to call this my healing village and I am proud to call you my friends. I know that this is going to get tougher and I know that I will continue to take it a day at a time. Just know that you all have been incredibly uplifting in my road to a cure and that is priceless!!

Thanks for helping me stay connected and not so homesick. The cards, well wishes, e-mails and OMG the photos have been an amazing bright spot in my life. Today I am one day closer to a cure and that's how I take every day. 

Thank you all for your love and support. It does not go unnoticed!!!

love, Chemo-Sabe

Beaver Hunter with Her Dogs

VP's...Let me introduce Brenda's fabulous sister, Rhonda. They really are 2 peas in a pod. Rhonda actually joined us on our Olivia trip to the Club Med in the Turks and Caicos Islands last October. Now that's one brave woman. This is where the hot dog, taco theme was born. We were there over Halloween and Rhonda dressed up as a hot dog and Brenda dressed up as a taco...OMG!! We were laughing till our sides split. Rhonda had her whole family helping with this submission...

Here's what she had to say about her creation: (Sis crack me up with this. I LOVE the dogs!!!)

Is Beaver in season??
"Beaver" it's whats for dinner!  (but not for me ), I turn all my game over to my trusty side kick Paul-aka the Fur Trader. (new job from Paul the Pelican, economy these days)  We are known to track down the following:

big beavers
well lit beavers
small portable beavers
eager beavers and the infamous "Sir Beave-a-lot"

We are afraid of the Beaver inspector.....heard she is tough on inspections! Because she has seen them all, we have to make sure all our furs pass her approval and are Grade A.  We always go for the best pelts!  We do let the bald ones go though, no big $ return on those!   So remember Sis.....a beaver a day keeps the doctor away!!! You too can become an avid hunter and can borrow my new camo hunting hat anytime, comes complete with a nice leather chin strap too   :)   Oh..the dogs are mine, you'll have to get your own if needed.

P.S.  Becky did you steal one of my pelts??

Love you sis!  Keep the humor going and you'll do just fine,  it's the best medicine ever!


Beer Tooting Pimp

Karen had another burst of genius and here are her next submissions. She can explain her creations much better than I certainly can...
HI all,
I was going to submit the Beer Hat as my final entry, but when I went to retrieve it, it was half full and Michele was smiling!
My final entry is more a true reflection of my personality - Tropical Pimp.   Most know that I am a nurse, rather handy when it comes to fixing things and I tend to pack pretty much anything anyone on earth could possibly need on vacation.  However, my true passions are tropical regions and pimping.
Let me explain:
I love the beach, the sun, sand and all the sights and sounds only present at the beach.  There is nothing better than body surfing the waves and people watching.  Snorkeling is fun, but I have a 5 minute tolerance before I get sea sick - go figure.  I also enjoy viewing the scenery of the various tropical paradises I have been fortunate enough to visit.  In summary, I love everything about being in and near the water.
Now I am sure I piqued your interest with the pimping part of my head dress but please do not get ahead of me.  I do not mean that I am in the business of selling sex through the effort of others.  Rather when I use the term "pimping", I am using the more modern definition because I am one hip chick.  My definition of pimping means to dress up to an exaggerated degree.  
So let me bring this home for you all.  My head dress and lei bring together my passion, the beach, and my desire to offer our Chemo sabie a fancy head dress for when her and Dee want to get gussied up and head out for an ACIDIC based meal.

Did You Say Beagle?

Hi VP's...Nurse Dee is back in the Houston hood. Man! Thank heaven it was an uneventful drive. I listened to a book on tape called "Crusader's Cross," thanks to my buddy Jordan. NO! It wasn't about the Crusades, but about a Louisiana detective investigating the disappearance of a woman in Galveston, TX...I drove 758 miles yesterday...that was a LONG day.

Anyway...the blog queen is back and I have a bunch of very creative posts to catch up on today. So without further ado... let me get started.

Our beloved ICU Nurse, also lovingly known as "Doctor Karen," has submitted some wonderful additions to the contest.'ll really appreciate this first one. For those of you who didn't know, Koko rescues beagles here in go girl...what do you think of this one from Karen? I think she might need a good home. Don't you? I hear that she has been placed in eternal servitude by her partner (Michele) in exchange for Olivia trips to the Amazon and Africa in 2010.

Karen and I are experiencing that wonderful part of the aging process called "hearing loss!!!" So when the "Beaver" theme really took off on the blog...she thought they said "Beagle." Karen we still love you even though you can't hear! I'm there with ya girlfriend!! Ha!

Nurse Dee

PK's FEZ-o-sabe

Hi VP's...Let me introduce you to "PK." Now you might think that this little girl in the picture just looks a tad on the young side to be hanging with the rest of us, but the REAL PK is actually guarding her identity because she is an investigator for the public DEFENDERS office. The rest of you know that Brenda and I are COPS and side with the guys in the white hats...the prosecutors!!! Actually PK worked with me as a police officer with the Scottsdale Police Department, then left there and owned a business called the Popcorn Factory. Man! She made the best popcorn on the of the face of the earth. Brenda worked for her before she was hired by Tempe PD and I think PK actually got Brenda addicted to carmel and cheese popcorn. They got into all sorts of trouble...imagine that!! Ha! Kiiiiiiiiim...the "Naughty One" has quite a LONG history of trouble making!!! 

PK also joined the army and was transfered to Korea for a time. She then came back to the states and began working for the public defenders office in Phoenix. She never left the "dark side" and now works for the public defenders office in North Carolina. She says she's keeping the cops honest...I'm not buying it!! Ha!

Some of you might not know that I actually live with a fabulous spell checker. She's amazing. I'm a HORRIBLE speller...Brenda is fantastic. Because she's soooo good she LOVES to play Scrabble and she's darn good at it folks! She'll challenge anyone and will give them a run for their money...right Rhonda and Vic? So that's why you see the beautiful Scrabble motif on PK's fez creation. Here's what she has to say:

Hey Guys,
Those head coverings certainly set a high bar, but I didn't see any that would go with Pond Scum's (er, I mean Brenda's) dress garb, so I have attached a photo of my designer 'fez' (yes, Brenda knows what a fez is, LOL).  My model has a somewhat smaller head than Brenda, but I'm sure it will fit her nicely if she would like to model it herself, or add to it later. (-; PK

Glad so many of you had bursts of inspiration and have sent me your creations. We just don't want this contest to's just way too funny and such good medicine for ALL of us.

Keep em coming and we love to hear your comments.
Nurse Dee

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Latina Found Where the Hair Went!

Actually this makes me go...eeeeeeeu!!! Somehow I think about gagging. It's funny but I never noticed this "chest feature" about Becky. 

Beck...were you wearing a body stocking or something and now have revealed your true self because of the humidity in Houston? 

Lordy!!! Where do you come up with this stuff...OH! You're with Brenda...that really says it all. Glad you had so much fun with this.

More From Our Latina

OH! Becky needs to be seen close-up so the VP's can get the true essence of her marvelous submission. about the "Naughty One"...I think Becky now has that title. OMG!!! I'm still laughing out loud...hard...every time I see these photos.

Illegal Latina Alien

There absolutely are NO WORDS to adequately describe Becky's submission. I'm just sitting here shaking my head. Cathie and Evelyn were over here at the house and I was SKYPING Brenda and Becky when they sent me the photos. We were laughing and screaming until our faces hurt and our sides ached. OMG!!! They had sooooo much fun putting this Latino submission together. Check this out.

Here's what Becky had to say:

Over the past few weeks Julie has been harassing me to shave my head to be more supportive. “Brenda’s your best friend!” she’d say…   And all that time I was selfish and hesitated because I thought I needed the height my hair gave me….  But then I decided if there is anyone I’d do it for, it would be her!  So, here I am “Bald for Brenda”!  ….Turns out I had very little hair and it was really my head that gave me the height (who knew)!!   In addition, shaving my head brought out my inner-foo-foo-Latina!  Ole!   ….as Brenda says, “There is no dignity in cancer…”  and now, after doing this entry, I agree!  Lol

Seriously, this blog is amazing!  I have laughed more reading this thing than I have in a loooong time.   If you ask me, I think there needs to be a Brenda’s Healing Village reunion in Mesa, AZ instead of these crazy-ass (but really cool) trips you all take together!  There would be plenty of beds and I’ll have the Garcia-rita’s going if you’ll make a plan.   Just thought I’d put it out there. 
JHugs to you all! 

This really puts Chiquita (SP?) banana to shame. I laugh every time I look at these. You hot Latina cone head you!!

Nurse Dee

United States of Ling

VP's I'd like to introduce you to one of the most versatile women I know. Please meet Callie, Doc Vic's partner. Cal rose up the ladder from gas line the ditches...running and fixing gas one of the top executives of the company. Then she retires from that and starts her own construction company. Can this woman build! I'll have to tell you the story about the fall that Cal and Vic came up to Strawberry to help Brenda and I build a "small" wood shed. We miscalculated and actually built a HUGE wood shed!!! It was hysterical and I love how big it is!!! Now Cal helps her friends run several very popular restaurants in Pittsburgh. What a talented lady! There just isn't much this gal can't do.

Cal also has a wild side as I think you can see in that eye twinkle behind those Foster-Grants. The little dust mop on her head is Andi...named after Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame due to her wild eyebrows.

Here's what Cal had to say about her creation:
Okay, now I know you all are out there and sometimes we are not who we think we are.......may I present from the U.S. of Tara, an original headdress design inspired by "Ling" (some of you know her, Brenda stop it...)   If you peepee your bed you won't know if it's Gimmee or some weird poncho goblin. 

You've just got to watch the United States of Tara on Showtime and you'll totally understand this theme. 

Cal...OH! I mean look fashionable and glamorous. Andi is just the perfect fashion statement for this look!! 

Enjoy! Oh La La!
Nurse Dee

Aussies are Welcome in America!

I just can't beat Michele when it comes to narrative, so I'm just going to turn the stage over to her for our next submission. Take it away Michele:

HI all. Michele here.  I am speaking on behalf of our friends Kiiiim and Wiindy.  For those of you that have not met these lovely ladies, let me give you some background..  Brenda initiated the conversation with the gals when we went on the Barbados trip.  Both are from Australia and have come to America via various stops in the Asia-PAC region of the world.  We are lucky enough to live close by and get to spend some time together.
You may ask why I am writing and not either one of them.  That is a fair question and one that I am more than prepared to answer.  We all know that language varies around the world.  What you may not be aware of is that the English language also seems to vary as well.  I have no idea who eliminated the letter "z" from their alphabet, but it is gone and inappropriately replaced by an "s".  (organise versus organize).  My spell checker is going bonkers.  So I am writing to be sure our Aussie friends were clearly understood by all the VP's.  Oh, and silly Kiiiim said she "trusted me to do the post for her" - zilly, zilly girl.
There entry is titled "lovely surf life saver with chin strap".  Let me translate into the true form of English - American; that means 'Lovely Life Guard with chin strap'.  So you all get the beach cap but do notice the lovely flowers.  Kiiim worked her poor little Aussie fingers to the 'bloody bone' (translation - she worked real hard) fastening these to the cap.  The chin strap - Brenda perhaps you would want to provide the translation on that one, I blush whenever I think of it :)  I will offer that Wiindy was the only one that could work the chin strap - hmmmmmm.  I guess everyone has a speciality.
Finally, and I quote the lovely ladies from Oz "we had a warbler thinking about the different hats".  Now I know things get lost in translation so perhaps this should not be taken literally - "we had a tiny little bird of a time" - at least I hope not.  We have come to learn that what comes out of their mouths sounds different but is usually harmless.  However, in this case I do think it was a deliberate bastardization of our lovely English dialect.  
Beyond all the language baggage these gals travel with, we know that the heart sounds were clear.  Their message resonates around the world in every language - "we hope Brenda is over-dosing on the best medicine in the world - laughter"!! 

The Bar's Open we really are having soooo much fun with this contest. Let me now introduce Jackie, Helene's partner. Jackie is some super dooper brain-iack who helps develop heart drugs. AMAZING! She and Helene are also heavy duty scuba divers and have searched the seas all over the world. They told us great stories of all the wonders they saw while diving in Tahiti...most included lots of SHARKS!! 

I'll never forget Jackie, with this huge coconut was an alcoholic drink in a big coconut that the bartenders made for folks when we were on the motu (island) in Bora Bora. The coconut was almost as big as Jackie. 

This submission really makes me think of her big smile and laughter as she chased the floating bar for another drink. If memory serves me, I think Jackie even stole the floating bar at one point. Isn't that right Jackie?!!

Here's what she had to say:

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

Yes it is!

Nurse Dee 

Boa Viking

Oh never wore this while we were on that motu in Bora Bora...WOW!!! Or is it va-va-voom!!!

Helene says...

Now meet Cruella the Viking...

Somehow feathers and Vikings just don't seem to go. Helene if any Viking can pull this's you girl!

Nurse Dee

The Vikings Have Landed

Hi VP's...well you can sure tell that the contest deadline is nearing. I've gotten several submissions today that MUST be posted before I have a laughing seizure and the neighbors call the police on me for disrupting our quiet neighborhood. Man! you guys are just cracking us up. I've SKYPED Brenda this afternoon and she is just laughing and having a great time with all this. It's the best medicine, served on a regular basis thanks to all of you, that my chemo girl could ask for. You all are just the best!! enough mush and now for our new submissions. Let me introduce Helene, a true Norwegien and interestingly enough...a midwife. We all met in Tahiti. Helene and her partner, Jackie, are part of what are called "The Original Tahiti Pod." Brenda and I are still on probation but hope to be accepted into the pod some day. 

I think Helene's submission speaks to her heritage. So what is up with all the braids? HUMMMM! Very Interesting!! 

Here's what she has to say:

For all of you pig-tailed wannabe Vikings out there, here's the real deal.

Now I'm going to go plunder and pillage the fridge.

Plunder away Helene...

Nurse Dee 

Dr. Beaver Inspector

I got a warning call this afternoon from Vicky saying that she had finished another head dress submission and about to send the picture based on the recent theme developed by Amanda and Cate. OMG!!! I fell of the chair in my office and called her in hysterics. Believe me...we've heard some of her "office" stories...she has seen a lot of...well you know. Now don't names were involved!! This cracks me up. Can you imagine what you'd think and say if you were in the doctors office for your yearly dreaded physical and your doc walked in looking like this!!! Scream? Run out dragging all those paper products with you? Laugh till you peed or hurt yourself?

Here's what Doc Vic had to say about her new office attire: 

All this talk of beavers got me thinking......
I am offering my professional services as a beaver inspector.  Bald beavers, big beavers,
little beavers, hairy beavers....I've seen them all and am at your service!!

VP's, this contest has just been too much fun. Can't you hear Brenda's infectious laugh? I can't wait to hear your comments...bring em on!!

Nurse Dee

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beaver Finale

TA DA...Here it is folks...The one and only HELGA!!! GA...what opera are you going to sing for us this evening. I know that you're being demure...toying with that red braid of yours. You look so very innocent. If only folks knew you could bench 400 lbs. I'm still imagining what the CEO of your hospital would say if he saw this fabulous and quite descriptive photo. You crack us up GA.

Here's the accompanying caption:

For our fourth and final Entry:  (Catie's Favorite)

With a nod to Brenda's Dutch Heritage...we call this one the Helga "the-Beaver" VanAmburg. Amanda's really not sure what to say about this one.  Except that if it shows up in the public domain, well, she will certainly have to forget about running for any public office.  So much for running a hospital too. 

I SKYPED Brenda and Becky tonight and Brenda said that she doesn't want the head dress contest to end because she's laughing way too much at all of them and just loves seeing what you all come up with. Really...this has been an absolute riot. We really have had such good laughs over all the submissions. Please say that we're not nearing the end...we'll be in Houston for 4 months...what else can we do...This is just too much fun!

Amanda (GA) and Cate (Mrs. GA) your entries have just left me speechless. 

Now let's hear what the VP's have to say about all these entries...

Nurse Dee

Beaver #3

OK...I'm back from Nando's. Had a great time watching Lynn and Julie get tipsy on Margaritas, had a delicious chimi, and then finished up with a big piece of Costco chocolate cake that Lynn and Kim brought into the restaurant....absolutely divine and super yummy. Thanks Bren for suggesting this decadent finale to dinner. We had to roll ourselves out of the place.The evening would have been perfect if you and Becky could have joined us. 

Thanks Julie, Lynn and Kim for such a wonderful evening. Photos at 11.

So back to the task at is Beaver Entry #3 entitled "Sir Beave-a-Lot." Where do you folks come up with this stuff? Ha! This is Cate again modeling her entry...and they added:

For our third Entry:

We decided to go with a Medieval Themed Head dress.  Notice the smaller, (more portable,) Beaver, which of course can be applied in any location and during whatever activities which lead to Lighting up your wife!  Joust anyone? 

Stand by for their final creation:

BB Submission #2

VP's let me introduce Dr. Amanda...our "GA." Please do not get made at doctors for being human and send this to the hospital that Amanda works for. She has definitely been our guardian angel through this whole process. 

Here's what she has to say about their lovely...ho, ho, ho...second entry entitled "You Light Up My Wife."

For our second Entry:

We have titled this "You Light up my Wife."  Can you hear the theme song playing, Debbie Boone fans?  A sister of Daniel Boone, you might suspect, given the Beaver head dress? But, relation.  This doubles as a fantastic Christmas tree topper.  Screw the Angel!!  This way, apply one well lit beaver....and well the other plug in options are up to you.....  Gotta keep the wife happy, no? I'm just going to let these 2 entries sit for a while. I'm going out to have mexican food at Nando's (sorry sweetie...) with Julie, Lynn and Kim. I'm starving...the last 2 when I return, I promise.

Nurse Dee

Bald WHAT?

I'm still trying to get up off the floor and my sides are aching from laughter. I've just received Amanda (also know to us as in "Guardian Angel!!), and her partner, Cate's entries. They have found an appropriate theme and have submitted multiple head dresses on that theme for your viewing pleasure. These are classic and I'll do a post with their comments for each marvelous submission.

Here's the first. modeled by the lovely Cate, which they have titled: "The Not So Bald Beaver Bonnet.: Oh Lordy! And they add...

Hello Village!

After our very exciting discussions with Brenda and Dee about the probability of our Chemo-Sabe soon to be having a "Bald Beaver," we decided this would be a fruitful theme for our submissions for this fantastic Head Dress Contest!!

For our first Head Dress:  

We have named this one the "Not So Bald Beaver-Bonnet"   So, look out Blue Bonnet, this is the NEW fashion statement for those of you wanting to be sure your beaver doesn't get sunburned!! Brenda, of course, you can strap this puppy on wherever you want!!  We are fond of options.

More to follow as soon as I can find a kleenex to wipe away my tears of laughter...stand by...


This is better than TV

Becky and I woke up the neighbors laughing so hard this morning at these posts. OMG there are no words to describe how much fun this is watching everyone entertain me. Karen, you can pass my love for an 18 wheeler. Roxanna Ward is going to have you on stage the next time she plays her 18 wheeler song. You are the best prop! Michelle, there are no words to describe your zany character. I laugh every time I see your undercover identity. 

Kathy, good for you to go tropical. I just laugh and that's the best medicine this chemo girl could have!!!

Julie, you must tell the "Stand tall stand proud" story because you can only tell it best. I just laugh and laugh and laugh. We all can relate....well maybe not! :-)

I wanted to thank the village for being my best medicine. I love this blog. It helps me to feel connected and not so homesick. 

Thanks to everyone for the cards, well wishes, gift cards, and words of encouragement. I am truly blessed to have such a village on my side. I am starting to recover from round 1 with a few issues but nothing that couldn't be rectified with a pharmacological intervention. This place is absolutely amazing and is on top of everything. I have never reported my bodily functions on a daily basis like I have to today. Go figure. 

My friend Becky didn't have time to get a hat prepared but she is my nurse and believe me what she had to deal with brought our friendship to a whole new level!!!!! Lets just say that there's no dignity in cancer. 

Thanks to everyone for keeping me going. I am in nadir right now and will start to climb out of it tomorrow. Taking the immune system down creates interesting issues and zaps my energy. Nurse Ratchet, I mean Nurse Dee, has given Nurse Becky instructions where I am walking daily, have an outing to get out of the apartment, and makes sure that my temperature is taken 2 times per day. Of course it has to be documented in the log. That nurse Dee is all over it I swear. 

I don't mind if the hat contest gives everyone a winner and if anyone wants to post a hat picture I thoroughly enjoy it. It just makes me laugh. I like pictures as well so feel free to send pics to Dee and she can post them. 

I value each and everyone one of you that are a part of my healing village. I feel truly blessed to have such kind, loving, and hilarious friends. 

Sis, Michelle is working on Terri size 10 as your roommate since Sue Size 9 went back to work as a drill instructor. Michelle, does Terri wear boxers or briefs? We never got that information from Sue Size 9. Sis?

Love to all of you from Houston Texas. You make my life rich and fun!!

Brenda, aka Chemo-Sabe

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

OMG!!! I can hear the gasp of air and the big laugh from Michele right now. VP's...those of you that know seems that our little business executive has been hiding a secret from us all these years. Michele...How could you? You look so lovely in this...well...OUTFIT!! I knew you were talented, but I really didn't suspect you had this flair for the glamorous and dramatic. For those of you who have no idea what all this means...please let me explain. 

In 2006 Michele and Karen showed us their 2005 Tahiti cruise pictures on the Paul Gauguin (Regent Seven Seas ship) and Brenda an I knew we had to go. The 4 of us went in 2007...what a fantastic place and what a fantastic time we had through the Olivia Tour company. You might hear us talk about them because through this fantastic women's tour company, we have all met and stayed close even though we live at opposite ends of the country. Anyway...we loved Tahiti soooooo much that we all went back in March 2009. The ship employs a group of beautiful Polynesian women who are performers and are called "The Gaugines." They sing, dance, show you the 72 ways to wear a pareo (Tahitian body wrap,) play guitar and ukulele, do crafts, and generally entertain the guests on board. are so very sly. Little did we know. Bonnie and Jackie sent me this "secret" photo this morning and I just had to share it with the rest of the village. It's just too priceless and captures your true essence. Here's What Bonnie and Jackie had to say:

Are you aware that while on the Tahiti trip, Michele tried out for the Gaugine group and was seriously considered for the Continental Tour? To my knowledge, this photo is coveted by the blonde bombshell society in which Michele is a card carrying member. 

Michele...I wonder what other secrets you might be holding close to your....well....feathers!!

Enjoy VP's...

Nurse Dee

Friday, April 24, 2009

"The Karen Mullet"

Michele's final entry reminds me of take a look. VP's let me introduce you to Karen, Michele's partner. I'm thinking truck driver of some honking 18 wheeler along I-40. Do you see that as well? Actually Karen's nickname is Macgyver. This is the woman that could rebuild just about anything with a paper clip and dental floss...OH! and maybe some duct tape. Actually Karen is a very competent ICU nurse who works with cardio patients. She is an absolute hoot and I can still see her doing a Tahitian war dance on the balcony of our over-the-water-bungalow on Bora Bora. PRICELESS! She and Michele are quite the pair and we've enjoyed traveling with these wonderful folks for about 10 years. Talk about bright, quick witted, and creative...this is the pair.

This is what Michele has to say about her final entry:
Okay VP's, this is it, my final head dress entry.  I decided to go with my first thought - 'mullet with bangs'.    I had to deploy the services of a model because those that know me would not be surprised if I had a blonde wig, beer and baseball cap.  Or, as Karen keeps saying every time she looks at me shaking her head - nothing surprises her anymore.  I think I have finally wore her down.
Okay, back to the head dress.  My model, Karen, came equipped with the t-shirt and pocket.  I am not sure she realized that shortly they would be sporting pens and a tissue.  
Now I know the 'tropical breezes' entry was multi dimensional so I do want to point out a few things about this head dress.  First and foremost it is my Paddy's Pub and Brewery cap, notice the shamrock - all should bow.  Another feature is the cap has a bottle opener built into the brim - how cool is that?.  Those Irish think of everything!!  And, like a 2 am infomercial, that's not all, - again channeling Brenda's heritage - the model is Dutch.
My fellow competitors - I think the bar has been raised.  Oh, and the beer was good as well :)
I'm still thinking truck driver!!!
Nurse Dee

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pooped Nurse Dee

First of all...I stand corrected about my post from last night. I actually DIDN'T have an entire dinner of leftovers at Julie's house last night...she made sure I knew that the pork meatballs we had were actually made fresh that day. The stuffed shells were leftovers but not those delicious balls. Tonight Julie and I cut a deal. I cleaned out our frig in exchange for a wonderful chicken enchilada dinner...yummy! 

After dinner we SKYPED Brenda and Becky to see how the day went. Becky is doing a fantastic job being nurse, cook, friend, house cleaner, napping buddy, and driver for Bren. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Becky. It was really great seeing you guys laughing together.

Bren said they did the usual walking around the shopping center and the Super Target. The usual napping, and then Becky made a great lemon chicken dinner. Brenda said she ate the whole thing and has a chicken breast for tomorrow. Becky's mom is a fabulous cook and they called her for the recipe. Maybe we could have a recipe contest. You could send me a GOOD recipe and I could TRY (that's the operative word here...Ha!) to cook it for her. Heck...if anyone has any suggestions on recipes for this unique palette please help!!! I have quite a challenge ahead of me and am afraid I just can't hold a candle to Becky's cooking. Nurse Dee really has to step up to the plate (HA! No pun intended) with this cooking thing.

I did a ton of running around today trying to get our life in order...I'm POOPED! So the picture I included in tonights post says it all for me. Our girl in Houston is doing far so good. For those annoying things that come out each day...or stay in...she has a great medical team assigned to her care from all over the US to help her. What a lucky girl she is to have these resources during this challenging time. Thanks to the village and the folks at MD Anderson.

Night all...more tomorrow...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Nurse Dee

Michele's Due "Dew...Do...Rag"

Like clockwork...Michele...always good to her word...has come up with her Day 4 entry. She's really loving this blonde wig. Check this out will ya!

Here's what she had to say about her entry:

Oh boy,  the "Tropical Breezes" entry has me a bit nervous.  If I weren't having so much fun with this blonde wig, I might have had to re-think my entries.  But alas, I am still a blonde AND I know Brenda was looking for a 'do-rag' motif - so here it is!!!  Tomorrow will be my last entry - my competitive juices are flowing - perhaps I'll have to hire a model that serves as a better blonde to feature my final entry.  You will all just have to wait and see.

I'm hoping that the rest of the village isn't so worried about the competition thus far that they are quietly backing out. Oh! Please say it isn't so! This is just too good and way too much fun. Does anyone have any ideas what we can all do after this contest? This is just way too much fun.

Comments anyone about our glamorous Michele, our belle??

Nurse Dee


Tropical Breezes

Hi everyone...yes! We have another entry. Let me introduce you to Cathie. She and her partner Evelyn are our buddies from Payson, AZ. Brenda and I have a cabin in Strawberry, which is about 12 miles north of Payson, and we met these two wonderful women when they owned a great little bookstore in Pine...about 3 miles from the cabin. We became fast friends and spend every Thanksgiving together at our annual feast. It's great fun. Hummmmmmm...I wonder if we'll have to serve pickles before the turkey this year???

So this is her creation which I have titled "Tropical Breezes." The theme and accessories are perfect for our next Tahitian or Caribbean voyage. We love those areas of the world...especially Tahiti. Here's what Cathie has to say about her creation:

I decided we needed to go with a tropical beach motif... and it is multi functional... with a detachable grass skirt & flower bikini top along with a reusable tropical drink coconut & it still has a usable cap for Brenda's next vacation ... Pia (our cat) says she wants first dibs on it if it does not win first prize... and she has already tried to chew on the grass skirt and steal the straw!

OK folks...the challenge continues and the deadline approaches. Don't be wimps...Brenda is enjoying this contest way too much.

Nurse Dee

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where in the World Is Nurse Dee

Hi everyone...with the help and generosity of Becky and "pilot girl" (Julie,) I'm back in Arizona getting things put together and organized for my drive back to Houston on Monday. I got a ton done since I got home at 2:00 PM (AZ time.) It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. The house however, looks like a tornado hit it. The dining room has become my staging area. 

I arrived without a hitch and Becky was even able to follow my MapQuest directions and got to the apartment again, without a hitch. That darn pilot is looking for the keys to the plane but I really hid them well!! We need to keep him grounded.

My moniker as "Garbage Girl" remains! Julie called around 6:00 and invited me over for dinner...LEFTOVERS!!! Now don't get me wrong, Julie and Becky are GREAT cooks and so their leftovers beat my cooking ANY day of the week. And since I had only had a cup of oatmeal, coffee, and 4 chocolate chip cookies (Vic...those are the ones you made when you visited...), I was starving and jumped at the chance. If you haven't guessed, I'm not a picky eater. 

After dinner we "Skyped" Brenda and Becky via our computers. It was great seeing them and talking via our webcams. Ain't technology great? And Apple makes it sooo very easy!! Here's the report on our patient today. After I left around 9:30 Brenda walked over to the shopping center to get some exercise and to get some things at the store. The mornings still remain her best energy periods. She then took a nap waiting for Becky to arrive. When Becky did get there, they wandered over to the Italian restaurant to see if tomato sauce might be more magical food that B could stomach. They said the food was horrible, but they were both sooooo hungry they woofed it down. Apparently they were both reaching a "cucumber moment." That's a story I'll tell you some time...think starving!

So Brenda...I wanted you to have a special message from me and our home. I love you with all my heart. I'll be back soon. You're in great hands and I think you and Becky will enjoy the time together...especially since you actually didn't fall asleep during the evening movie you watched. I'll have to ask Becky what her secret is. 

Sleep tight and have sweet dreams of tumor shrinkage and cure.

Nurse Dee 

They say that "a picture is worth a thousand words..." Here's what Ms. Michele has to say about this evenings entry:

Because the contest is to find a head dress that will be complimentary to Brenda, we channeled her Dutch heritage for this entry.   We title it "Cute Nederlands meisje met vlechtenwhich means cute Dutch girl with braids -  I hope !   I don't know about you guys, but this is a keeper. 
Top that topper if you dare to compete!!!

OK...I think Michele has thrown down the gauntlet and the challenge is on. The other VP's aren't intimidated by this stunning entry, are you?

Notice the true teckie touch...velcro computer cable ties used as rubber bands at the end of the braids...what a great Macgyver touch!!! Karen, did you help?

Can't wait to hear your comments...

Nurse Dee

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Michele's Creation - Day 2

I don't even quite know what to say about our beautiful blonde Michele...crack us up!!! Here's what she had to say about tonight's entry:

Hi all - I am really pushing hard to win this head dress competition and that fin hat and the stand tall entries have me a bit concerned.  To that end, I am trying to decide the best way to wear my head dress. Today I thought removing the curlers and showing how lovely the waves look in my hair and how well it flows with the curves of my face.  I can almost feel the wind whipping through my hair as I type.  I think this might be a winner but I do have some other ideas that I will have to formulate and photograph.  For now, let your eyes feast on this sight.  Brenda, I think this might be a keeper for you :)  What does the Village think?

VP's, I'll leave you with this image dancing in your head. I think you need your pareo Michele. Somehow I'm seeing you in Tahiti, dancing without the pole, and sipping fruity drinks.

Enjoy and keep those entries coming...we're really looking forward to what you all are creating.

Nurse Dee