Sunday, September 27, 2009

Healing Continues - Life is Good

Hi VP''s amazing that I can intuitively hear when you guys need a blog update. The last couple of days I've been saying to myself..."I really do need to get an update on the blog." So VP' I am to confirm that Brenda is alive, doing well, and continues to heal. It's still very slow, but we can see progress and that's a beautiful picture.

We leave for Houston next Sunday (October 4th) and have 2 very full days of appointments on Monday and Tuesday...the 5th and the 6th. Now we really have nothing against Houston, but we are jetting back to Phoenix on the evening flight on Tuesday the 6th. Yes...we're nervous about this and are using all our spiritual resources to live through this with the intention of Brenda's "TOTAL WELLNESS." We are visualizing only instructions from the doctors to go home and heal some more and we'll see you in 3 months.

The mantra that we are using is this: "We are happy and grateful for Brenda's total wellness." We say this over and over and live with this intent. We would love if you would join us in saying the mantra as part of your prayers for Brenda. Envision what this looks like...jumping for joy, hugging poor embarrassed Dr. Hong, planning Thanksgiving at the cabin with friends, enjoying the wonderful fall desert weather, getting out and walking with the family...well you get the picture. Visualize only what you want to see for negative content, only the discussion of wellness. The more that can say the mantra the more intent on total wellness the universe will bestow. Have you read "The Secret?" If you have, you'll totally understand this concept. If you haven't read the's well worth it and just might add to your life.

So we went up to our cabin in Strawberry which is about 2 hours north of our Mesa home up in the mountains with the tall ponderosa pine's heavenly up there. Since Brenda is a little anemic, she was dressed like "Nanook of the North." You would have thought it was late fall instead of late summer. It got down into the low 50's at night and that's cold for our desert bones!! Ha! The pictures I posted will give you the visual. My Mom came with us and we really did have a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the cool mountain air. We'll go back up in October and then we'll begin to plan our big Thanksgiving celebration with all our friends. It's an annual event up there and it's always a hit...good food...good friends...good times...Life is Good!! And this year we'll celebrate "Total Wellness!"

Brenda has been using the energy she has to work on her garden. We went and got 2 yards of garden soil at the nursery the other day and Bren actually unloaded the entire trailer herself...her energy is slowly coming back and I just let her do what she can do so she can build up her stamina. She still sleeps most mornings and then stayes up all afternoon and evening. Bedtime usually hits her about 9:00 or 9:30 PM. She really is doing great. She still can't breathe out of her nose and her throat is still sore, but the medicine helps with that.

I've been busy doing home repair projects...just the normal things when you have a house...things break and you need to fix them! I've also got Tanner enrolled in Basic Obedience class on Monday night and Abbie and I go to Rally/Obedience class on Fridays. It's so good to get back training the dogs. I'm sooooo looking forward to the weather cooling off so we can walk during the day. Today it hit 105 so we still have a little heat left in the Arizona desert.

Last night our dear friends Beck and Julie got us all (FREE) tickets to the Western Conference Title WNBA game between the Phoenix Mercury and the LA Sparks. We took their little boy Ryder with us and we all had a ball. We ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe before the game and then found our seats were in the second row!!! It was a great game and we all felt like it was our normal routine. That felt so so good. We used to have season tickets so this was just like old times. We saw several folks we haven't seen in a while and it was good catching up. On top of all that, the Mercury WON!!!! How good is that. Now they face the Indiana Fever for the title. GO MERCURY!!!

Tonight is steak on the grill, veggie casserole, and strawberry shortcake for desert while we watch the Phoenix Cardinals play the Indianapolis's the big Kurt Warner and Payton Manning faceoff. Hopefully it'll be a good game. We love football season!!

So dear friends...all is well here in Mesa. Remember the mantra for all have been so fabulous with helping us through this journey that I feel I can continue to ask for you help with visualizing this very positive intention. "We are happy and grateful for Brenda's total wellness."

Hope this post finds you all well...we bless your light.
Dee, Brenda, Abbie and Tanner


  1. Nice blog and beautiful photos. Yes it is good to get an update but we subscribe to the saying - no news is good news.
    Brenda - you are looking very good. Hair is coming back nicely. Quick question - you are sending the dogs to obedience school yet they seem to eat with utensils?? Seem pretty trained to me :)
    Stay well and we have the mantra down pat.

  2. Hey it is great to see those pictures of you at the cabin... after we left on Sat. I thought darn we didn't do any pix...

    It was wonderful seeing you up here last week-end with Brenda whipping up all those great new concoctions... although I wonder at the amount of trust we all had with Brenda experimenting with lots of new recipes when we know she still has "no taste"... Seriously folks it was all good!!!

    Look forward to seeing you soon... and we are holding hands and chanting our mantra "we are happy & grateful for Brenda's total wellness"

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings

  3. I AM SOOO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL FOR BRENDA'S TOTAL WELLNESS, I AM, I AM, I AM!!! You are BOTH doing so well and will only continue to get BETTER. It is written and it is so!

  4. Wonderful blog, Dee! Your talents are endless. The mantra is memorized and will happen. We've just returned from Olivia's Alaska cruise. It was such fun, although in the 50's with rain most every day. While leaving Skagway the town has a tradition of mooning the last ship for the season, so it happened again. However, they were the ones to be surprised when they were mooned back! Those Olivia girls are up for any challenge. Stay strong and know that life will continue to improve with each passing day. Your strength and dignity continue to keep us all humbled.

  5. Hello my Sistas in AZ!!
    Brenda since we all gaze into the backgrounds of your pics these days (haha) I did notice the porch swing I always sit in is empty....:( I should of been in that picture enjoying the cabin with you all!!!! Oh the quiet times, fun conversation, and Dee's Rhubarb pie YUM YUM !!!!! The best one though is that year the kids were all there and we had that HUGE thunder and lightning storm and the noise was so loud and close that we all ran inside. Loved it!!! ha ha Good times had by all that summer.

    You are looking so good! Your hair has come back so much more just since our last Skype, YEAH! Always wishing you nothing but good health news ahead. You are on a good road to recovery so far and look really good. Nice to see you out and about but also taking it easy, Lord knows you have earned your time to just sit and relax. It's good for you now. So nice to see Sophia's kitchen simmering again. :)

    Love you, hugging on you again!!!!! Here's to TOWANDA in HOUSTON!!!!
    Miss you, can't wait to see you again.
    Your Sis, Rhonda oxoxoxoxox

  6. Hi Dee and Brenda,
    It was great to get an update and the pictures are perfect. Brenda you are looking great! We continue to chant "TOTAL WELLNESS" in all caps ALL THE TIME. I hope you weather cools a bit - we actually had a cooling today, it is delightfully cool (75), instead of the mid 90's its been. Take good care and we are always thinking of both of you, and of course the pups, too.

    much love
    jodie and donna

  7. hi guys! i know that the visit to houston will be a stressful one. fear of the unknown is a powerful thing, but know this, the eternal one is holding both of you up in his mighty right hand - just as he has held me up since my journey began...
    i am confident that you will receive a good report and that joyful jumping will be done! i look forward to seeing you both - i'm counting the days!
    i am happy and grateful for brenda's total wellness. amen and amen. i am blessed and humbled by the total devotion shown to brenda and i by our devoted life partners during our time of need, blessings from on high are accorded to dee and jason. amen and amen!