Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No News Is Good News!!!

Hi VP's...I know...I know!! I can hear you all collectively yelling at me for not writing sooner. Sorry VP's...there's been a ton of things to do to get resettled back here on the home front. I've had great intentions every evening, but I've just been too pooped to blog. It's amazing what collects on your personal "To Do" list when you're gone for an extended period of time. Plus we've taken...well actually I've taken... this opportunity to do some house cleaning. We're definitely to the point that if something comes "IN"...something needs to go "OUT." I bet most of you are in that exact position with your households.

Really...no news from me IS good news. Brenda is very slowing coming back to life...thank the Lord! I have pictures I'm sharing with you to prove it. She still sleeps most mornings but has gotten herself up and showered in the afternoon and we run errands or she putzes organizing her office, working in her garden, playing on the computer, visiting friends, or cooking. Most of you that know Brenda know that she is a fabulous cook. The good news is that she's eating human food again and not the kind that comes in a can that you have to put in your stomach via a bag and a tube. Thank the Lord again! The bad news is that she can't taste a dang thing!!! They said that would take 6 to 9 months to come back so we have begun to rate the food according to consistency!! A girls' gotta do what a girls gotta do! I'm working diligently to get some weight back on our girl. She has lost about 30 pounds during this ordeal but I think we have stopped her weight loss and now I'm trying to put a few pounds back on her. Yes! I'm nagging!

Brenda's neck wounds are all healed up but her throat is still sore and she still can't breath through her nose very well. That makes sleeping and trying to keep her mouth moist a real challenge. She's on a very low dose of pain meds and have cut out some that she just doesn't need any more. Progress is slow, but it's still progress and that's a wonderful picture.

We have arranged our return to Houston and are visualizing only good news from Dr. Hong that there is no sign of the cancer and we have instructions to just go back home and continue to heal. We sure would appreciate it if you would help us continue to visualize this. We're looking at just good news, huge smiles, and an enormous weight off our shoulders until the next scans...probably in December or January. Will you all help us with this? I know the power of the village is still with us. We're flying in to Houston on Sunday October 4th and then have doctors appointments, lab tests, and scans all Monday and Tuesday. No offense to all the wonderful professionals at MD Anderson, but we're flying home Tuesday evening. (Oct. 6th)

So Brenda sends you big healing Hello's from home sweet home...with the dogs running around...and the beautiful desert out our back door. It's SOOOOOO priceless to be back home...her healing will be speedier, I'm sure.

We wish you all well...the football season has started, we're going up to our cabin this weekend to enjoy the Arizona rim country, and let the dogs run and run and run!! More pictures will be on the blog shortly I'm sure.

Remember...no news is good news...
Dee, Brenda, Abbie and Tanner


  1. Hey... hey... hey... its looking good!!! I always found that using bright various colors & diverse consistancies in the food presentation is everything... who needs taste!

    We really look forward to seeing you this week-end. The weather has shifted and its in the 50's at night and low 80's during the day... Perfect time to come up to the mountains!

    As always we send all of our love, hugs and healing energy with lots of Blessings!!! Cathie & Evelyn

  2. It's so nice to see some normalcy coming back into your life. Glad to hear you're heading up to the cabin. There's nothing like the fresh mountain air. Wish we could join you but Olivia-Alaska calls. We can't wait to visit next month to celebrate those negative scans. It will probably take 6-9 months before you feel normal again. However, it won't be much longer before you turn the corner and start noticing more energy and start feeing less like a sick person. It's a slow process but it will start accelerating soon.

    Luv Ya !


  3. Hi Brenda, I am glad to hear you are healing...it takes time....try not to over due.
    I was wondering if it would be okay if I give you a call??

  4. Well, Amanda and I are so very happy to be updated on our gal. We're thrilled to see pics and hear stories of your healing, Brenda. Okay...but here's my one question...when I double-click on the photos to get a closer view of our gal...and I look at the pic of Brenda about to dig in to a delicious meal of chicken breast and broccoli...well, is that a stuffed teddy bear I see to the left of your sink? And does said teddy bear have a bag over it's head, suffocating it? What weird rituals are you practicing out there in the desert???
    Cate & Amanda

  5. Go Girl ! So glad to see you out and about doing all the regular stuff. No place like home to help mend the ways.

    Thoughts are with you - Wendy headed home this week and is determined to get hold of some good old Oz vegemite for you....now this sort of unique home grown product is sure to help you along in the process !!

    Lots of love and hugs...stay safe and take care....


  6. Who ever thought a large group of people would be so happy to hear - normalcy? I know I speak for the village (Just this once I promise) when I say we are so happy to hear that you are progressing and returning to your routine.

    Okay, now I am back to speaking for myself - nice hair ;) From the photos it looks like a cross between a marine type high and tight and the result of my niece performing her first haircut at the age of 2. On the positive side, it must be very easy to care for and manage. It's amazing how a broad smile can bring it all together.

    Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson - avoid the Vegemite.
    On second thought, if you cannot taste anything, perhaps there is nothing lost in giving it a go. I think it tastes like mud on a cracker, but Wendy seems to be quite fond of it. I told you I thought there was something wrong with that girl. Now that she is back in Oz, we will probably have to revisit all the English speaking lessons when she gets back.

    Well, it is a very busy week so I have to get back to work if I stand any chance of getting some sleep tonight.

    Stay well and have a great time at the cabin. Oh, and please take the plastic bag off the bear.


  7. Sis,
    Great pics, your getting back to your elements for sure. What cha planting?? Remember us in my garden in Star? ha ha....Was nice to catch up with you on the phone, we are always good for some laughs with each other huh. :) Leave it to the girls to find that bag on the bear, too dang funny. Nice to hear from the village again. Michele, you always keep us in stitches!
    Hope all in the Village are doing well and getting ready for the fall season. My favorite :)

    Love ya Sis, catch you on skype soon :)
    Rhonda oxoxoxo

  8. okay gang, it wasn't Dee's intention to suffocate the poor bear on the counter. She wouldn't do that because that is her cookie jar! The bag is from my feeding supplies that have to stay refrigerated so I don't get food contamination because some of the formula doesn't get out of the line no matter how hard we work it. Their life span is 5 days. So when they are washed they are a tad wet so Dee keeps the bag dry while I am feeding. the good thing is I haven't had to take food into the tube in my stomach for well over a week now. My throat gets sore but that's nothing that Vicodin can't take care of.

    I have a little energy after about 1100 am. I have managed to sleep about 14-15 hours and then I am up for a good 9 or 10. I am not a barn burner but it sure feels good to be upright.Oh what I wouldn't do for a little saliva but the alternative wasn't okay. I have a new PURSE to carry my mouth washes, extra water, mouth sprays to help my lizard tongue, drip cloths for my eyes and nose, and a plethora of things that wouldn't fit in my fanny pack. I don't even have room for my gun...oh well I don't have to carry around tampons!!!!

    Michelle the hair on my legs is growing faster than the hair on my head. What is up with that??? That was one of things we were hoping wouldn't come back but I am certainly saving a lot of money by not having haircuts.

    Darla yes you can call after the sleeping hours. I'd love to hear from you and see how you are doing.

    I am pacing myself and trying to build energy. We have our trips to go on and I don't want to miss too many more. I am praying hard for no cancer and I can get on with my healing. Keep my in your prayers especially on Oct. 5th when I get my PET-CT and see my oncologist. I have to see the audiologist, radiation oncologist and surgeon as well. It will be a packed 2 days and Dee and I are not wasting any time getting back home. This is where I belong and I have healed more being at home. I look forward to a winter garden. Yes you easterners under snow, we grow gardens in January here. I am growing a variety of lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, and may even try a couple sweet potatoes this year along with some beans. That's my big trip out today...to the nursery. I miss the solitude of growing a garden.

    I can't thank you all enough for my wonderful homecoming, prayers, e-mails, and genuine love. You have all helped me to get back on my feet and I will be forever grateful for you hanging in there with me.

    Pray for few side effects to be minimal. I have 3 years to see how much I will endure. I feel blessed and thankful to be alive. Every day is a thanksgiving and it's amazing how new and fresh everything looks to me at home. I am loved and that's the most important gift of all.