Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creating the Cotton Ball Do!

Hi VP's...How the heck have you all been? I bet you've been wondering what on earth we've been up to and how Brenda is doing. Really Brenda has been doing well. She tolerated the first chemo well and on Tuesday we have round #2. She got a little bug but that only lasted one day so we dodged the bullet on that one. She's been an absolute trooper, full of wit and laughter even when things are tough...she's simply amazing. Sleep is still the secret ingredient...she needs those wonderful zzzzzzzz's to feel half-way decent. Hey! I think that's the medicine we all need. Right?

Yesterday Brenda, Julie and I decided it was time to grab the clippers again. The new chemo was doing it's job on Brenda's poor hair follicles. OK so the first time we did the mohawk and discovered what a great shaped head Brenda had. Yesterday we put our thinking caps on and decided to turn Brenda's head into a cotton ball that really resembled a Q-Tip!! Of course I had to get the flip video camera out and we created this little movie for your viewing enjoyment. We sure hope you like it.

We'll let you know how Round #2 goes on Tuesday...we also see Dr. Halepoda that day so we'll see what he has to say about how things are going. Your continued prayers are wonderful...please keep em coming.

OK so we've had the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild and the Academy Awards are coming up...let's see if you'd vote for our little production...enjoy!!

Hugs...Dee & Brenda


  1. Fun video and great to see our gal talking and laughing... but I was hoping you would dye it white and then slowly pull it apart!!!

    Great to see & hear you are doing so well with round 2... keep up the good work! Lots a good positive energy coming your way as always.

    We just got back from Ixtapa and had the best time ever! Just scheduled another trip to the Mexican Riviera next year!

    Lots of Love, Hugs and Blessings
    Cathie & "a little under the weather" Evelyn

  2. Hey put some sunscreen on that dome!!!
    Brenda you touched the cotton ball hairdo - eeewww. That was such an inspiration I actually thought about touching a peach or kiwi. That thought was fleeting, one-second actually. I am very comfortable with my idiosyncrasies and apparently that is why they made nectarines.
    Last time your hair grew back, it was very curly - very curly. I think the proper term is kinky. Any bets on what the next growth will bring?
    How about poker straight hair with bangs? Perhaps a shoulder length do?? You could wear barrettes and headbands to keep the hair off your face. On those really warm Arizona days (all 364 of them) you can even pull it back into a pony tail. On the one cool day, you could wear a softball hat with the tail cleverly pulled out the back of the cap. You've seen the look, I'm sure. You probably even silently wished your hair was long enough to pull that off. Perhaps another secret you are keeping from Dee. Hmmm, I wonder.
    The possibilities and accessories are endless. I have a visual already :)
    You look great my friend. Go kick chemo's butt in the morning and get through this. Cathie has some travel plans that sound mighty nice and could only be better with you and Dee aboard. In fact, I can hear Mexico calling you now - Hola, Sister Mary Bendita. Anyone else hear the sound of Amazing Grace in the background??
    Love to you both and mucho (that's Spanish for a lot) of mojo making coming your way.

  3. Ahhhh still have the best shaped head when you are bald! Your still beautiful!!! Amy's hair fell out in clumps before her 2nd chemo as well and now look at the mop she has! Never know what your gonna get right? You had the best barber in town! Good Job Julie, woman of many talents for sure. Glad I sent you some new beanies for x-mas, they will come in handy even in AZ :) Love you lots and good luck tomorrow. Will wait to hear how your day was. Miss ya Sis!!!

  4. Okay, so every time I try to play the video I get a message that it's not available and to try again later. I guess I'll just have to use my imagination. I think I can still hear Amazing Grace in the background. I'll never forget all of us standing in the sand waiting to see our favorite "sister". Did Julie just shave your head or did you get bush whacked as well? Love you sweetie! Can't wait to see you in a couple days.


  5. LOL, it was great to see that video. Who knew Julie is that talented with the electric shaver...and that brush! Brendita & Deedee, hope you are having a good time with Marshall Vic's visit. Keep up the laughter and good spirits. Your happiness is infectious to me. Give Vic some of the good weather to take back home with her, we're expecting 6 to 8 inches of snow tomorrow! Hugs and kisses from soon to be cotton snow ball country!


  6. I have been traveling so much, that I missed this! Great video, and Brenda, if we could all have your laugh and amazing attitude, this world would be a much better place. No wonder you have been able to beat the cancer. You and your friends are amazing! Congratulations and whne will we see you again?????
    Love to you and Dee!