Sunday, August 30, 2009

Healing Update

Hi VP's...I guess by now you've learned that if there are several days that go by and I don't post something on the blog that all must either be going very well or are a complete disaster. Well the former is true. Brenda is doing just great and is getting a little bit stronger with each passing day. She's still sleeping lots, but that's to be expected and is good for her healing process. She does much better in the afternoon and has actually stayed awake more and more each day. It just brings such joy to my heart to see her recovering. YEA!!! As you can see by the picture...Tanner, our red male giving Brenda some lessons on relaxation. It sooooo good to have them home with us.

Saturday Becky came over and she helped Brenda make macaroni salad for dinner that the Mesa gang had last night. Of course Brenda still can't taste a darn thing so we all had to sample to ensure the seasoning was right on target...OH hurt me with that task!! Ha! The progressive dinner we had was a ball and it almost felt like old times once again! I just can't tell you how great that was. Julie made her famous "chicken balls"...comfort food like no other!! We brought macaroni salad and I made a fresh apple pie. Lynn and Kim brought the veggies and a HUGE cookie for Ryder, Becky and Julie's adorable 3 year old. As you can see, Ryder was absolutely fascinated by Brenda's hair and just has to run his hands over her head. He is such a doll and a future heart breaker.

So life in Mesa is wonderful, HOT, but not humid...and totally wonderful. We are slowly getting all the Houston stuff unpacked and put away and are taking the opportunity to clean out stuff. It's truly amazing what you can accumulate in 4 months!!! Brenda is slowly transitioning off the feeding tube and is trying to eat more and more regular food each day. As any good nurse worth her salt would do, I'm trying to get some weight back on my patient. I just can't believe how slow the time went that week before we left Houston and how fast the time has gone since we've been home!!

We just wanted you all to know that LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Keep checking the blog for more updates and pictures. I'm going to keep this going...the story hasn't ended! Hugs to all of you for your comments, e-mails, flowers, well wishes and prayers! Our village is nothing short of fantastic! God bless you all...have a wonderful day!

Dee, Brenda, Abbie and Tanner


  1. I just had a chance to see the video and pictures and what a great sight it is! I have a huge smile on my face and it's sooo good to see everyone else's smiling faces as well.

    Brenda and Dee, these have got to be the most rewarding times of life after you feel you've been through the wringer but now in this very moment all is well and life is good! Home with the puppies and surrounded by friends and knowing how loved you are.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and video and making those of us at long distance feel part of it!

    Lots of love,

  2. WOW! Everything is looking good... so nice to see you all having some good home town fun and enjoying it with lots of friends! Keep up the good healing I know each day will be a little better. As always we send lots of hugs, love, healing & blessings... Cathie & Evelyn

  3. That picture with Ryder is de-dorable! Glad that you've landed back home and are able to relax with friends and family nearby. You've crossed another speed bump in life. What joy you must feel to be home!

    Bonnie and Jackie

  4. Wow the verbiage and photos all look and sound like a pathetically normal day. However, we all know that the past few months have been anything but. Brenda's daily improvements are fantastic. What a great way to heal - at home with friends and loved ones.

    I will offer, Karen is shaking since she saw the dog on the furniture, but I think she is slowly warming up to the idea :)

    That Ryder is a cutie patootie for sure. As I saw the photo I recall the Skype day when I was visiting in Houston and he ask "Auntie Brenda what happened to your hair?" It still makes me smile.

    Let's all put our collective wishes together for a whole boat load of normal days ahead filled with progressive healing and good friends.


  5. This is the longest I've gone without checking the blog. It's so good to see you in the kitchen with a bowl in front of you whipping up some concoction that I'm sure is delicious; even if you can't taste it. You are looking better each day. Looking forward to spending time in that kitchen with you, laughing and eating salsa and drinking a Becks.


  6. Ditto for me Vic :) That sounds so good too!
    Good to see "Sophia" in the kitchen for sure :)
    Hello to you all out there and have a great Labor Day weekend!

  7. Brenda:

    It is so good to see you at home on your sofa without tubes, masks, and oozing burns all around your neck. You have come SOooo far! Keep up the good rest and the more rest to regain all your strength. I am glad you are surrounded with the best of friends and your beloved Dee, Tanner & Abbey (sp?). Unlike Karen, I am glad to see someone else spoils their dogs like I do mine! Can you say mud on white sofas?? That's what I was dealing with last week. :) But, that's just where the dogs belong, right next to you with love and affection. . .
    let me know as soon as you feel up to more visitors. . . It was a stand-out moment to be at your homecoming -- A moment I will always carry in my heart. . . Love you!