Saturday, October 23, 2010

All Is Fine with the Fair Princess

Hi Everyone...Just wanted you to see with your very eyes that Princess Brenda has recovered from her ordeal yesterday and is doing quite well this fine Houston morn.

She's a thing of beauty and grace...don't ya think.

The Chief Princess Keeper...


  1. I really admire you - I would not have a clue how to accessorize that outfit!

    Hope that this new "challenge" is soon taken care of so you can get back home. Our thoughts are with you - you know to give a holler if you need anything at all.

    Jackie and Helene

  2. Totally love the dress and particularly the shoes! When you're ready to depart, just click-click those slippers and you'll be home again, Dorothy!

    Glad that this day is behind you!

    Bonnie and Jackie