Friday, October 22, 2010

Locating the Leak!!

TGIF Village People...add another day-long stay at MD Anderson getting this "leak" test done. Thank heaven this is done. It wasn't the most pleasant experience and really stressed poor Bren out. It was all that gunk being pushed into her spinal canal...remember she hates needles...the pressure (mental and physical,) the weird positions they had to put her in to get the gunk up into her brain and then out her put it in her words..."It WASN'T a do-over!"

But it's over and we're back at the apartment with instructions that Brenda is to be treated like a "princess" for the next couple of lifting, nothing strenuous, just couch-potato time. Imagine! So we have movies, the baseball game, and football to watch this weekend. I'm totally up for the "princess challenge!!" Ha!

We know they found the leak but the radiologist said he had to study the films and then would contact Dr. Hanna. So we haven't seen Dr. Hanna yet and will do that next week I'm more waiting. GEE!! The thing we love to do the most...NOT!!

Other than that...we're doing OK...anxious to get this totally over with, but we're OK. Brenda had a fabulous nurse this afternoon who took really, really good care of her. We also ran into Paula's husband, Jason, who is a nurse at MD Anderson and had a little breakfast with him. He is such a wonderful guy...thanks Jason, for being such a love.

So there ya have for another update early next week. Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

Off to care for the "Princess!"
Brenda's personal assistant...


  1. Brenda, I'm happy to see the leak test is behind you and that couch potato time is forecast for the weekend!

    Dee, doing such a terrific job reporting the 'princess diaries', as always!

    Have a good weekend Dearies, will be thinking of you!


  2. Dr. Vic says, "Never forget the ativan.....if it peaks too soon you can always take another one, stopping Pristiq screws up your system royally princess!"

    Aunt Vic says, "I have some special princess shoes that you picked out for me in Houston last year. You are welcome to borrow them for this special occasion. We wear the same size and they have only been worn once!"

    Marshall Vic says, "There's an instructional video in your future! Stay tuned!

  3. Lucky for Brenda she has a nice comfy apartment to be pampered in... and a devoted Nurse Dee to do all the running and fetching... so get out that big luxurious pink princess pillow and fluff away!!! And do not forget the sparkling tiara so she can send morse code instructions when she is to tired to talk!

    Have a great week-end we will be sending lots of good healing energy your way and be waiting with bated breath for the next update...

    Lots of Love & blessings
    Cathie & Evelyn