Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We're Going Home!!!

We just got back from seeing Dr. Hanna. They identified where the leak is coming from and he said that he can repair it by going through Brenda's nose. YEA!! He said it's a delicate surgery that he doesn't want to try and squeeze in someplace and then find that he doesn't have the right amount of time to make sure this is done right. We totally get that and have absolutely no issue with it. That's exactly why we came back to Houston to get this done. So the bad news is that he can't get us on the schedule until November 11th...UGH!!

Well, the Executive Assistant to the Princess was very happy that the proposed fix for the leak was looking like it would be pretty straight forward and we definitely came to the right guy to do the fix. Dr. Hanna said that there wouldn't be a lot of pain and very little blood loss and although other things could happen, but with the good Lords help...it won't. The thing I wasn't happy with was the long wait until we could get this done...UGH! I hate sitting around when there's so much to do at home. GRRRRRRRR.

So we thought about this and ran some money issues through our brains and we both decided we'd go home until we had to come back for the surgery. YEA!!! I actually had a free ticket from using my Southwest Airline credit card so the trip home cost us $5.00...some tax thing!! AMAZING...God sure gives you gifts when you ask...This is a best news. We are now both wonderfully happy campers...in the words of the immortal "Dorothy" from Wizard of OZ..."There's no place like home!" So we fly out at 12:15 and we'll be in Phoenix by 1:15...I'll have the dogs by 4:00 and back by the time Survivor hits the TV at 7:00...yea!

So we'll come back on Nov. 9th, Have an appointment with the anesthesiologist on the 10th and then the surgery on the 11th. Dr. Hanna said she's just be in the hospital for about 24 hours for observation and then could recoup at the apartment for a week. She'll see the doc on 18th and we'll probably be able to fly home on the 19th....YEA!!!

So there ya have it...we finally have the plan for this phrase of the cure. The leak will finally get fixed.

Keep posted on the haps...the adventure continues.

Dee and the Princess


  1. Good news for sure...... It's always nice when doctors can use a hole that's already there instead of making a new one.....much less trauma (they teach us in med. school if there is no orifice you can always make one.) It's nice to have good news from Houston. If you have to have surgery at least he feels pretty positive about getting this done successfully through your nose. I'm glad that you get to sleep in your own bed for the next 2 weeks while you wait for this. Nurse Dee Dee will be so happy to have her babies with her. From now on lets have only good news from every future trip to Houston.

    Luv Ya,


  2. Yippee Skippy! Itching for another happy dance!

    No place like home...get there safe and sound! click click!

  3. Homecomings all around. It was a pleasure getting home this afternoon, having fully functional internet access and reading this note.
    Home is nice. Finding the hole, even better and being able to plug it nasally - priceless.
    We missed you both on this trip, but you were certainly there in spirit. so much so that when the lion got up and walked towards our "parked" vehicle, I dove behind Karen thinking - "where are the armed and dangerous cops"? then I rembered you chose the path to the cure. A wise decision indeed.
    We are here for you both every step of this journey - you are both an inspiration.

  4. Excellent news all around!!!
    Can't wait to see you both back home were you belong!!!
    Lots of Love, Hugs and Blessings
    Cathie & Evelyn

  5. Good news. Welcome home. Even if it is for just a brief week or two. . . :) Glad the leak can be repaired and sorry you had to undergo such an uncomfortable procedure to get the news.

    I watched Vic's message and was thinking that that "Great Stuff" would be much cheaper than breast implants! If it's good for helping her grandmother make tatas, it should be okay for me! LOL

    Have a peaceful two weeks in the great AZ weather. Thanks for the updates. Keeping you in my prayers. . .