Saturday, October 23, 2010

Marshall Vic's "Drip Repair" Medical Minute

Villagers...Brenda and I have stopped laughing long enough for me to post this wonderful "Medical Minute" provided by our favorite Jill of all trades....Marshall Vic.

Warning: DO NOT have anything in your hands, like hot soup, electric tools, or sharp instruments, as you watch this pearl of wisdom.

Can't wait to hear the comments, so don't be shy about posting!!! God love ya Marshall Vic!!

We sure do...
Princess Brenda and her Executive Assistant.


  1. OMG, Marshall Vic you're crazy!!! LOL!

    Actually, as I think about's not a bad idea to keep that derriere plugged... maybe that will put an end to those "silent but deadly" incidents Dee and Bren have been witness to many times (so I hear).

    You're not normal, Marshall Vic... just not normal! ;)


  2. Marshall Vic,
    You are soooo funny. I love your videos. I hope Brenda was not too afraid of the cotton balls, well it looks like cotton balls. Ha! Ha! ;-)

  3. Leave it to Marshall Vic to come up with the quick, easy and economical ways of solving a problem... LOL

  4. Oh, my god - Vic there is definitely something wrong with you and I LOVE IT!!!! Sick and wrong.