Thursday, November 11, 2010

Code 4 from Houston

Hi everyone...I had a horrible time trying to get on the internet at the hospital today so I had to wait until I got back to the apartment to get on the computer.

Everything is "CODE 4." That's police jargon for "All's OK." The surgery was a success with NO that's music to our ears. We had to be there for check-in at 5:30 so that meant we got up at 4:30...have I told you that we are NOT morning people?!! UGH! But the sooner in, the sooner out! Dr. Hanna started the surgery at 8:00 and he was out talking to me at 10:30. He said he found the leaks visually and was able to use existing tissue in her sinus to create flaps that covered the areas where the leaks were occurring. He glued them in place and then used some self absorbing packing to hold that in place. Amazingly enough when I saw her...she could breathe through her nose!! There is a God! We were really worrying about that because she has no saliva and so breathing through her mouth is a nightmare and we had visions of really restless, interrupted sleep. YEA! She's going to get some good rest now. Dr. Hanna said he wanted her to stay in the hospital for a couple days to keep her from jogging or jumping around...bed rest is the name of the game for now.

So I was expecting long strings of cotton coming out her nose, tubes, and all sorts of stuff...what was I thinking!!...this wasn't a horror movie. She looked just fine...groggy and with left over disinfectant wash on her face, but she looked just fine. She said she had a headache and could feel a pressure in the area where they did the surgery, but as the day went on, the grogginess wore off, and she got some pain meds and her other usual medicine. She was doing great when I left tonight. She had a great dinner of fish and vegetables plus some veggie soup so I felt I could go back to the apartment and get some good sleep in a real bed instead of spending the night in those horrible chairs. I am sooo pooped!

So dear friends...all is well...the dripping has stopped and the healing has begun once again. Thanks ever so much for all the positive thoughts and prayers...they help so much.

More tomorrow...sleep tight!


  1. Yay that is GREAT news all around! Hope you both get some restful sleep.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures in the earlier post too...enjoyed seeing what goes on in sunny Arizona while us Northeners are raking, blowing and bagging never ending leaves, leaves and leaves.

    Thinking of the both of you!


  2. It is all Good!!! Thanks for keeping all of us pesky village people updated... when you have so much more to keep you busy!

    Lots of Love, Blessings and Hugs to you both... and we are gearing up for a big Thanksgiving celebration - as usual!!!

    Cathie & Evelyn

  3. Wonderful news! One more battle won!

  4. Hi Nurse Dee,
    Good news indeed and thanks for sharing.
    Just one comment now that you are becoming healthcare literate.
    In law enforcement Code 4 clearly means something good as you described. In healthcare, the word Code using has a different connotation, and it is typically not good. Now each facility has their own "code" nomenclature, but when you hear statements such as "oh we had two patient's code today", that could mean they had two less patients after the code or two very sick people teetering on the edge.
    So you may be wondering why I am telling you this. Quite frankly so am I. Although you have spent a year and a half in full nurse mode, with the cure for your patient, you can retire from that career as well. So who cares what words you use, just have Brenda get better every day and you can tell us the good news anyway you want.

  5. Fabulous news!! Nobody I know has more determination, perserverance, faith and trust than Brenda that good things will win out in this battle she's been fighting. I really believe your support group's prayers and mojo have helped some, too. Now it's time to be a bit patient so this healing can continue. One day at a time, dear girl! Love, Joan & Andy

  6. We could all use a few more good patients like Brenda. How refreshing it would be to have everyone take your advice and follow instructions. You are winning this battle because you are determined and you do everything that the doctors expect of you and more. I was in my office yesterday and our phone line and computers crashed. Never a good thing when all the charts are electronic. Not two minutes later a hysterical guy runs into my office (not my patient by the way) saying he just got stung by a bee and is allergic. He said he was told if he ever got stung again he would die. I asked him if he used his epi pen and he said he hasn't carried one in years. Am I the only one who thinks this is insane? So, here we are administering epinephrine and calling 911 on our cell phones to get this guy an ambulance.

    I was so happy it was Friday. I was even happier to speak to both of you on the phone and find out that you were doing well and still no drip. I don't think even you realize what an example you are to all of us who have watched you travel this very long difficult road. I am so proud to call you my friend.

    Love and prayers,