Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Update...

Good morning from a cloudy, breezy, cool Houston...First off, I'll give you an update from room P1118 at MD Anderson.

All goes well with our favorite patient. The night of surgery Brenda had a little bit of a scare when her nose started to bleed when she got up to go to the also scared the on duty nurse so they called the on duty doc. He really didn't know what to do...dah!! When Doc Charlie, Dr. Hanna's "fellow," came in to check on Bren Friday morning...he said that was normal and they expected that to happen. Well Hell! Wouldn't that have been nice if they told us to expect some blood!!! Too obvious I guess...UGH! So the best news is that everything is going as expected and she's healing well...YEA!! They want her in bed for another day and then she can come back to the apartment and continue to recoup here.

Michele...OK on the use of the word "CODE" when speaking about hospital patients...crack me up. But you have to remember that I spent 30 years in law enforcement and only a year and a half in health care...the law enforcement side always takes over...always! Remember you wanted us to come to Africa with you to protect you from any hungry animal!!'s one for you. I think God is mad at me for some reason and that's not good. Yesterday morning, just as I was about ready to leave the apartment to go over to the hospital, the smoke detector in the hall started to churp...that is a sound straight from hell. I'm sure that all of you have tried to live through the churp of your smoke usually goes off around 2:00 am...UGH! So I knew that damn thing had to get repaired PRONTO. I called the maintenance folks and put a work order in, gave them permission to enter the apartment, took out all the valuables (remember...30 years of law enforcement!!!) and went off to visit my favorite patient.

I spent all afternoon and the evening with Bren and then came home around 9:00 PM. I walked into the apartment and found the work order on the counter that said they had entered and I ASSUMED fixed the problem. I was tired and just wanted to check my e-mail and then go to bed when all of a sudden the damn smoke detector...yep...started CHURPING!!! NOOOOOOOOOO! It was now 9:30 at night and I knew I just couldn't sleep through the damn churping alarm. And you guessed it...when I called the maintenance number they said there was nothing they could do...the work order was still OPEN but it wasn't an emergency. In whose opinion was that!!! Certainly not the light sleeper that was supposed to sleep through the damn alarm!!!

So I decided to isolate the alarm (close the door to the hall that had the offending beast), drug myself with a full dose of Ambien, and sleep on the couch. Can you believe this? Man! Was I pissed! God...what are you trying to tell me??? OK...I fixed up the couch, turned on the TV, took my Ambien and tried to calm down!! I actually slept. But all is still not fixed!! It started its infernal churping again this morning so off to the office I went. We'll see if they can fix it. I've got to get this dang thing fixed before Bren comes me...I will or the smoke detectors will be destroyed and I'll claim temporary insanity.

I'm doing the laundry and getting the apartment cleaned up for Brenda's return tomorrow. I called her and she's doing well. The bleeding is subsiding, she got a good nights sleep and a good breakfast, and the doc said that all was looking good for her to go home tomorrow. We're on target folks!!

I'll keep you posted on who wins the alarm war...any bets?

Have a great day and pray for me!!! Ha!
Dee the Destroyer


  1. Glad to hear our favorite patient is doing well & sleeping(unlike others!)... Personally I would have already have disassembled the smoke alarm but I have a low tolerance for for that stuff!!! I am praying you can disable it without being too obvious... HEH...

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings as always
    Cathie & Evelyn

  2. Good news on Brenda, and yes, advising you about the side effects 'should' have been done.
    I get the 'law enforcement first' concept and agree.
    As for the smoke alarm - just shoot the damn thing.

  3. I was just sitting here thinking about Brenda's patch. Because the surgery was successful, I allow my mind to wander aimlessly down different thought paths.
    One such thought was comparing the "leak patch" to how we used to path a tire tube. Rubber patch, some glue, a match and voilĂ  we have a repair.
    Of course that took me down the path of tires. I started thinking about tires that used to get what we called "bubbles" or soft spots on the sides that caused a ballooning of the sidewall in a specific area. Definitely not a good thing. In fact a major cause of blow-outs back in the day.
    Now I am not worried about Brenda having a blowout, that would have been way too serious and not allowed in my silly thought process, but I was thinking about the 'bubble'. Then I started to form visual images of your nasal bubble and well I could not stop laughing. Then I thought how contagious a laugh can be and imagined Brenda and I just laughing hysterically and the bubble expanding, contracting, expanding, contracting. Then I had to stop because my side was hurting from laughing so hard.
    I hope your patch is much more secure then the silly rubber patch and that you have a lot of side splitting laughs.

  4. I hope the smoke alarm is not also a carbon monoxide detector is it?
    Just checking...