Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're Back!!!

Hi Everyone...well we're back in our Houston apartment ready to get Brenda's dang leak fixed once and for all! Going home was both wonderful and tragic. Many of you know that we lost our 7 year old Dobie, Abbie, who passed way on Halloween night. Our hearts still hurt so very much over her untimely death. She had a condition called DCM...dilated cardio myopathy. It's a disorder that has really plagued the Doberman breed. I had her heart tested every 4 months, we had her on heart meds, and she was even lined up to take part in a stem cell study. We also knew that she could die very suddenly from the disease and that's exactly what happened. At least it was very quick and painless. Tanner...our 3 year old male Dobie is absolutely lost without Abbie...she did all the thinking for him so now he's going to have to find his own unique identity. But maybe the schedule worked out this way so we could spend some days with Abbie and that she could pass at home. Rest in peace dear Abbie and thanks for bringing such joy to our lives. Continue to guard the house...that's your job!

We did get to have a really fun pizza party (home made pizza on the grill,) got to see our friends, and get some projects done. I thought I'd add some pictures to this post because...well...because it's just fun ro see some pics. You'll see our great friends at the pizza party and Pat playing "airplane" with! did he love that game. Julie...he might follow in your footsteps and be a pilot. He just liked that movement so much. Then there's a pic of our usual bedtime routine where I watch an episode of "Lie to Me" on my iPad while Tanner lounges in his favorite bedtime position...what a character. Then there's the priceless photo of Brenda in her new "Monkey" pajamas (thanks Becky) impersonating the very famous "Sock Monkey!!" Great impression don't you think? She is such a character...that sense of humor she has is just priceless and has certainly helped her get through all this crap.

We flew back to Houston yesterday, went to eat at Pappas BBQ, and then went over to the clinic bright and early this morning for Brenda's pre-surgery appointment. That took a couple hours and we headed for breakfast after. The skys clouded over and by the time we got back to the apartment it started to rain. Now what does an Arizona gal do on a cloudy, rainy, cool afternoon? You're right...she takes a good long nap!!! Man! did that feel great! And it's a good thing I got that nap in because we called the clinic this afternoon and learned that Brenda's check-in time for her surgery tomorrow is 5:30 AM - UGH!! At least Dr. Hanna will be fresh as he tickles the base of Brenda's brain...that just sounds wrong for some reason!!! Ha!

So dear friends...I'll check in tomorrow after the surgery and let you know how our gal is doing. She should only be in the hospital for about a day for observation. Keep her in your prayers and positive thoughts. More later...

Dee, Guardian of the Princess


  1. Okay so a few observations:
    1. The kitchen scene seems to illustrate the "too many cooks concept" rather well. Especially when you add the Michelob Ultra to the recipe. Sure does look like a fun time was had by all.
    2. I know you pamper your puppy (Tanner, not Brenda. Okay, both) but I see you on your iPad, but is that Tanner's iPad in the right side of the photo?
    3. Brenda, are those footie pajamas?? I love them if they are and you need to tell me where to purchase. You know we have "issues" with the temperature in our house so I am always freezing. Footies would certainly do the trick.
    4. If they are footies, why are you wearing those in the Arizona desert?
    5. Lastly, you do have a strange resemblance to Curious George. Surprised I never noticed that before. The only vague resemblance I have of you is to a chin-strap penguin.
    Do well with your surgery to end the drip, drip, drip, so we can travel together on a trip, trip, trip. Okay I'll stop that from this point forward.
    All kidding aside, best wishes for a quick, successful surgery and a rapid recovery for you both.
    Love you guys.

  2. The monkey outfit and look does have a Curious George resemblance. In fact, there's one book called Curious George Goes to the Hospital (Readers learn all about the hospital as George goes in for an operation to remove a puzzle piece he has eaten.) Well, it's time to fix the puzzle leak. Our best wishes and loving thoughts come your way for a quick fix and speedy recovery.

    Bonnie and Jackie

  3. You were my first thought when I woke up this morning and I am happy that you will soon be "as good as new". For all the bloggers, I met Dr Hanna, the surgeon/plumber when I was in Houston last summer and I have complete confidence in his skill for this task. Plus, Marshall Vic sent him a case of "great stuff" in case in needs any help. All kidding aside, May you have a great nap and emerge from this ordeal, "Good As New ! "


  4. Thanks for all the great pictures...
    You have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers... sending lots of good positive healing energy to you both!

    Hurry home... lots of Love & Blessings & Hugs
    Cathie & Evelyn