Friday, November 19, 2010

We've Been Sprung

Great News VP's...we just got back from seeing Dr. Hanna and we're homeward bound tomorrow morning. YEA!! That's such fabulous music to our ears. Now it's time to pack our bags, get home, and get our lives back to normal...whatever that is!! Dr. Hanna said that Brenda is healing really well, but no lifting, and she can start working out very easy in 3 or so weeks...Brenda is just going to wait until after the holidays and slowly start back into her workout routine at the first of the year. We sure don't want that patch to create the bubble Michele is visualizing. That picture really cracks us up. No bubbles Michele...NO!!

He said he'd like to see Brenda again in 3 months and would work with all the other doctors to coordinate and maximize all the appointments. Maybe we can hold off until around February to come back.

So our gal is dripless and back on the healing track...that is such great news. We jet out of here at 11:35 tomorrow and when we get home we both have hair appointments. On Sunday, I'll drive down to Tucson and get Tanner. We'll do laundry and get everything ready to go to the cabin on Monday afternoon. Brenda did crack a tooth while we have been here so she has a dentist appointment on Monday morning. Our girl gets her wish...Thanksgiving at the cabin. That is going to be a great time. Don't will be coming.

Have a fantastic holiday, enjoy all the blessing that you have been given...Life is Good.

Toodles from Houston..
Dee and Dripless Brenda


  1. Fabulous news.... I have already bought the cranberries, etc. in anticipation of our big, really big Thanksgiving celebration!!!

    Anything else you need while up here just let me know... you know were I live!

    Lots of Love, Blessings, Healing & Hugs
    Cathie & Evelyn

  2. have a great holiday and relax!!!