Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The "Chief" Comes Out Again...GRRRRR!

Boy! The "Chief" sure came out this morning!!! Here's what happened. Michele...you really would be loosing your mind with this!

So we got up early to make sure we were on time for our 9:00 am appointment for physical therapy. Let me just set the stage a little bit. I know it will probably give the ending away, but you have to know the details to understand my reaction. I really am giving this all away!!! So last week, per Dr. Gillenwaters orders, we made the rehab appointment through Robert, the scheduling guy for that department. We were set for Tuesday the 24th at 9:00 am.

OK...Brenda goes to surgery and on Saturday the rehab lady comes in and gets Brenda walking and leaves paperwork on the exercises and info on Lymphadema with us. She doesn't say anything different about Tuesday's appointment.

When Brenda is discharged on Saturday afternoon, the nurse prints up her schedule and on the schedule is Tuesday's appointment. Are ya still with me on all this? So what would you think right now...RIGHT!!! We still have an appointment on Tuesday the 24th!!! OK...We're all on the same page...everyone except the Rehab Department at MD Anderson!!!

Early morning appointments are REALLY HARD for Bren...that's the time she gets some good sleep. She usually gets up around 5 or 6 am...gets her mouth and nose cleaned out, takes her meds, and then heads for the couch for about 3 to 4 more hours of really good sleep. So it's hard for her to get up at 7:30 to get ready for her 9 appointment.

You are soooo right...Robert CANCELED OUR APPOINTMENT YESTERDAY!!! The worst thing about that is that...NO ONE CALLED UP TO TELL US THE APPOINTMENT WAS CANCELED!!! What the hell is up with this!!!! We were ushered into Robert's office where he tried to explain why he canceled it. He said that when someone is admitted to the hospital their "STATUS" has changed and they need new orders. I asked if the computer showed us as "Discharged" on Saturday and thus our "Status" was the same as when the appointment was first made. He said "YES", the computer did show that Bren was out of the hospital, but they needed new orders. I said I have the schedule that the nurse that discharged us gave us that showed us the appointment was still set for Tuesday!!! I asked how we were supposed to know that he (Robert) would end up camceling the appointment or that we needed to do something different when NO ONE CALLED US!!! I just looked him in the face, and with MUCH restraint, and in my most "Chiefly" manner, advised that this was just flat "UNACCEPTABLE!" Again...I was trying not to get arrested!! He got the message and we now have an appointment at 1:00 PM this afternoon.What is up with this canceling stuff without notification!!!

I just hope and pray that we still have that appointment when we show up at 1:00. I won't be responsible for my actions if it's been canceled. LORD help me!!!

OK...so not to worry...Brenda is fine and dandy...sleeping lots and healing. The drains are still in because they are still outputting too much juice. It has slowed this morning and I'm really hoping we can get these out tomorrow. I'm not sure anyone is in the office on Friday due to Thanksgiving.

Just thought I'd share my morning frustration with you!! Ha! Remember the old saying: "Pain shared is pain divided." Hopefully this is the same for frustration!!

Stand by more more updates...or some huge explosion!! NOT!!

The Houston Duo


  1. Oh so sorry you are having such challenges especially when you are trying to get everything done and taken care of so you two can get out of Houston and back home to AZ were you belong... my only advise is take a few deep breaths concentrating on your breathing before you put your foot in your mouth!

    Good luck with todays appt... hopefully things will get better... but you know what happens around holidays... everyone is "out to lunch" literally sometimes!

    Lots of Love from the Appointment Angels

  2. Amazing - Robert's incompetence coupled with an apparent lack of concern and your sense of calm and grace. Those are four personality traits I truly lack. It makes my head explode to think that healthcare providers allow bureaucracy (and I am a healthcare bureaucrat) to get in the way - mind-boggling.
    I hope this afternoon went smoother - for Brenda's sake and Robert's safety. Stick with it and when necessary put your foot down and report the issues!!! If nothing else, it helps pave a road for other cancer patients that will look to Brenda's leadership as they too embark on the road to recovery.
    Talk soon - get better - stay calm - ah, heck get mad - whatever it takes!
    Love to you both

  3. Those people are lucky I wasn't there with you this morning because I guarantee we would not have left until Brenda had her PT this morning, even if the head of the department had to administer it personally. I can't stand incompetence. It sounds like you showed a great deal of restraint under the circumstances, but you got it done! Hail to the chief!!


  4. GO PEEKER GO!!!!!!!!!! I love that all those years in command is paying off for you and my sister!!!! Lord knows it's your turn now!!!! I say GO GET EM!!!! Good job sis! You 2 just keep amazing me everyday :) I have worked in a Dr's office for 20 years and we have never treated patients like that, rarely do we cancel and if you do you ALWAYS call way ahead and let the patient reschedule what is best for them. That is just not good customer service or good track records!!! Unreal! We would be written up and fired! So here's to more good healing Bren, your in good hands for sure haha.....

    Love you both!
    Rhonda oxoxoxoxo

  5. Wow...unacceptable is an understatement! Robert needs to be relocated to a place that embraces incompetency. Sounds like he doesn't deserve the power that he's been given. When power is abused someone needs to be removed! Glad that it's behind you, but the steam was pouring out of my Mac and they're fairly indestructible!

    Bonnie and Jackie