Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Strikes and the Big C is OUT!!!

Hi from Houston VP's...yep...we're back. I think the powers that are in the universe felt bad for putting us through hell in August and then messing up this series of appointments, so our trip back here was flawless. We even got an upgraded car due to a mistake by the wonderful man that drove the Dollar Rent a Car bus!! THANKS...we needed that Ford Escape because of all our luggage. Packing for a possible 19 day stay means a few more T-Shirts than a 3 days stay!!!

So we are tucked into an apartment called the "Amalfi at Hermann Park." It's new and really nice...nice apartment, good workout room, free coffee in a very nice lounge, 2 pools and 3 garden areas. I do wish when you rent these apartments, they would put a few cleaning supplies here and more then one roll of TP and one roll of paper towels!! Ha! This is a whole lot nicer than being stuck in a motel for 19 days.

The timing of the trip worked out so well that we had moved our luggage into the apartment and went out and had a nice fish dinner and got home just in time to watch "SURVIVOR!!!" We're both hopelessly addicted to the show!! Ha! But we were tired when it was time to hit the sack and with the help of a little Ambien we both slept well.

OK, so we had super early appointments for the new series of PET scans this morning so we had to get up at 5:30!!! Remember...We are NOT morning folks!! Ha! I took my laptop over to the clinic with a grand plan of updating the blog while Brenda was in getting the scans...well that didn't happen. I happened to find an unoccupied recliner and fell fast asleep for the 2 hours she was asleep in the scan tube!! Ha! Now that felt good!

We went over to Le Peep for some breakfast after the clinic and then did a little grocery shopping. Again we made it back just in time for "The Young and the Restless! It's Friday and you just shouldn't miss the Friday episodes! Hey...Quiet!...I'm retired! Brenda left me to watch these ridiculous melodramas and she escaped to the bedroom for a nap.

I think we'll try and go to the movies and see "Precious" this weekend. It's supposed to be a very good movie. Then we'll hook up with Paula and Jason for some good grub and conversation. Since we're right across the street from this big area called Hermann Park, maybe I can get Bren out for some fresh air and a nice walk. Monday we see Dr. Gillenwater (surgeon) in the morning and Dr. Hong (oncologist) in the afternoon. Then we'll really know the next steps we'll take. We're calling this trip "The Three Strikes and You're OUT Cancer." This is the 3rd time we've come to Houston and so far we're winning the game...The is the trip that we totally wipe out our opponent. TKO!!!

So that should give you the latest. Bren is doing well...she still has trouble keeping her nose open so we'll be sure to talk about that with Dr. Gillenwater on Monday. She needs a lot of sleep to keep that good ole healing going so we have lots of down time for some good naps.

We'll keep you posted on all the latest Houston Haps...stay tuned! To all our Olivia travels to Porta Vallarta. We'll look forward to pics and sme e0mails if you can get a connection. Have a wonderful time...we'll be there with you in spirit. Hopefully the sun will be bright and warm, the pool cool and the food good. I know the company you'll all keep will be fantastic!

Have a wonderful day...
Dee and a sleeping and healing Brenda


  1. I am sooo glad that you made it to Houston with no problems and only small gifts from the Universe. We will be hoping and praying that the rest of your trip there will be "smooth sailing" and lots of pleasant surprises because Houston is so yesterday & I am sure you are wanting to be totally done with this!!!

    Keep up the good snoozing and healing and we will keep up the good vibrations & prayers!

    Lots of Love, Light & Blessings

  2. Love the three strikes and you're out theme for this trip! I keep hanging on to Carol's words, "Good as New and Smooth Sailing!" I just know that after this final "glitch" you will be home with a cure. Love to you both as you go through this final phase of the cure.

    Marshall Vic