Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Sleepy Football Sunday

Hi Everyone...After 12 hours of sleep we almost feel human! Well Brenda still feels drugged and is in pain from the knife fight Friday...she's doing so much better than she did last night. Trying to get the pain calmed down and get her comfortable so she could sleep was rough. She was pretty miserable. But thanks to all the good drugs she's taking, she finally got to sleep.

Today is a much better day. The pain isn't as intense as she can lay on her side...her favorite couch sleeping position. She still draining over the limit for the tubes to come out so maybe we can get them out Tuesday. I sure hope they'll be out before the long holiday weekend.

So today was spent sleeping (Brenda), watching football, (both of us), and playing Mafia Wars!!! (ME!!) Then I got cleaned up and ordered a nice pot roast dinner for Brenda and I from the Black Eyed Pea. I thought it was yummy, but Brenda had some difficulty getting the meat down even though it was very tender and juicy. All the foods she used to eat and all that she can eat now are so very different. We'll get it figured out.

After dinner, we went walking around the 3rd floor of our apartment building so we can work on getting her moving...Doc Vic orders! Tomorrow we'll try to do that in the morning and afternoon and then on Tuesday we have a physical therapy appointment. She's got to start all the exercises tomorrow however. I already told her that Nurse Ratchet is out again!!!

So there ya have it VP's...all's well in the hood. Tomorrow will even be better. Sleep well and thank the Lord for Brenda's excellent medical care and her wellness.

More tomorrow...
Nurse Ratchet and Healing Brenda


  1. Hang in there - I am sure it will get easier and less painful with a little more time! And thank goodness Brenda has a Nurse Ratchet to keep her on track!

    Lot of Healing and Blessings and Gratefulness!!!

  2. Such great news, Brenda. Looks like all the prayers and good thoughts have helped some. But your determination and will have been the cornerstone of your amazing journey. Not many of us could have tolerated what you've gone through. We continue to pray for you ever day.
    Joan & Andy

  3. Love to hear about the Physical Therapy part. That's right up my alley. Working in acute care so I know it well. Patient's either hate or love to see me when I come into their room at the hospital. We have to wear color coded scrubbs so the patients can identify us from the nurses and other staff. It's 50/50 on the groan vs the glad you're here. Keep up the healing.

  4. Hello ladies

    Good to hear that Brenda is up and about and eating, albeit a bit differently. Those are the questions you know Karen asks and she would be so proud that Nurse Ratchet is on the ball. Although after the week long trip to Mexico and the mandatory intake of three meals EVERY day without exception, she is not asking me about eating. I wonder why??

    Brenda - simply stated - wow! Keep up the healing and walking is a good start on the road to recovery. I'm sure you feel better when the drains are out. You'll new fashion choices will look better as well without the colors clashing :)

    Talk soon.
    ove to you both