Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ms. Brenda is Free At Last!! I just typed an entire entry for the blog tonight and was just getting ready to send it when I hit some dang button and the entire thing disappeared!!! UGH!!!

Here I go again...this is a short one because I'm pooped! Really pooped!!

We sprang Brenda from the hospital around 3 this afternoon. She started to do much better once they got her up and moving a little. Poor thing, she had a rough night until they got some good pain meds in. They also got her tummy calmed down and she started eating regular food late this morning.

It's good to be back at the apartment where it's more beeps, vitals, visits...well you know the drill. I sure hope with her evening meds we can get her comfortable and she can get some sleep. She just hurts!!! I thought I'd add a photo in case you're curious about the knife fight she was in with her surgeon. I think the docs and nurses out there will say that she's looking pretty darn good. I really thought she's be a whole lot more swollen than she actually is. I'm sure as the days go by, she'll be getting better and better. Soon the tubes will come out and she'll get a little more mobility in her neck and then the exercises to regain all the strength in her shoulders will continue.

So we are going to try and get some sleep...I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how she's doing. Sleep tight everyone...

The very sleep Houston Duo...


  1. You look marvelous! A little pale maybe, but that miracle grow you're putting on your head is really working! Rest up, get some sleep and know that the entire village is behind you as you push back from yet another phase of the cure. We all love you!


  2. You do look good! I can see the reflection of wellness in your eyes already! Nice hair about those waves?


  3. Wow you look great - relatively speaking ;)
    It must be so nice to be out of the hospital and back on the road to recovery.
    What up with the t-shirt hanging off the shoulder look?? Something new? Not being one to criticize, but the yellow lettering sort of clashes with the drainage tube.
    Regardless of your fashion sense, or lack thereof, you are both our heroines. Get some rest and know that we are still generating positivity for excellent pathology reports!!!!
    Love to you both.

  4. Hi, Bren & Dee:

    It is so good to see your spirit continue to fight through all the treatments and surgeries, the crazy waiting and rushing sleepless nights and so on and so on. . . Once again, you amaze me with your sheer determination to find your way back to health. I know you are getting there!

    I must agree with Michele about that t-shirt hanging so low off the shoulder. WooHoo, I never knew you had those flasher tendencies (well, maybe I remember one story from all your trips) . . . can't even control it when you're down from surgery. I KNEW there was something I liked about you! ;)

    Yes, we have all been sending only positive thoughts of the only answer we are going to accept . . . that our dearest Brenda is CANCER-FREE!

    Get some rest. Our love continues to pour out. Hope you can feel the hugs and support being sent your way! Enjoy some Sunday afternoon snoozing with your favorite shows in the background. . .

  5. So good to see those post-surgery pix. You are looking prett darn good for all day medical interventions. Just rest up and get home soon... that goes for both of you!!!

    It seems so strange preparing for Thanksgiving without you two here to share it with... BUT we are all very very grateful for Brenda's amazing progress and healthy recovery! Amen!

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings
    Cathie & Evelyn

  6. jason came to see you yesterday when he was on his lunch minute (literally) but you had just left for home! you look even better than right after the surgery, what a strong, determined woman you are....actually both you and dee are strong and determined! victory will be yours! love you guys, paula

  7. oh, and do what i always did, when someone looks too much at your neck, just tell them "you should see the other guy" and smile sweetly.... :)

  8. Ah, what great news to hear that you're back at the ranch recovering in style! It was such fun to finally figure out how to Skype from Puerto Vallarta, thanks to Amanda who helped us get the system going with our faces as well as yours. Magnetic energy filled the room with the Olivia family sending their personal love and blessings for a successful surgery. There's more coming each day!

    Our love,
    Bonnie and Jackie