Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Strikes and IT'S OUT...We're going Home!!!!

Hi VP's...we just got back from seeing Dr. Gillenwater and the news is fantastic. Although we still don't have the pathology report...should have that later today...we did get the all clear. I asked if she thought that she got all that nasty stuff out of Brenda's neck and Dr. Gillenwater said YES!!! YEA!!! Double YEA...High Five...We're going home!!! This is the best Thanksgiving and Christmas present we have ever had!! We're declaring today a day of celebration!!! It's that day we've all been waiting for...We're done with the initial treatment...Bren is cancer free...time for "good and new" and "smooth sailing."

There's still the rehab Bren will have to continue when we get home and the adjustment time it will take to manage the side effects of all this treatment, but it's time for new beginnings. We'll have to come back every 3 months for scans and check ups with all the docs to ensure we're on top of everything. So the next trip will be sometime in March.

I've already checked us in for the 12:30pm flight home tomorrow and have called the apartment rental company to tell them we're checking out tomorrow. Toni is going to meet us at the airport to help me get the luggage and Brenda home while I go off to the off-airport parking lot to get our car. Bren just can't lift anything heavy and I don't want her wearing her backpack on those tender neck and shoulder muscles. Thanks a ton Toni. Like we're not too excited to get home or anything!!! Then Wednesday I'll go down to Tucson and pick up the dogs!!! I can't wait.

So we're all smiles here in Houston and I hope this blog entry puts some smiles on your faces and some screams of joy from your mouths. We are soooooo HAPPY and thankful for all your prayers and positive energy for total healing. is a day to celebrate LIFE!!!!

Love to you all...
Dee and a healing Bren

HOME JAMES...........


  1. Welcome HOME Brenda and Dee! This is GREAT news! Sending you both lots of love and healing wishes this holiday and always. You both must be thrilled to get home now.
    Love, Jill and Vicki

  2. Wow - great news - I think I'm getting a bit misty :) I can visualize the broad smiles, (or is that smiling broads??) and overwhelming sense of relief.
    Brenda all I can say is freakin' amazing. This is not a disease that likes to lose, but you apparently did it. Outstanding!
    Dee you are truly a real nurse. Although there is a clinical component to the provision of care (some would say it is a large component), I have always held that compassion and caring are the characteristics that distinguish a nurse from 'real nurse'. It makes a difference and you have evidence to support that statement.
    Together you two are one dynamic team. I have learned so much from you both as you have navigated this journey. Lessons I hope I never have to apply but life lessons none-the-less.
    Now together you have to recuperate and get better. Our little group was WAY to quiet in Puerto Vallarta (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). We need the diminutive laughter that Brenda brings to the group. We can always use some sort of chin strap to cover the radiation burns if necessary. I wonder if they sell such items - hummmm ;)
    Today, celebrate the win. Tomorrow focus on getting a little bit better each day.
    Absolutely Amazing!!!
    Love to you both
    Michele and kKaren

  3. OMG!!! I can believe it - praise goddesss and all the healing angels - we knew if anyone could do it... you two could!!!

    I am so happy and overjoyed I can hardly speak or type! Have a really safe trip home & lets all keep focusing on getting Brenda completely healed and up to snuff (another medical term).

    Welcome home and see you both soon!
    Lots of Love, Hugs and Blessings
    Cathie & Evelyn

  4. Wonderful news!!!! I agree it is time for a big celebration. Way to fight that nasty cancer, guys. It was a hard battle, but you won! I am very happy for you.


  5. This is a story for the books! With Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed a Dream" in the background, this is the ending that we all prayed for. The team is going home a winner. Safe traveling and know that the two of you have made history in our hearts!

    Bonnie and Jackie

  6. Words can't describe how happy I am for the two of you. I've watched you both go through the ups and downs (more downs than ups) during this journey. Through it all you've proven how determined you are to get better. It proves that determination, perseverance and prayer pay off. I wish you years of strength, love and happiness as you move on with your lives. It's all smooth sailing from here!


  7. Through this journey we have heard many people comment that while the odds were enormous if there was an individual who could beat these odds the exception would be Brenda....coupled with Brenda's never give up attitude is a loving, caring and very determined partner in Dee - who would ever of doubted a triumphant ending for both of you.

    Words cannot describe the sense of relief you must be feeling and the enormity of the mountain you have climbed and conquered. Enjoy the trip home, take the time out for more healing and hopefully we look forward to a visit real soon to see you both.

    Lots of love,
    Kim and Wendy