Friday, August 14, 2009

Coffee With Paula

Hi VP's...I am so happy to say that all is on a healing path here in Houston and we're counting down the days of departure back to Phoenix and HOME! Only 6 days to go!! Brenda had been sleeping almost non-stop since her last radiation treatment on Monday and yesterday, when I said I needed to go out and get a few errands run, she actually said that she wanted to go too!!! That was fantastic! You know, you have to take those baby steps before you can walk and then run! Today, we had an even longer outing and we met our new friend, Paula, at Starbucks for some coffee and great conversation. We had such a good time. Paula is just a wonderful soul, full of adventure, energy and powerful intuition for how to handle what life throws your way.

I really don't have much to talk report...thank heaven for that!!! Just wanted to tell you how Bren was doing. She really did amazingly well in the 4 hours we were out today. Although she won't "bounce" back, she will slowly progress daily, and little by little our Brenda will find her new normal and we'll be there to walk with her.

Take a look at the pics I took of our outing to my favorite coffee shop.'re an absolute love. Thanks for sharing your story, your time, and your treasure. We'll definitely stay in touch.

Have a great night VP's...only 6 more days!!!

Packer Dee and Healing Brenda


  1. Hey it is so good to have an uneventful day just full of quality time with friends and a great cup of coffee! Is that a Kwan Qin medallion I spot around Paula's neck??? HA!

    Look forward to seeing you soon & keep on resting and getting stronger!!!

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings

  2. Great photos.
    Paula- you look good after the face plant.
    Brenda - you are looking better every day.
    I am officially home from the vacation with family. It was fun AND exhausting. I have to get Lo-Jack for my Aunt Kathleen. She was standing right on the corner and got lost - not once but three times. No, she is not losing her mind, or suffering from any medical malady - she just has no sense of direction. As my Mom poetically put it - perhaps she simply has no sense at all - no sense of direction, no common sense, etc. Thank good she supplemented her half helping of brain with a huge portion of heart or she would be unbearable.

    Well karen and I are going to enjoy some free time - together for a change.

    Talk soon


  3. Wow! Going out for coffee, that seems so normal. Normal must feel really good right now. Brenda, you look good. Your face looks less swollen already.

    Michelle, I'm glad you survived vacation with the family. Cal and I recently spent a week in Maine. You'll be happy to know that the Dunkin Donuts out number the Starbucks by 100 to 1 in New England!

    I have a confession to make. Remember the Blue Bonnet from the Marshall Vic video? I ate it on my toast this morning! That's just sick and wrong! I think I need therapy!


  4. Brenda...The Life is Good t-shirt says it all! You are on your way to Life is Better! Please be SURE to request a wheelchair for your ride to the gate and back. You deserve the royal treatment and more.

    Dee...Thank goodness for your 'healing heart' that has enlightened all of us.

    Bonnie and Jackie

  5. Dee and Brenda: I talked to Paula the night she met you. Her little "trip", pun intended, was a long ordeal and I am sure her new found friendship was a great help for all those hours she spent waiting. How fortunate we all are to have her in our lives. Good thoughts going out to you both.