Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Packing to Jet Home

Hi everyone...I can't believe it...we actually DIDN'T have to go to the clinic for ANY reason today. Boy! Did that feel good. Both Brenda and I would sure like to thank you for all your wonderful comments. You all have offered the continued encouragement that we've needed to help us get through these long rough spots in the road to the CURE. We just can't thank you enough for being such great "back-ups" (police talk for support you count on to keep you safe and sane!)

We had a very productive day...Bren worked on healing...I worked on keeping up with all her meds and meals...and we both did some more packing. Man! It made us want to leave tomorrow!! But Bren needs a few more days of sleep and healing before we head off. Even though it's only a 2 hour flight back to Phoenix, it'll take a lot out of our fighter with the drive to the airport, checking the bags, hassling through security, waiting around for the flight, and then reversing the whole process back in Phoenix. I can safely say I know she'll snooze on the plane, but I also know this will take a lot out of her. Thank heaven there are wheelchairs if we really need one. She's so ready to get home, she'd crawl through the airport to get on that plane!! I know you can just imagine how excited she is.

I just wanted to check in and say that all is proceeding as planned here at Houston Central. The pictures prove that. More of the same tomorrow and if all goes OK, we'll take in a movie this weekend...maybe the new Meryl Streep movie, "Julie & Julia."

Have a fabulous evening...your comments have really brightened our spirits. HUGS!

Dee (I'd sure like to retire my nurses cap) & Brenda (Electra's volts are slowly decreasing!)


  1. Great news to see the boxes piling up and the suitcase ready to fill. Brenda's smile lights up the room. Be SURE to request a wheelchair at the airport. You will at least sail (well, sort of) through security and be given the extra support that you'll need to navigate that nightmare before boarding your plane.

    Enjoy Julie and Julia! All reports are that it's fabulous. We're planning to see the movie this week.

    Bonnie and Jackie

  2. Hey Sista......You look so happy today !! Do you remember the disco era Donna Summers song......Riiiiiiiiinnnnnggg, ring my bell HA HA That's my new tune for you :) Keep the packing and healing going. I want to SOON see a pic of you on this blog from ARIZONA!!!! YIPEE!!

    Love ya ooxoxoxo
    da da da dant to you :)

  3. I second Bonnie & Jackie's comment about requesting a wheelchair before arriving at the airport (even if Ms Electra thinks she does not need it) it will get you all kinds of special treatment getting thru security, on & off the plane, etc, etc, etc... Go for it... every superhero should have a chariot to help her on her way!!!

    Great to see all of those packed boxes and that fabulous brilliant smile on Brenda's face... can't wait to see you both.

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings to the soon to be home for the Cure dynamic duo, Cathie


  5. Rhonda - you are dating yourself my dear - disco - really??? You are such a silly girl.

    Dee and Brenda - it was great talking to both of you today.
    Brenda your voice is sounding better and your spirits are soaring. I do have one issue - stop making me teary when I am driving. As a law enforcement official you above all should know that is not safe and can lead to an accident!!
    Dee - retire from nursing - no way. You both have been given the opportunity to help so many other in the future. As we talked, there is a reason for all that has happened; a reason most of the Olivia folks met within three trips in 5 months; a reason poor Paula fell on her face and ended up in the ED; a reason Brenda was selected to bear this burden and you to stand by her. Ah heck there is probably even a reason for Sue Size 9 and Blue Bonnet, but that is not my point nor where my interest lie.
    How special it is going to be to see Brenda marry her love of the human psyche with her cancer cure journey to help others in similar situations? Just try and approach the counseling in a little less dramatic fashion then Paula. You can most likely schedule appointments and meet on some cushiony couch somewhere. That would sure beat the face plant and ED visit.
    So my new mantra for you both - Heal to Help!!! Oh and speaking of psyche - please have a chat with Rhonda - disco????? There is something wrong with that woman and I fear it is not just an affinity to hot dogs;)
    Love to you both and heartfelt wishes for a new level of recovery each and every day.

  6. Michele,
    I am as sane as Brenda...ha ha ha

    You just keep me in stitches girl !!



  7. Hi Brenda and Dee,

    Just a note that Brenda may what to wear a mask when she flies home, and you might want to get some information on LYMPHEDEMA OF THE NECK. I do not know if they have neck raps, but flying can cause Lymphedema.

    Congratulations on ringing of the bell!! Hooray!!

    Sending lots of hugs and prayers,

  8. Hello in Houston!

    That smile radiates, Brenda. . . With all that you've been through, you have held on with such courage & joy. . . it's an inspiration. I agree with Michele that you are going to use this experience to help others . . . and, although you've probably cursed it a few times (or more), sometimes we help others best when we have overcome the worst and can share our stories. And, what better story "sharer" than you, who will do it with a thousand laughs??!

    Can't wait for you to arrive home and be able to feel that sense of returning to normal. . .

    I highly recommend Julie & Julia. Courtney & I saw it last weekend. Very cute. You will laugh. And Meryl Streep is sooooo good.

    Talk to you soon. . . and YES! take the chariot ride! Hell, you can board the plane first -- just like those in first class! You deserve it for all you've been through. . .

    Love you!