Monday, August 24, 2009

Homecoming Video

VP's as's the highlights of Brenda's late, but cheerful homecoming celebration at the airport. You can probably see how tired she was. That was a &#$@ 10 hour flight!! For those that couldn't attend, we felt your energy. It's so wonderful to be HOME.

Enjoy the video...
Dee and a recovering Brenda


  1. Just thought I'd check the blog before work this morning and now I have tears running down my face. Tears of joy for you!


  2. I too got so emotional and started crying because I am sooo happy you are home with many of your loving friends... and I know this is were you are going to do so much of your healing!
    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings

  3. Hey Brenda,
    I too have lacrimal leakage watching this video. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful welcome committee. After the tears of joy, the recognition of so many familiar faces in the crowd brought a huge smile to my face.
    You look great and you clearly handle delays much better than I do. At that point I would have resembled that infamous Nick Nolte mug shot - hair in shambles, raging eyes, wrinkled clothes, etc. You on the other hand look completely put together. If my teary eyes serve me well, I think you even had the exceptionally good sense to wear a Yankee cap. You go girl!!!
    Get better, quickly.

  4. Boy what a welcoming my sister had! I'm jealous and would of loved to have been there as well to give her hugs. Also I would of hugged all the friends that were in that video that I have come to love through my sister. We have had some great times- hanging in her offices, Bingo, slot machines, dinners, Turks goes on and on. Loved seeing all the "Tempe" gang....hellooooo! And that lil Ryder- what a doll and a love bug, you girls did good ha ha.... I'm sure Brenda is still beaming at all the friends she has across the world, she is the lucky one for sure :)

    Love you all for being there for my sister :)

  5. Hi gals,
    Another day toward feeling better and hopefully regaining some energy. Just wanted to let you know we were thinking of you and wishing you both well.
    Michele and Karen

  6. You've weathered the storm to arrive home to rays of sunshine. What a warm 'heroes' welcome. Thanks for sharing this homecoming.

    Bonnie and Jackie