Monday, August 17, 2009

Final Doc Visit & 3 Days to Home!

Hi VP's...just a quick note to tell you that we had our final visit with Dr. Hong before we head home on Friday. On the way over to the clinic, Brenda asked me if I was nervous to see him and hear what he might have to say. You know...I was! We have just been knocked off our feet too many time not to just never know what the doc's will say although I was fairly confident he would say...just go home and heal!

Brenda has lost some more weight and her pulse was up a little but other than that she's doing as well as can be expected considering what she's been through. She did have a little vomiting episode on Saturday, but we hit that with some Zofran and hope that thta's not a reoccuring nightmare. Ahe isn't sick to her just comes on like a lightening bolt. They did say the the excess mucus she has could be the culprit. GO AWAY!!!

Dr. Hong was very impressed with Brenda's tenacity and patience with the treatments. He said what we all know...she was quite a "fighter." Amen to that...right? Her optimism was so appreciated by all that have met her. Both he and Mary were very complimentary...they said it's now time to go home for a while and heal. He's so funny...he told us it was too hot in Phoenix!! What does he think it is here in Houston??? Apparently he was just there and mentioned that he took in a Diamondback game (he's quite a baseball fan) and that MD Anderson was going to have a branch there with Banner Hospital. Hey Amanda...he also asked how you were?

Again...Brenda's healing is VERY slow and she sleeps most of the day. I'm not kidding...she sleeps about 18 to 20 hours a day. The treatments have really kicked her butt, but we're hoping that she, in turn, has kicked cancer's butt. I know our visit on October 6th will be very nerve racking and scary. We sure need your continued prayers and positive energy.

Friday will be a very exciting but hard day for her and she'll need all the sleep she can get on Saturday to help her stay on track. With the effects of radiation calming, she ought to be able to begin some good healing. Just being home will help that soooooo much! AMEN!! I know that everyone will understand her need to limit visits until she can gain a little energy and stamina. Just FYI...she does a little better in the afternoon than she does in the morning.

Tomorrow I have to take the car in for some repair...the automatic lock on the passenger door fell into the armrest!! So I'll just make sure that's fixed before the car heads home. Then I'll get a little more packing done and some errands run...of course there's always my patients' care and that absolutely comes first.

Wednesday we mail boxes of our stuff home...a great sign! Thursday I finish up packing the apartment and separating their stuff from ours...doing some last minute laundry, and packing our suitcases. Friday...I pack the car and off we go!!!! Can you believe it!! YEA!

So that's it from Houston Central for now. Don't worry...the blog will continue as we heal from our home location. Have a wonderful is good!

Nurse Dee and ZZZZZZ-ing Bren


  1. Sounds like you are on course for a smooth sail home.

    I know someone already suggested this, but you will want to call your airline and request a wheelchair. There are a few advantages to having one:
    Priority boarding so you do not have to rush to the seat with a line of angry people behind you.
    A little more rest for Brenda and you. No rushing to catch the flight or navigating the airport.

    There is a disadvantage - wheels are not very cool; but I think that is minor.

    Additionally, alerting the airline to Brenda's condition might give some some extra seating room so she is not 'stuck in the middle seat' type of issues.

    Just thinking and sending positives thoughts your way from here in South Carolina - yee haw!!

    Marshall Vic - there is very little I can say about your culinary preferences besides the 'sick and wrong' comment. Therefore I will simply ask if you enjoyed your toast AND if everything is better with a little Blue Bonnet on it?

  2. In just a couple days you'll be like Sophia in the Color Purple. "Home at Last!!!" What a long, rough ride. You continue to amaze us all.

    Marshall Vic just got home from filming another video! I wonder what she was up to?

    Michelle, everything is not better with Blue Bonnet on it! I think she is finally gone for good. You're right, there isn't realy anything else to say, except that I'm so ashamed.

    Chemo Sabe, home is where the heart is and I hope you can feel all of our caring hearts there when you arrive.


  3. Wow - you must both be getting pretty excited to have the exit from Houston so close.

    I hope Brenda is feeling a bit better every day. It will be nice for her and you to have her energy level rise.

    Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know you are in my thoughts.

  4. Last nite in the Houston apt. Bet you're really excited to get going tomorrow.
    Michele and I will be thinking about you tomorrow, hoping for a real smooth flight.
    Was great to talk with you both Tuesday night. We will be sure to keep in touch.
    xoxo Karen