Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're Back on Course

Hi VP's...Just thought I'd give you a quick update on how "Electra" is doing today. I'm sitting here in my recliner watching the Discovery Health Channel and Brenda is on the couch getting her "tube breakfast"...and having a good snore-filled sleep. I thought I'd give you a picture of her enjoying some morning kibble...this might look like she's miserable, but remember that she's on her new pain meds, wanting to take a nap, and so she's feeling some relief from that nasty pain. The "thumb's-up" is just to let you know she's doing OK.

Tomorrow is the "Big Day" we've all been waiting for...the END of radiation and the jumping off point to actually GO HOME. Both of those feelings are wonderfully displayed in the second photo of Jeannie, Kurt, Jackie and Helene. That fantastic photo really says it all. Thanks Tahiti Pod!!

So this is a short post because things are CALM here and we want them to stay that way!!! AMEN! I'll have a Flip video of the bell ringing for you tomorrow morning so stay tuned!!

Nurse Dee and Snoring Electra


  1. Hey great idea for a flip video of the auspicious event... I was about to say it has been way tooo long since we have literally seen Brenda in animation! And of course the bell ringing would be a perfect time for one!!!

    And OMG I was about to say who are those two woman with Jan & Marianne since Jan showed up at my house yesterday in the exact same shirt - who knew it was the lesbian shirt of choice for vertically challenged women!!!

    Lots of smooth sailing today, tomorrow and the rest of your time here!

  2. Well, I knew I fell on my face for some reason! Am feeling better but not back to work - will return tomorrow. You and Brenda have been on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers since that fateful ER meeting! Am slightly embarrassed to be mentioned in your blog, but glad that Jason and I could be there for you both. Others did the same thing for me in some of my lowest moments so I guess you could say that I am paying it forward, kindred spirits just on different parts of the path, but the same path none the less! Love the new picture of Brenda, love even more that she is feeding again and pain meds are adjusted. I have found lots of unused new stuff in my "cancer" storage closet for Brenda's neck to help it feel better. Also found two full boxes of brand new saliva substitute that will make her mouth feel lots better so give me a call and I will drop it off tomorrow or Tuesday at your convenience.
    Ring that bell long and hard! I even gave it a kick with my foot when I rang it (ok, so I cheated, I was on a gurney so it wasn't like I did an impressive karate kick or anything)!
    Dee, you remind me of Jason, what marvelous caregivers your are. Hardest, most unsung job in the are worthy of praise so here it is! PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE! WE PRAISE YOU!
    Heartfelt hugs to both of you, Paula

  3. Yahoo...Jackie and I just arrived home from Breckenridge, Colorado and are so relieved to know that Monday morning is almost here. Can't wait to see the bell ringing flip video! Life will never be the same for all of us who check in regularly with our Heroines in Houston. You have taught us soooo much and we are ever grateful!

    Bonnie and Jackie