Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marshall Vic, Brenda, & Nurse Dee Bid Houston Goodbye

Hi VP's....well the anticipated last night in our Houston apartment is FINALLY here. Hallelujah!!! I wish I could say that all is well. Brenda has the "barfs" again and today has not been a pleasant one at all. Amanda and Vic seem to think that as Bren's pain has decreased (and that's the good has...) the side effects of the pain patch increase because her body doesn't need it to keep the pain at bay. So we've taken the patch off but the medicine won't be out of her system until tomorrow. She hasn't eaten all day because she couldn't keep anything down but she's asleep right now and that is a great thing because she's not throwing up!! Howw miserable... poor thing. It just seems like Houston just doesn't want us to leave. You know...breaking up is hard to do...but we're out of here tomorrow!!! AMEN! I've loaded up on all the anti-nausea meds that I can get my little hands on. Mesa here we come even if I have to carry Bren!!! PLEASE send all the positive energy you can spare tomorrow for a calm day with no barfs and a good homecoming. Tomorrow night we'll be sleeping in our own bed!!! Saturday we'll get to see our dogs again!!! I am soooo excited!

In true Marshall Vic fashion she had to send a little "Bon Voyage" message to "Kato-sabe." (It's a long story...I'll fill you in one day.) It's a perfect celebratory message to a long, hard journey that's about to end. Marshall are truly priceless and we love you. We just couldn't say it any better.

So VP's...thankfully the initial phase of the Houston road to CURE is DONE!!! It'll feel so much better for us to continue the healing portion of the journey from the Mesa desert. It's too stinkin humid here! Ha! We'll check in with you when we get home and let you know how the trip went. Just keep everything crossed.

We can't thank you enough for helping us get through this part of the CURE. You kept us from feeling so isolated, you brought laughter into the darkest times, and you were generous beyond belief. Amazing and very humbling. You've earned many feathers on those angel wings!

Toodles from apartment 414...
Dee and Brenda


  1. May you have a safe journey home. HOME what a wonderful word that is.
    You two will continue to be in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers as the healing continues!


  2. Have a smooth flight today !

    Wishing you all the best on the rest of your journey to the CURE. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Fly safe my friends. Will be speaking to you soon in Arizona. Yeah!


  3. Have a safe and smooth flight home!!! Can't wait to see you both back home were you belong!
    As always you are both in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.
    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings

  4. Sending smooth sailing & smooth flying energy waves to you along your way home back to your own bed!

    Exhale.... here's to continued healing and regenerating!


  5. WUHOO!!! Been thinking of you both today and wishing the whole trip goes well.

    "HOME SWEET HOME".......doesn't that sound nice...ahhhhhhh

    Love ya!

  6. By now you should both be home and starting the next leg of this journey.

    Marshall Vic - I have to say I was getting a bit nervous with the butt shot of the horse, but my fears were unfounded. But were you drinking and driving???

    Dee and Brenda - WELCOME HOME!!!