Friday, August 7, 2009

Flipper Has Attacked Again!!

VP' Brenda's REALLY PISSED!!! Since Wednesday morning we have been struggling with the dreaded feeding tube AGAIN!!! She began throwing up after we introduced either meds, water or food through that damn tube. Now it didn't do it all the time, and although the symptoms were just a tad bit different, you get real intuitive with this stuff and we KNEW that it's that blasted tube once again.

We jumped on everyone last night with voice mails and then showed up personally after Bren was finished with her morning radiation. Mary and Denise have been sensational...we wanted to get the tube changed. Here's what we learned after talking with the doctor that we really should have had put this *#%^&$ device in.

Because the tube has not been in for a period longer than 6 weeks...the scar tract between the stomach and the outside layer of skin has not completely formed. Because that hasn't formed they can't change the tube yet. There was the option of trying to place a different connection but that was iffy because of the tube placement and they wouldn't know if that was possible until they did an X-Ray. So the only real alternative was to go back to IVR and have then reflip the tube. I probably don't have to tell you the words Brenda had for that alternative. She is absolutely beyond frustrated with this.

So the absolutely pissed off, stubborn Brenda has decided that they can stuff this feeding tube where the sun don't shine...she has decided in true Brenda fashion that she's going to get her nutrition via mouth...NOT via the tube. So we use Vicodin to dull the pain in her throat and have visited the local GNC store for a Weight Gain powder that Denise recommended after we told her what Brenda wanted to try and do. Believe me folks...she'll do it...there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. Now the goal is to keep her weight up through these supplements taken by mouth and have the dang tube out around August 19th. I think we'll take it to the shooting range and use it for target practice. I was rated as an expert marksman during my law enforcement career so there's no doubt in my mind that I'll make swiss cheese out of that tube!!!

So...Flipper's career is quickly coming to an end!! I've got to go back over to the clinic this afternoon and get a book they ordered for us called "Meals through a Straw." Frankly it doesn't sound very yummy to me but we're too close to the end of this and Brenda will not let anything stand in her way to go home on the 21st!

The good news is that Bren only has ONE MORE RADIATION TREATMENT and she rings the bell. We are so looking forward to Monday morning around 7:30 am. Set your alarm clocks and give a "holler" in celebration. Mary has already booked our return appointment for all the scans and tests on October 6th. So we'll have a nice bit of time to get our new lives established before we have to come back.

So there ya have it...just as there is in life...there's always something in this journey toward the CURE. The secret to both is being flexible, adjusting and adapting to the bumps and new paths in the road.

Thanks heavens for pain killers!!

A very frustrated Nurse Dee and a Pissed-off Brenda


  1. Hi girls,
    Sorry to hear that FLIPPER has returned and is giving you grief again. Brenda has got her Dutch up, and looks to me like nothing better stand in her way of getting her calories in and keeping her weight up.
    Hopefully she will be able to tolerate all the food, fluids and meds that she will need to ingest without to much discomfort. I guess the good part of this is she will get plenty of swallowing practice.
    Glad to hear the last RT treatment is finally hear. I'll be up at 5:30 am Monday morning getting ready for work so I'll give a loud holler here in New Jersey for you.
    All my co-workers are so excited for you. They are all amazed at how well you have done going thru this extensive treatment coarse. You both have certainly shown us all how brave, strong, loving and yes flexible you've been to make it thru this process to the CURE.
    Have a good week-end. Keep thinking about getting home and getting back you strength. I am headed down the shore to see my Michele and spend a weekend with her and her family. Looking forward to a little time in the sun and maybe even a dip in the ocean.
    XOXO Karen

  2. If I didn't already know it before, I certainly learned it through the past few months: when our Brenda makes a decision, it will be so. Move over Flipper!

    Hang in there Brendita, you're so close to turning this page too. Just know that when you ring that bell on Monday, it will resonate through our collective hearts so that we may all capture it's vibrational momentum and channel it back to you multiplied as you continue to CURE.

  3. You go get em sis!! Your a stud for sure... Was great to see you and Peeker on Skype!!! Amy and I are still look good even with your radiation tan !!! I think the best medicine you have had is the words "going home" It sure put a great smile on your face!!! So nice to see you perky again...that's the sis I know !! :)

    Love you!

  4. We'll be celebrating with you on Monday morning and our thoughts and positive energy are with you through the next part of this journey.

    I saw Mary Littlewood a couple of weeks ago when I was in Phoenix. She looks the same.

  5. You go get them Brenda!!! Because you still lots of people to see, places to go and things to do!!! Remember "intention" is everything!!!

    I will be up at 5:30 am on Monday echoing your bell ringing and doing a jig... looking forward to seeing you very, very soon...
    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings, Cathie