Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Emily Is a Saint!!!

Hi VP's...Just a quick little update. Believe it or not we left for radiation at 1:45 pm and were back home by 3:00 pm...and that was radiation and a drive over to the Starbucks so I could get a venti ice coffee. That's also with me taking the LONG way home. Simply amazing. Yep! Emily was running the radiation machine today. Now this is the way it's supposed to work. Imagine this also...Emily just moved patients around to minimize patient waiting and keep the schedule on time. A novel idea!!! I'm going to write her a really nice commendation when this is all over. When I called this afternoon, I got Lucky on the phone who said they were on time to which I told him that that was what he said all the time and yet when we get there we wait for an hour and a half!! Do you think he got the message?

I also got some good meds in Brenda before we left and that really calmed her through the treatment...yep...she was out of it but that was a good thing. She was nice and mellow and not in any pain. That's just what the doctor ordered!! Now she's resting comfortably on the couch and when she wakes up we'll get another can of juice in her. Then I'll try for another 2 cans throughout the night and we'll have gotten the right amount of callories in her for the day. Which reminds me...I've got to get some more of that juice...we've almost gone through the entire case.

Just thought you'd like to know that your prayers, positive energy, some good meds and our dear Emily have really done the job today...SUCCESS!!! YEA!!

A Smilin Nurse Dee and a Sleeping Drugged Chemo-Sabe


  1. YEA TEAM!!! Keep up the good work... and let's reward that wonderful Emily!
    Okay the new mantra is: Smooth Sailing! Smooth Sailing! Smooth Sailing!
    Lots of Love & Blessings, Cathie

  2. I thought Brenda was tired when I was talking to her on the phone earlier, apparently she was just drugged! Actually, if you have to go through this kind of hell it's a good thing to have your own personal nurse Dee to pass out the meds. Good job Nurse Dee Dee! I know she couldn't get through this without you! I agree with Cathie, Smooth Sailing, Smooth Sailing, Smooth Sailing!


  3. What is going on there in Houston?? Noisy neighbor, thin walls, drugs (albeit prescribed) and canned food - sounds like a college sorority house. HMMMM, actually it sounds like MY college sorority house. Later I tell you about grad school ;)
    In any event it seems like Dr. Hong has charted a solid course for your sail into the Port o' Cure. You have your village serving as the back up motor and some on board (or online) entertainment. Now it seems you have some additional navigational support in Mary and Emily. So let's go folks, row, row, row this boat gently toward the cure.