Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th

Yep VP's, I'm on my last "Nurses Union Break." My boss said that I couldn't take any more breaks without her. She wants to go home!! That's absolutely A-OK with me. I soooo visualize us driving home or me being able to put her on a plane to get her home quickly so she can start the final healing process and enjoy the CURE from home turf.

I just wanted to make a quick post before I head up to Strawberry, AZ to check on our cabin and ensure it's still standing and get the grass...well actually weeds...mowed. They've had rain up there so I know it'll need it. I'm waiting for my Mom to show up...we're going up together and we're going to try and find Cathie's sister in Payson and join their big BBQ. I actually feel like a little lost soul that goes from place to place to get some food! Ha! I had dinner with Becky last night and she said she and Julie would feed me while I was home...Ha! I just had to laugh. Do you have a visual?? There is absolutely NOTHING in the house to eat and I haven't had time to get anything! Ha! If you can't tell... Brenda is truly the cook in the family. I can make one mean bowl of cereal however...OH! And I can scramble eggs. Maybe that's why Bren wants to get that feeding tube in sooner rather than later...HUMMMMMMMM! I'm wondering if that's a sign that I should take a few cooking classes....Bren are you sending me a message?? I called her this morning and she's still raving about Vic's bread pudding...I am hopelessly challenged when it comes to cooking...I admit it!

Bren and Vic are going over to the Apple Store at the Galleria today so Vic can look at the new iPhone. It's a great outing for them and it'll give our gal a little exercise. Enjoy the day sweetie...I'll call you both tonight.

To all the other VP's...have a wonderful 4th of July...give thanks for the blessings you have and enjoy the people around you. Eat's the American way! More when I get back from the north country.

"On Break" Nurse Dee

PS: Thanks Doc Rachet for taking such good care of my gal.


  1. Happy Independence Day to all, except the gals from Oz. To Kim and Wendy happy Saturday!!!
    So contrary to my better judgement, Karen and I are at my Mom's house for a BBQ. The issues are many but the major one is we stand a chance of being "locked" in here until after the fireworks. That would not be a good thing and I can already hear Karen groaning. Not an easy thin to hear over my own groaning. She has already taken my niece to the play ground and is now having a rest. I fear this is going to be a long day- very long
    Chemo sabe and Dr Vic
    the apple store - nice........, go for the iPhone S
    very cool I love it....,, I'll write later and let you know how we fared today
    stay well

  2. No barbecue for Dr. Vic and Chemo Sabe. We are having pot roast (it was in the crock pot while we went shopping). After that, left over bread pudding. Comfort food.

    I was only in the Apple store 5 minutes before I upgraded to a 3Gs. Got to have my gadgets. The rate plan is actually less expensive than my old iphone because of a discount through the hospital that doesn't apply to the old plan. It was a good outing. We had fun shopping and now are back in the apartment surfing the web. Brenda should be about due for a nap. Actually, so am I. I don't know how she does it.

    Doc Vic (aka Doc Ratchet, Marshall Vic

  3. Pot roast yum yum. We are safely back home now and already in our jammers. The traffic heading into the NYC area was ridiculous but only my car was heading west, away from the madness :) If we stay awake, we will most likely watch the festivities on TV, but that is a big IF.

    Bonnie, Hope you are well on your way to feeling better. Jackie happy birthday. Enjoy Carmel and Big Sur.

    The BBQ was nice and we actually had a good time. As you may suspect my family is a bit wacky as well - you know - apples and apple trees. So it is always a good laugh about something. Today my niece wanted to learn how to jump double dutch. So of course they asked Karen to teach her - because she is dutch. (Keep in mind I said wacky). Well the single jump rope was funny enough and proved to be a bit of a challenge. Then they decided to add the second rope, that's when it turned into a comedy. Not only was jumping into the competition hysterical, but my sisters, who are twins, were the 'turners" - that was a bit surreal. It looked sort of like a mirror with clowns trying to jump the rope. We had to stop them before someone got hurt!! But....... not before I got some photos. I did have to promise Karen, in return for escorting me to the BBQ, I would not release the photos, but give me time.
    Chemo sabe - good to hear your energy levels are good - actually exceeding those of Dr. Ratchet, Karen and I, as well. Keep thinking two weeks down and you are still kicking butt. I think you are everyone's hero!
    Stay strong, now I need a nap.

  4. Hi VIP's and Chemo sabe,
    I mentioned earlier about my wacky day, but things just got a bit nuttier.
    Karen and I are sitting here watching the fireworks on TV talking about the view we could have had if we stayed at my mothers. I blew it!!! That's all I'll say.
    Anyway, I failed to mention that when Karen and my niece returned from their trip to the playground they were singing
    "in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue". We all thought, what a cute bonding moment between Karen and Makayla. It was sweet.
    Except, Karen was just telling me how she shared the history of our country. Apparently it started with Christopher Columbus landing in P-town. He didn't stay but rather left for Boston, perhaps so he di not
    miss Thanksgiving. Anyway, he decided he like P-town better so he headed back there. Maybe for tea dance-just maybe.
    Next he decided he needed a vacay and set sail for Columbus Isle. Really?
    Poor Makayla
    I will offer besides the cute little1492 ditty, the thing that astounded her most was learning that Karen is a mother AND a grandmother. She must have asked me to be honest and tell her the truth no less than 5 times. That alone set my mother a gigging for an hour.
    My $.02-our country'shistory will never be the same. And those pilgrim shoes were Prada accoding to Karen

  5. Well we are so tired from yesterday's activities I can hardly type! Nurse Dee called early morning for directions to our BBQ & I gave her the secret backroads route to avoid all the traffic & craziness on the Main St. We were planning to go to Marianne & Jan's at noon but she called at 11 am and said we're ready come now. And then surprise, surprise Dee & her mom(Ginny) showed up about noon just in time for all the food.

    So not to worry VP's we filled their plates with chicken satay, pork chops, avocado-mango-spinach salad, tabouleh, cornbread & key lime pie (Ginny's favorite)... so everyone ate, drank and made merry for hours. That Nurse Dee certainly knows how to kick back, lick her plate clean & have fun. And I know mom/Ginny had a really great time with all of us youngins.
    We started telling "crazy" family stories... no Michelle does not have the corner market on wacky family stuff!

    Finally by 4 pm Dee said well I guess we should head north to the cabin in Strawberry for cleaning and mowing (since we have had so much good monsoon rain that makes all that grass grow). Personally I think they needed to go nap after all that fabulous food because I know that was my inclination!

    My brother, Peter wanted to stay at our sister's to see the fireworks since they have a great view from their front yard. Well smart Evelyn begged off & went home and I became the designated driver and agreed to stay until after the fireworks. So we hung out watching movies, eating those barely cooled left-overs awaiting the fireworks.

    The fireworks were really spectacular for our small little town (and I should know being a dyed in the wool NYC gal who is used to those spectacular events Michelle spoke of). Well by 9:45 we were ready to head home with only two options the dark windy backroads which were bumper-to-bumper or Main St. which looked clearer from were we were sitting... okay we foolishly(maybe) choose Main St and it then took us 45 minutes to do the normally 5 minute drive... I had no idea they could fit & park that many cars in our little town... an extra 10,000 people in a town of about 13,000 YIKES!

    Anyway a good time was had by all and Nurse Dee is now fed & fun-filled!

    Well I think it is time for a nap since it is almost 8 am... rest well VP's

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings to all!

  6. Thanks Cathie for taking good care of my nurse. She is going to need her stamina for the next few weeks. My direct orders were for her to relax this trip and not cram chores and errands into every last minute of her trip there.

    It's so funny because people feel sorry for Dee when I am not with her to cook. She is a good cook but doesn't like to do it. She cooks an amazing Thanksgiving dinner as some VPs know well. She claims that this is her one time per year to cook. She is also the most amazing pie maker. Right Sis? My favorite pie is Rhubarb and Dee nailed that one.

    When I went to the FBI National Academy for 3 months people came over to feed Dee because she was living on a bag of spinach and feta cheese. I think that it is hysterical. Becky and Julie told Dee that they would feed her when she returned from the cabin and until she came back to Houston. Homeless people should learn from Dee because she doesn't even need a sign that says, "Will work for food."

    This is going to be a busy week. Dr. Vic, aka Dr. Ratchet, cooks a mean meal and my god did she make the best bread pudding ever!!! I mean that I could actually taste it and it tasted great! Most of the food I eat is determined on whether I can get it down. This was actually delightful! Dr. Ratchet flies out tomorrow and Student Nurse Ratchet Toni flies in. Their flights are within 30 minutes of one another.

    I am sure that Dee has filled Toni's brain full of what she needs to do to take care of me. Hell, Dr. Ratchet told me that it was 10am and that I should have used a certain rinse by 9am per the Queen Nurse Ratchet Dee. Wow...this patient can't get away with a thing.

    I had my labs this morning and learned that this is a good day to get labs because there was a ratio of 5 vampire techs to 1 patient. i was in and out in minutes and yet I had to pay $2.00 for my parking fee. That is the true blood sucker.

    I am going to have the feeding tube procedure done on Wednesday. I am struggling to swallow and my mouth is so damn dry that getting food down is getting more and more difficult. I didn't want to have the feeding tube put in after chemo the following week. The radiation side effects come on quickly and it was the best decision that I made. I can still eat and drink with the feeding tube but I can also supplement my diet with Ensure or Boost type fluids. When I can't eat or drink this will hydrate and keep my calories up, especially my protein. They want me on 2100 calorie diet with 60-80 grams of protein. Yikes!!

    Thanks to everyone for your loving support. i truly feel it and appreciate your investment in my healing process. i am truly blessed to have you all in my life in such a special way.

    love, chemo sabe

  7. Dear Chemo Sabe,
    did you get the poor quality video we sent. Hope it makes you laugh and all your fill in nurses until our Dee gets back to take care of you.

    Dee, say hi to mom for us.

    xxoo bonnie

  8. I haven't seen a video yet. I will let you know when I get it. Thanks so Bonnie!

    Chemo Sabe

  9. Hola - chemo sabe and your nurse du jour,

    Karen and I really enjoyed 'skyping' yesterday. Your neck looks so much smaller. For a while there we thought your were getting pretty muscular (who knew the true cause) and I was a little bit afraid of you, just a little. Now, not so much. I think I can take you!

    I must say, after my day of manual labor, I have some pretty sore knees and gluteus maximus muscles. I have got to be a bit for forward thinking. Whenever Karen has a "house project", I had better be on the road. Dr. Vic - I am all for hiring a professional, but oh no, not Karen. She suffers from that 'I can do it" mentality that is so foreign to me. Bless her soul, she CAN do it and LIKES to, as well. I, on the other hand (which is also a bit sore), think it is silly to do something that someone else is perfectly willing to do for you. Oh well, it is almost over and almost done with, so I'll focus on being better prepared the next time.

    I did just want to check in to let you know you are in my thoughts. I know today was set to be bubbling over with airports drop offs and pick ups, appointments and meetings. Hope you are dealing well with all the running around.

    I have to run now; well, maybe limp. Karen just got home and we have to complete the next steps in our home project. I fear this is going to be a full week project - YUK!!!!


  10. Hello in Houston, my friend Brendita!

    4th of July came and went . . . it was an uneventful weekend, thankfully. Courtney & I ventured out for a couple of movies in the last three days. Poor Carissa had to work. . . Courtney is still looking for work since her return home from Denver. . . Anyway, since Carissa wasn't around, Courtney and I were just going to head out to South Mountain Park and have a beer together and watch some fireworks. . . (yes, she's of drinking age now, if you can believe it!). But one of her friends called and wanted to go to a little boutique in Phoenix. We got stuck in hellacious traffic in Central Phoenix and ended up at a "boutique" alright. Needless to say, there were toys and rainbows and all sorts of interest provoking things in that boutique :) . . . not the sort I thought it was going to be -- of course I was expecting clothing! We were cracking up. On the way home, we stopped at Cold Stone and watched fireworks from the rooftop of the Esplanade shopping center. It was a hot summer night in Phoenix. . .

    It was the first weekend I've had in awhile with no plans, so it was refreshing in that respect. But the week before was crazy. Courtney had wrecked her Dad's truck while he was away on his honeymoon. She was NOT wearing her seatbelt, and was fortunate that the vehicle did not roll. She ended up with 4 staples in her head, and lots of blood on her shirt. Needless to say, this day was not my finest. And then, rushing to the ER, I got a damn flat tire. Now, what the hell does a princess know about changing a flat tire? Didn't want to wait for roadside assistance, cause I wanted to get to the hospital. So, it turned out to be a very long and emotionally draining day. But, all the way through it, I thought of how blessed I was that she was okay. and I thought of how much we take the most simple things in our daily life for granted.

    This is where the story leads to you. Every time I read your blog, I am just amazed. You are so brave and just keep pushing through the medical procedures, the food issues, the twists and turns of this fate. . . My world seems rather small compared to the things you are dealing with. And, I wish I could wish it all away for you. . . .

    The good news is that I am one course closer to my Master's degree! One summer school class down, 9 more classes and a field internship when semester begins. By May I should be done! YEAH!

    Well, I hope Dee is taking your advice and not packing too much into her trip home and to Strawberry. I am glad Toni is there with you and fixing some awful good bread pudding for you! You will especially have more prayers sent your way on Wednesday. I think the decision to have the tube placed is a good one, but I can imagine that it was not an easy decision to make. The good news is that you can get the nutrition you need to keep fighting.

    We are all wanting you to hurry home and be cured. Love to you as you continue on this journey. And, Happy Birthday, my friend. . .

    Love you!!

  11. Hi Chemo sabe and Nurse in training Toni,

    I hope this email finds you after getting some well deserved rest.
    Chemo sabe, I believe tomorrow is feeding tube procedure and I wanted to send my best wishes that the procedure goes well and that your throat gets some relief.
    You are in our thoughts and all our positive energy will be with you tomorrow.

    On a lighter note. Toni - when Nurse Dee earned her official title of Nurse, she submitted a photo of her in her nurses uniform. Can we safely assume that your will be forthcoming? :)