Wednesday, July 8, 2009

News From the Front Lines

Hi VP's...Nurse Dee here in Mesa, AZ checking in with an update from LPN Toni who is doing a fantastic job helping our favorite Chemo-sabe in Houston. I just got off the phone with both of them...all is well. Brenda just had the feeding tube put in and was in recovery to report that it wasn't a fun time snaking this wire down her throat, but when they gave her more sleep juice...she didn't remember anything after that. THANK HEAVEN THIS PART IS DONE!!! Yikes...the stuff this poor soul has put up with!

I just got another update from LPN Toni and they were just waiting about another half hour for Bren to be released. She's doing just fine. Toni is going to take her back to the apartment (thanks heaven we found one so close to the clinic) for some couch time until they have to come back for a recheck and 1st feeding in the new tube. The she has to get to radiation...and yes! they're backed up AGAIN!!! Then an appointment with Dr Swartz...we'll just see how all this goes. That's a lot to handle in one day for a hero that's already been surgerized and is damn TIRED! Where are the reclining chairs when you need them??? All you in hospital care...please take note...RECLINERS!!!!

I've got an appointment right now, so I'll forward more info tonight when I hear how the rest of the day played out. Please send some of your energy Bren's way. She is such a trooper. Thanks Tonya Jill for being another one of our guardian angles. You're due for a promotion!

Nurse (on my last break) Dee


  1. Sista....Holy cow how much can one person take and then all in 1 day??!! Talk about pushing you to the limit...ouch... Keep that strength going. Your a stud :) We just acquired a new CEO for our hospital and he's from Houston, funny huh. So Dee should I email him about the recliner situation ha ha... Speaking of cancer treatments...Our Amy just had her first ck up since being cleared of her breast cancer and she came through clean!! WUHOO!!!!!!!!!! So passing those great vibes and well wishes on to you now :) Hello to Ms. Toni....thanks for taking care of my sis..hugs to you as well.
    Will talk to you soon Bren.
    Love ya

  2. Yeah for Amy!!! She deserves to have a clean bill of health. She is a favorite of mine and a hero herself. You go Girl!!!

    Thanks for the update Sis.
    love, Sis

  3. Glad to hear about Amy, Rhonda. I'll pass on the good news to Kari. Brenda, hang in there kiddo. You sure are a trooper...if anyone can beat this thing it's you. Love ya. Conni and I think of you often and send our good thoughts and strength to you daily.

  4. Good Morning Houston!Just read the blog page(s) for the first time and gotta say - Amazing. The real amazing is the amount of courage and fight you have (and Dee). The organization it must take is through the roof. If it were me, Webster better have sent a rep to record those new words for the dictionary. Your photos are just beautiful, a true reflection of you inside and out. We light our Sabbath candles every Friday night before dinner. They represent hope and love among other things. Silently but powerfully our hope and love beams out to you both.Kick that cancer's a_ s! Love and Peace, Hank