Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hi VP's...I heard that universal "Give us an update, Nurse Dee" roaring at me through the universal wavelengths so now that we've settled into the final chemo day in this cycle in room #1 of the bed unit, and I've had half of my morning dose of Starbucks, I can write my medical bullet without falling asleep...Brenda is already off in zzzzzzzzzzz-land...that's such a good thing.

OK so let me just say that after an absolutely miserable Monday night for our poor Chemo-sabe, we have things moving, and will now try to get this feeding tube thing on the right path. I have a whole list of questions for the dietician and doc this afternoon. As radiation gets harder, it's really important to get this feeding tube thing under control. Doc Rachet (Vic) helped me brain storm what might be going on and what question to pose to Bren's care team. She should be tolerating this tube feeding much better than she is so now I think we need to change food and see what we can do to make this less bloating and easier for her to endure. Chemo-sabe really puts a whole new meaning to the term "war hero."

In fact, the new anology for Brenda's journey is that she is really a warrior fighting for her life and the freedom from this enemy called cancer. She's been trained well and relies on this daily to keep moving ahead toward the mission goal...CURE. Her commander in chief...Dr. a competent and knowledgable leader and coupled with his first lieutenant...Dr. Swartz...and the rest of the command staff, they have mapped out the course for the CURE. I'm logistical support and bring up the rear and keep the machine moving with the equipment it needs for the battles. So when we get her home we'll be celebrating the return of a true war hero. Today celebrate your life and those that battle for your future health and safety. With each person that battles this horrible disease, more intelligence is gathered to beat this enemy into oblivion.

We look at the VP's with us as her cheering section...those caring and interested loved ones who are at home rallying her to keep moving forward. Your comments on the blog are the letters from home that help so much keep spirits high as the fight gets harder and harder. You are so important to all just have no idea.

So today we should be released from her chemo treatment around 1:00 pm, then we have her radiation appointment at 1:45 pm and then Dr. Swartz at 2:30 pm...that's if everything is running on time!!! We'll see how it goes. Then I can get her home...hopefully with a more successful feeding program...and to her couch.

Today also marks some significant milestones in the fight. After today there is only 1 more cycle of chemo...that means only one more of those horribly long more cisplatin...and one more steroid treatment. Those are the drugs that give her so much grief. Today also marks that we are OVER half way through the radiation treatments...only 18 more to the END!!! Everyone says the tumors are really shrinking. That is such music to our ears. KEEP YOU FINGERS CROSSED AND THE PRAYERS AND POSITIVE ENERGY COMING.

So I'll give you another update tomorrow. Give thanks to all our troops that are fighing the worlds battles to make a better life for us all.

Smiles and love from the front lines...
Nurse Dee


  1. I keep wishing there is more I could do to make things easier for the both of you (and I am sure I am not alone in this thougt/feeling). I will be concentrating on things going smoothly today both literally and figuratively. If nothing else it would be nice for Brenda to have a little bit of comfort physically as she comes in for the home stretch. Sending you both a bunch of hugs & kisses and lots of Love and of course Blessings for some relief on all fronts!
    Cathie & Evleyn

  2. Dee and Brenda...The battle plan has been outlined and the enemy is slowly retreating due to the pressure on all fronts. B Day is around the corner. Whatever awards are presented, you'll be front and center. We are so inspired by your bravery. As with any battle, those of us reading the news at home feel helpless. Please let us know if there's something else that we can do.
    Bonnie and Jackie

  3. Hope the feedings are going better. After today you've completed more radiation treatments than you have left to endure. Over half way! A milestone for sure...and the very obvious response to the treatments must help lift your spirits. The entire village is behind you in this fight and can't wait to get blog updates sent from your home! Thinking of you every day and sending lots of cyber hugs!


  4. Dear Brenda and Dee,
    You are both so incredible, and as we all inspire you both - you inspire us - with your love, discipline, iron wit, love, love, love.
    I was having trouble with my computer the last few days so I just looked at a couple of days of blog posts, and the pictures of Brenda for her birthday. Despite how tough it is, Bren you look great. Your neck is so much slimmer, and that was so fantastic to see. I hope the feeding gets better. i am sure Dee - you will work it out with the team. We are all with you all the time. We are heading to Maine next week to visit Lucas at camp. Imagine one visiting day, and we travel from california to maine to see our boy. we miss him lots.

    Love to you both,
    Jodie and Donna

    ps - oh and our dogs, Latte, Biscotti, Rocky and Bagels send you lots of wet kisses