Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LPN Toni - On Duty in Houston

VP's...Michele has been wanting a picture of our LPN Toni who is currently on duty in Houston. Well I looked through my pictures and I happened upon one that I thought would fit the bill perfectly. I snuck a quick picture of Toni when she came over to our house in Mesa to show me her uniform. She wanted to make sure that Brenda felt she was in good hands while I was gone and so Toni thought that looking the part was VERY important. Can you say OCD? She even had an "Official" decal put on her car so no one would confuse her for some BHV Brenda's Healing Village) impostor...God forbid! Only the best for our Chemo-sabe. I think she looks a bit "dated" but good uniforms are hard to find in this economy. Toni this just screams professionalism. I definitely know my gal's in very competent hands.

Love to you for helping with this important task. But I must confess that I'll have to talk to your boss and see if they can afford different headwear.

You need a raise!

Nurse Dee


  1. Toni... Toni... Toni... you definitely need a raise... that poor old car is never going to make it up the mountain to the high country & you must be dying in that get up with all the heat & humidity in Houston & what's up with that head gear? We can hardly see you beautiful smiling face!

    But the really important part is that we can see your good heart shining through taking such good care of our gal Brenda especially through all the trials and tribulations of multiple appointments & harrowing feeding tubes... ouch!

    Wishing you both a better and easier day today... oh please! Hang in there we are still sending all of that good positive healing energy & the many angels to help you through this cure! Oh yes and start checking your mail box for some surprises because I hear it is only three more days until Chemo-sabe's Big Birthday Bash!

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings always

  2. Thoroughly Modern Toni !! She not only looks good in uniform, but also had the forethought to make sure "her car" was large enough to accommodate the entire Village. Good thinking with getting a bus.
    Two small suggestions as Houston is hot and humid this time of year:
    1. Switch to a summer uniform. Perhaps Nurse Dee can share her tailor as the Village seemed to enjoy her look, as well.
    2. You may want to lose the hat and cape. I know both add to the charm of the "nurse" look, but you will sweat your pa-toot off in Texas.
    My $.02 but I love the look. If I didn't have my own private nurse, I would come a-calling for your services!!!

  3. Hi Really enjoy looking at the "old time" nurses uniform. I even got to wear a similar style with the cape when I was in nsg school. Thank god you added the name of the Healing Village logo on the side of the bus or us "0ldies" would end up on the wrong bus!!!
    Hope today went better and all is well. Typing this day end in the ICU headed home to finish putting the drive way sealer on. A women has to do what a women has to do. Profound isn't it.

  4. Toni,
    Love the nurses get up. I feel like I'm in a "Dickens" story and you are on your way to help Tiny Tim...aka our Lil Bren HA HA..What ever works, work it good girl!!! Was nice to hear your voice on the phone again. :)
    Hugs to you all in Houston!
    Love you guys.

  5. I've been a doctor for more than a few years now and I must say that I've never seen a nurse quite like nurse Toni. Now a days nurses wear scrubs with cartoon characters all over them and call it a uniform. Toni is obviously a true professional! I wonder if Brenda has experienced an old fashioned sponge bath yet?

  6. Good Morning VP's
    TGIF!! Hope our Brenda is feeling better and all ready to go for her last day of RT this week. Driveway is all done. Looks good and hopefully the cracks stay away for at least a year. It took about 2 hrs but went smoother than I had anticipated. Michele got out of helping as she had some "real work" to do. You know the kind that pays the bills. Looking forward to the weekend. Headed down the shore ( thats a real New Jersey statement) as its my Mom's 88th birthday today. That reminds me only 2 more days till Brenda has her special day. Toni keep up the good work keeping Brenda in line with all her treatment, rinses, flushes and appointments. Hope ya all have a good weekend. XOXO Karen

  7. Chemo sabe,

    Karen said it well- hope today goes well and ends another week on your trek toward the cure. I know they prepared you well with how challenging the treatments would be to endure, however, I think they need to prepare folk for the process as well. Seems to me the waiting and running from appointment to appointment is as challenging as the treatment themselves.
    I often fantasize about "my world" and how that would be structured. Beyond the obvious, world peace, no poverty or hunger, health for all, etc., you have probably heard me say, I admit rather selfishly, that I would have a new pair of socks every day. I don't know why, I just like how they feel. My next wish is my own roadways so I did not have to wait in traffic. No lines. Everyone on time. People do what they say they are going to do - or they cannot be in my world.
    I prefaced this with the knowledge that it is a fantasy. In reality, I would be a pretty lonely woman if this were truly my world. In fact I cannot meet all my criteria, but alas, a girl can dream.
    Just wanted to make you smile a bit and let you know you are in my thoughts. Sending some good mojo for you and your lovely nurse Toni:)

  8. i think your out fit is great. much better than any silly --I mean professional-uniform they tried to get us nurses wear. this is why I went in to psychiatric nursing. we get to wear "civvies" in an effort to normilize the ordeal. we don't want those crazies thinking they aren't just like us real people. anyway don't you take any flack about that great hat of yours. it is a hugh site better than any of those stupid looking CAPS they wanted us wear. Anyway I am very jealous of that cool logo on the car. "were DID you get it?" I'm planning to ask my boss for one on monday. take care of our dear friend Brenda. love to all

  9. I just talked to Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton on my time machine (obviously a long-distance call) and they are both very proud to see their uniforms are still in vogue. Clara wondered where the Red Cross insignia was and I told her it's on the back of your cape. They said they had tried the hat but it kept falling on their patients' faces so they had to give it up. They're also envious of the bus -- their horses got tired of getting new brands whenever they switched patients...

    Seriously,Toni, thanks so much for taking care of Brenda and giving Dee a bit of a break. It was good to see her and her mom last Saturday at our BBQ.