Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Hotpants & Flo

Morning VP's...well unfortunately Rhonda had to jet home this morning but not before we had another "interesting" apartment living experience. It's never a dull moment around here! Most of you have probably, at one time or another, lived in an apartment or 2 and you know that most are NOT constructed to be sound proof. Do you know where I'm going with this yet? HUMMMMMM!

Well the guy above us, that we named "Jack," moved out a couple weeks ago. We actually thought he was rather heavy on his feet...well until this new guy moved in. It had to be a man because he pounds around up there and actually shakes the ceiling of our apartment so much that the lamps rattle!!! Last night when we were all trying to get to sleep Mr. Heavy was really moving around up there, pounding around and around and around. This guy is definitely not a ballet dancer!! we all got to sleep...Finally! Brenda was feeling so miserable I was worried Mr. Big Foot was going to keep her up...she really needed to sleep. Thank heaven for meds!! Well around 2:00 or 2:30 this morning...I woke up again with Mr. Big Foot running around upstairs. Now I know it's Saturday night, but this was ridiculous. We all needed to sleep in #414 and Mr. #424 was just getting started. Dang! Just as I was about to get up and start pounding on the ceiling...I heard that old tell tale rhythmic movement of the upstairs floorboards. OH! For cryin out loud...Mr Hotpants and Flo were really going to town!! You just gotta laugh! Thank heaven Brenda didn't wake up. I can't even tell you how glad we'll be to get home!!!

So Rhonda and I got up at 5:30 am to get her off to the airport. Brenda was sleeping soundly so after a quick goodbye off we went. Brenda just needed to keep sleeping. Her strength has really been zapped over the last 2 weeks. Rhonda is such a love.

Today is laundry day and apartment cleaning day. Chemo-sabe is working hard on getting her nutrition up, getting rest, and getting CURED...she's working overtime on all that I can assure you. Her stamina is amazing but the edges of the envelope were sure pushed this last week...especially last Friday. Next week looks like a good time to try and recouperate. We only have one appointment each day (radiation) except for Wednesday when we see Dr Swartz and his yeam for the weekly appointment. Only 16 more radiation treatments to go.

Hope your weekend was a good one. Please say a prayer that Mr. Hotpants and Flo exhausted themselves last night and that they have to get up and work tomorrow so they'll behave and BE QUIET tonight.

Nurse Dee and Chemo-sabe


  1. You forgot to mention that when Jack moved out you lost your wireless internet. Yes VP's our tech savy nurse Dee was jumping Jacks wireless. She thought it came with the apartment. So when Jack moved out off Dee and Chemo Sabe went to the Mac store to buy a wireless router.

    As for Mr. Hot Pants and Flo I think you should have knocked on the door at 5:30 AM before you left for the airport. Better yet duct tape Mr. Bojangles to their door so when they open it they get the crap scared out of them. If that doesn't work send Marshall Vic!

    I know you will have a better week!


  2. Tee her - hot pants and Flo. Perhaps Kim and Wendy will share their sleepless night in Ptown story. Kim and Wendy????!

    Too bad about the wireless. I just sold a router on EBay. It would have been much nicer to give it to you all. I hope you got the Drobo ;0)

    we are all safely home now and had a wonderful time. It sure was nice talking with chemo sabe yesterday and very encouraging to hear she is getting nutrition- finally AND that the tumors are shrinking. I know it made all our hearts smile and can only imagine how that news impacts you both.

  3. Peeker you just kill me. I cracked up when I got home and read the blog of Mr. Hotpants and Flo :) But you did forget to mention the squeaky bed springs as well, even the kitchen chandelier was shaking ha ha... Hope you two had a very relaxing day. You both needed it. And I will say this "again", you are a Saint to Brenda, she is sooooo lucky to have you. You have gone way over and beyond nursing and love. We will just call it "grandma's cure" ha ha

    Hi Sis,
    Was so nice to be there with you and even help out a few days. I still think you are such a stud for going thru all that you do, my goodness it would test anyone. Makes Amy's treatments look like a walk in the park. WOW! I love you and miss you already. Was nice to have some sister bonding time again. Was good for both of us :)
    Here's to more can feedings and sweet dreams each day!!! Hope your radiation treatments are good to you this week!


  4. Hey Nurse DD and Chemo Sabe!!

    I hope you get some sleep tonite. Sorry to hear about all the racket. That's definitely the downside of staying in a first floor apartment! We've all been thinking of you all this week as you have powered through some really tough times. You are nothing short of amazing and miraculous. We just can't believe how close you are to putting this behind you. You're more than three quarters of the way done with this. On to the CURE!!

    I'm guessing we won't make any stops in Houston on our future Olivia trips together, huh? Thinking of both of you all the time. You're in my thoughts day and night.

    Miss you and can't wait to see you again sometime real soon.

    Amanda (GA)

  5. Hello Houstonites!
    Wow. It sounds like a very trying few days. Except for Dee's doggie park excursion, and Brenda & Rhonda's beautiful photo opportunity(ies), it does not sound good.

    Brenda, I know the look and tone of voice when you need to eat, and I can only imagine how bad it gets when you're ready to puke on top of it! Wow. At first I began to smile, but then I just couldn't help feeling like you needed a hug! Wish I were there to give you one.

    Glad you had bonding time with sister Rhonda. (Rhonda, you look great, by the way!)

    Keep the food running through that once twisted up but now turned right tube! We need to get your weight back up. . . but I'm sure Dee already has a chart and schedule lined up for all that! :) Thank God she is your rock, despite all the grief your loved ones give her!

    You know you are loved -- and that all the VPs are sending only the best thoughts into the universe for your complete and speedy RECOVERY AND CURE, and for stamina for you and Dee to keep pushing on! Call me one day when you are feeling up to it. . . A good hearty Brenda laugh would be music to my ears!

    Sleep well, despite old Flo & Mr. Hotpants! Hey, if he's really hot,just send him to Phoenix, would ya?! :)