Monday, July 13, 2009

WOW! Another Long Day Bites the Dust!

ZZZZZZZZZZZ...OH! Hi VP's...sorry just dozed off a bit...thank heavens Chemo-sabe is fast, fast asleep. We got there at 7:00 am and didn't get out of there until after 6:00 pm. We've had longer days, but the radiation and the recent placement of the feeding tube has really exhausted our gal. The transition to the tube feeding is not going as smoothly as we'd hoped. You're right Toni...that gas and bloated feeling are making poor Chemo-sabe miserable...and on top of chemo and the ongoing and worsening side effects of radiation...this isn't good. I went up and talked to the dietician about the problems we're having getting poor Chemo-sabe's wacked out system going and we're going to try Part 1 of a new strategy to see if we can make her more comfortable. We found out that some of the meds she started using can cause this feeling and we might have to switch the canned food to see if she can tolerate another one without soy. First we have to get a stubborn system moving. Let me NOT be more graphic on this one!! Lord! There is NO dignity in cancer treatments.

Michele...I DID ask if the chemo nurses would do Brenda's feeding and the answer...although very polite...was a big fat...NO!!! I was thinking that would probably be the answer so I brought the cooler with the supplies. I had to keep the bag and stuff cold so the nasty germs won't grow so I really did look I was going on a camping trip when we walked into MD Anderson this morning. I did get some stares...I don't blame them at all.

Don't expect a blow by blow on tonights won't be pretty...just let your minds wander. Tomorrow is another early day...we have to be there at 7:15 am. The chemo infusion should be about 5 or 6 hours. We get to go back to the apartment so Bren can take a nap and then we go back at 5:30 PM for radiation. Wednesday will be a long one. Your positive energy is helping...please keep it coming. Wednesday marks the half-way point in her radiation treatments. There really is a dim light at the end of this tunnel!!!

More tomorrow...sleep tight.

Nurse Dee and a very pooped (OOPS! No pun intended!!! Ha!)


  1. Hi Guys, Sorry to hear the difficulties Brenda is having with her peg feeds. Hopefully they can get that resolved asap. I do see patients that need to change feeding types so their body accepts it better. I know this whole process is very trying and exhausting but remember the focus is on the cure. You have both been real soilders in your march forward towards that goal. I am speaking for all the VP's in saying we are all behind you with all our positive energy going your way. Miss you guys lots XOXO Karen

  2. Okay I must be in an altered state of consciousness when I read this... because all I could think of was the "Little Engine That Could" and Coco Puffs(for those of you old enough to remember that tv ad)... coco puffs, coco puffs, coco puffs...

    And then I had a flash of the Rotor Rooter ad for chemo-sabe... call rotor rooter and flush problems down the drain... (another flash from the past)... it must be all those 1950's images from the Lone Ranger & chemo-sabe... Hi Ho Silver rides again!

    Other than that sending lots of thoughts about better days... visualizing the healthy cure and peace of mind for both of you... hang in there - coco puffs, coco puffs, coco puffs...

    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings, Cathie
    (because even Evelyn has no idea what I'm talking about!!!)

  3. Okay, I never thought at this age I would be hoping the days passed quickly. Knowing what you guys have to go thru and what our chemo sabe has to endure, I am hoping the days just fly by on the path toward the cure.
    I sure do wish today was a better day and everything flowed smoothly, the feeding tube was working as desired and the bodily functions were - well - functioning (or that functioning well?)
    We are off to P-Town in the morning, very early. Poor Wendy is already traumatized by the thought of the 6AM pick up. I will not be able to report on how she fared until about noon when I was advised it would be acceptable to have a conversation with her. I'm not sure but I do not think she is a morning person at all.
    Although we all wish you were coming with us, we will send you some photos and keep you both in our hearts the entire trip. We'll scope out the things to do once our chemo sabe is all better and back traveling.
    Lots of love to you both

  4. Hi, Brenda & Dee:

    You have been on my mind all day today. The days in Phoenix are so hot and draining, and every time I begin to bitch, I just remember my poor friend in Texas dealing with WAY bigger issues than an 120 degree reading in the car thermometer.

    You are a blessing and an inspiration to all around you, Brenda. I do not know many "she-roes," but you certainly qualify. (I loved the Maya Angelou quote, and it reminded me of the night we saw her at Gammage and were so mesmerized by her awesome spirit!) Now, there is a Maya Angelou -- Chemo-Sabe style -- in our midst. . . .

    Glad to hear your niece was cancer free on her last doctor's visit. Never did we imagine when you were so concerned for Amy that you would some day be facing the same daunting challenges. But, just like her, I know your outcome is going to be miraculous!

    I sent your birthday wishes early. Had the date mixed up in this forgetful head of mine . . .but HEY! for once in my life I was early ;) Hope it was happy. Mr. Bojangles made me smile. I remember that was one of my Mom's favorite songs.

    Sorry to hear the problems with your feeding tube and the pain the trapped gas is causing. But, honestly, do your favorite nurses have to tell ALL your secrets??!! Geez!! I just laughed. But, believe me, your VPs are glad to hear all the details of your journey, as we worry and pray for you every step of the way.

    Keep the faith, my friend. I have to agree with Dee that next year's birthday is going to be an even bigger celebration -- when we celebrate the year of the CURE!

    xoxox Sleep well.