Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Things Are Rough Marshall Vic Shows Up To Brighten the Day

Hi VP's...well let me just say that Brenda has really had the last 2 weeks from hell. Man! What a trooper she has been. There is definitely something wrong with the feeding tube so tomorrow we go in at 9:30 am and they'll see what's up with the internal placement. If it's not right, they'll fix it. It's just been a long grueling! But just when things get bad, our dear Marshall Vic shows up with some of her home remedies and words of wisdom. She sent us the latest installment tonight and we just had to post it for everyone to enjoy...especially those of you that also have insominia. Do Enjoy!!! We sure did. Thanks Marshall Vic...we sure had a great laugh with your new chronicle. Please keep em comin!!

Sleep tight VP's...more later...
A sleepy Nurse Dee


  1. I think that butt shot was photo shopped. Everyone that knows me well, knows I have the most lilly white butt in the land!

    Marshall Vic

  2. Wow , I didn't know this was an X rated blog. OH Brenda,sorry about all the feeding tube problems. Sure hope they get that thing fixed soon. perhaps you can ask your "team" about getting some of that medical marijuana. some of my patients swear by it. tell me it is the only thing that calms thier stomachs enough so they can eat. and they other swear it is the only thing that helps them get to sleep. but than again there is the group that is convinced that is will fix what ever is aling you. you do want to make sure it is the prescription (pure) kind so as to not run afoul of the law. I'm sending good wishes that the "cure" is kinder and gentler to you this week

  3. Oh my, are my eyes going or was there a butt shot that came from those red long The XXX bottle is wrapped up in love and tells the story that we're all feeling as you endure yet another challenge along the pathway to a cure. Know that we're in the wings packaging up that pain and sailing it away in a hot air balloon. It needs to leave NOW...enough is enough!

    Bonnie and Jackie

  4. sick and wrong, sick and wrong, sick and wrong. What are you doing wearing red long johns?????

    Chemo sabe - we are al hoping your feeding tube issues have been resolved and that you are well on your way to celebrating the midway in the travel toward the cure.