Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Chemo-Sabe

Hi Everyone...well we had shift change yesterday and LPN Toni went back to HOT Mesa (113 they say today...) and I returned to HOT & HUMID Houston and my nursing duties for my favorite chemo-sabe. Our many, many thanks to our favorite LPN Toni for her great care, ingenuity, good humor and fantastic care this past week. You did an absolutely fantastic job Toni. It was great seeing you yesterday. Glad you made it back safe and sound and that your girls (2 darling Miniature Schnauzers) greeting you with tons of squeals of excitement.

Thanks to all the VP's that sent all those wonderful cards and goodies to Chemo-sabe this past week. While she was napping this morning I got all of them out, along with the cake that Toni made, and the prizes I brought from home and along with Mr. Bojangles (the huge clown balloon that Wendy and Kim sent) we had a birthday celebration...she loved everything and had so much fun opening the goodies. Check the pictures out. What do ya think? We're invisioning a much different kind of birthday next year. We're thinking that a cozy cabin up in Telluride, Colorado coupled with a yummy BBQ dinner on a warm summer afternoon after we've hiked up in the surrounding mountains just might do the trick. Dr. Hong and Dr. Swartz are working on Brneda's birthday present and I'm sure they'll deliver the CURE!! Things are going well so far although the radiation effects are sure beginning to become more troublesome. This will be a really difficult phase of the CURE so please keep those prayers and cards coming...they sure help bring a smile to both our faces.

Chemo-sabe has been eating very, french fries, salad, steak, my grandmothers biscuits, grilled cheese sandwiches, Nando's mexican food...we just get the magic marker out and write what the desired meal is on the can and pour it into the feeding tube bag for the big drip to tummy-land. Whatever it takes to make this work!!! Toni...that was a great idea! The feeding tube actually works really well, but it also creates a lot of painful bloating and air in her stomach so we're working on trying to make this more comfortable for her to use.

Tomorrow we start another chemo round so it's going to a long and exhausting day for our gal. We did get over to the clinic today to get the blood work done and that was an absolute snap. Not only do we have a 10 to 11 hour chemo session tomorrow, but then she has to go to radiation and then up early for the second chemo on this cycle. Couple that with being in the hospital and trying to get this tube feeding in will be interesting...we're already working out the logistics and I think I'll have to hire a small team of movers to get all her supplies into the treatment room. She'll be soooooo glad when things are back to normal. That is such a gross understatement.

So VP's...there you have it. Brenda sends her love for all your thoughtfulness on her special day. Happy Birthday to her!!! Check out the pics. Thanks to you all...

Nurse Dee...back on duty


  1. Big hugs and lots of love to you on your birthday Chemo-Sabe - hope your day was just as special as you are.

    Sending you all the positive energy we can from NJ for the upcoming week - you are always in our thoughts girl - go get em !!!

    The birthday party at the cabin sounds good Nurse Dee - a VP reunion maybe????

    stay strong...

    PS glad you liked Mr Bojangles :)

  2. That Mr. Bojangles is a scary dude. Good thing Marshall Vic wasn't around or he might have had a bullet hole in his belly. Glad to see you are making the best of a difficult situation. Sounds like nurse Toni did an excellent job. I'm impressed with the cake. Wish we could be there to share in the festivities and the naps.


  3. PS What is that thing on your head?

  4. Glad you had such a festive Birthday party and many thanks to Toni for taking such good care of our favorite chemo-sabe! Looks like you were flooded with gifts and cards but next year.... it will be a total blow out for sure!

    Wishing you many more fun-filled Birthdays with lots of Blessings & good health!

    Lots of Love & Hugs to our special gal,
    Cathie & Evelyn

  5. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday sister Brenda :)
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Love ya sis, Hope you are having a great birthday!

    Rhonda and family!!

  6. Happy birthday Chemo sabe!!!!!! Pretty soon, when you grow up a little more, you will be taller than Mr Bojangles. The Aussies described Mr. Bojangles, but the pictures certainly do him justice.
    Just think, Wednesday will be your 'hump day', well not literally. Well at least I don't think so, but I don't judge ;). Anyway I meant 50% of radiation down and 66% of chemo done!!! You can do it!!!
    Your story of Mr Bojangles accosting Toni were hysterical. Toni what say you? I hear you were quite rattled by a little balloon. I did not want to believe it, but apparently it is true. Can't wait to hear your side of the story.
    Marshall vic - I am quite sure Mr Bojangles would be a pile of latex if you were in town. Let's just be thankful he (it) arrived on Toni's watch!! However, whatever that is on Brenda's head would be best served to meet the good marshall. I just hope it doesn't bite:) I think we have found a winner for the hat contest.
    Oh and slots score - am I the only one playing?? - is $12,320
    Dee and chemo sabe - our best wishes for a lovely day together and another birthday.
    Love to you both. We are mustering yup a bit more energy to send your way this week to help you through the treatments and the @%$@# schedule.
    Love to you both

  7. Sorry this greeting is late but we were thinking of you. Happy Birthday! Your vision for next year's birthday celebration sounds wonderful. I'm sure the docs will help see that come to fruition for you.