Monday, June 15, 2009

Bonnie and Jackie Have Really Done It Now!!!

VP's...This current submission by Bonnie and Jackie for the June/July contest: "Stage 2 - Radiated Fashion Alternatives for Chemo-sabe" is a total winner. We HOWLED and almost brought the Houston Police Riot Squad to the apartment to quell the disturbance. Oh Lord this is a good one. You've just got to check this's so good it leaves us speechless!

Bonnie and Jackie added:

Let the dancing begin! In celebration of your efforts to get Stage 2 underway, we noticed that you've been practicing La Cucaracha behind the scenes. You have really embraced the southwestern lifestyle :-)!! Sorry that your heads are a bit out of proportion. After a million tries, it's the only way that it works! The link to the real movie takes a minute to download, but your moves are so special and the outfits so authentic...notice the creative costumes, as well as fabulous footwear.

We're still howling...actually this dance remind us of trying to get out of our apartment door with all the mosquitoes hanging around the outside looking for fresh blood. They won't eat Brenda because she's full of the new insect repellant...CHEMO! They're waiting for the Nurses!! YIKES.

Bonnie and Jackie...thanks for the hysterical good time your enties give us. They are priceless!

Nurse Dee and Chemo-sabe


  1. Lordy... lordy... that is just too, too funny & I especially like Dee in an authentic Latina skirt... like that would happen... NOT!

    We now have our own bobble head Nurse Dee & Chemo-sabe! Coming soon to a store near you!

    Kudos to Bonnie & Jackie for their hysterical creativity!

  2. Peeker and Bren, OMG TOO FUNNY!!! This must be the "South of the Border" costumes you 2 wear when you cross over into Mexico from AZ. hummmmm, who knew???!!! If you had a black hat on you could be ZORRO!!! LOL
    Love ya!

  3. OMG...That is way too funny!!!! Dee showed me this masterpiece this morning and we laughed so hard as we kept playing it. Vic created one at Christmas and we were dancing elves so why shouldn't we have dancing Latinas. Bonnie and Jackie, I think that it is hysterical that you made me the butch in this dance. Who knew???? No one knows that I am a lesbian other than me telling them, right???? NOT!

    You are getting so good at your art that I am afraid...:-) I have never had so much entertainment as I am getting from this blog. It makes me laugh every day.

    You two are really something else with a very creative imagination.

    Chemo Sabe

  4. Well, Chemo Sabe, someone had to be the butch and it's often the one with the shortest hair and a cowboy hat :-)! Glad that it brought a smile. The bobble heads are funny all by themselves, particularly your elongated one due to the hat, since it all had to fit into a prescribed space. Thanks for your creative encouragement.
    Bonnie and Jackie

  5. Bonnie and Jackie - I watched the Jib Jab in the car ride from the airport and that is fantastic. I am now officially afraid of you and your cut and paste abilities. I am very afraid.
    Okay so this is my report from Houston. Chemo sabe looks marvelous. Their apartment is very cute. Just one thing - I think they are hiding my bedroom as I only see one. Unless - oh no they wouldn't - would they? Oh goodness, they just offered. Rhonda any "sleeping with the girls tips" that might prove helpful? As Chemo sabe says - we're not shy; but hellooooo, I am!!!!! Oh noooo - now they are handing me green M&M's. I think I bit off more than I can chew here with this visit. Karen I miss you.
    Goodness gracious, now that are talking about medical things and yeasties and beasties and aliens; all while I am sitting on a sofa with a towel. Karen should I be worried?
    Well, we are exchanging gifts and sharing some laughs. Actually we did that already. Now the three of us are sitting in the living room, otherwise known as my bedroom, using three individual laptops; two MACS and I am using my PC (for you Cathie). We are watching with absolute glee how much Chemo sabe enjoys this blog. Amazing how something as silly as a blog could prove so beneficial. If this blog is the reason Chemo sabe looks so well, we should market this stuff - it is a key part of the cure.
    Well that is my report for today and I am sticking to it. I'll send an update when I get back from Dallas.
    Sleepless in Houston (this time it is not the insomnia). I think I will sleep with at least one eye open tonight.

  6. Don't be afraid my little one!!!

  7. Oh Michele... all I can say is "Ambien" girl!!!
    Rhonda :)

  8. Also Michele,
    Could be worse, could be Sue size 9!!! EEEEK!!!!! So feel relaxed that you are with those 2 and not her and you don't have to sleep with one eye open. That's a vision that's hard to flush from my memory you know!!!! Sleep tight!!

  9. Thanks Michelle... I am glad someone is acknowledging us poor under appreciated PC people...