Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marshall Vic is Back With Some Advice

News Flash VP's...Marshall Vic has produced another one of her priceless videos for your viewing enjoyment. Now I'm just warning you that you had better empty your bladder before you watch this. I truly think this is her best one yet. This was the best dose of medicine Brenda and I have had in a long time. We howled and I know you will too. Have a wonderful time enjoying our favorite Marshall.

A Laughing Nurse Dee and Chemo-Sabe


  1. I just want you all to know that I have absolutely no control over my cousin Marshall Vic. You can pick your friends.....thank God...but not your family. That sasafras must really work because there are all kinds of noises still coming out of the bathroom.

    Doctor Vic

  2. I'm goin to ignore that comment from from my cousin. Since there aint any other comments I'm assumin I left y'all speechless. I challenge y'all to come up with some home remedies to help git the kids out of the barn. Chemo sabe could use all the help she can git!

    Marshall Vic

  3. I happen to think that this is the best Marshall Vic yet!!! They don't grow that kinda bush down here in Houston to get that necessary fiber you're talking about Marshall. This is where that other bush is home grown and I heard that it tastes pretty bad.

    I found some other southwest fiber called beans and they worked out just fine with that other stuff that the doctor's concoct. I hate to tell you but I can't be puttin' no Blue Bonnet down there to grease the skids. That just ain't right.

    Thanks for the down home tips Marshall. You are the real deal!!!

    Good Lord I am scared what you will do next!!!

    Thanks for the laugh when I really needed it!

    chemo sabe

  4. Dr. Vic - you are nuts!!! In a good way of course. I know Vicky Shaw is set to chat with our gals and the only phrase that comes to mind is hers - sick and wrong. You are both!!
    I know Cal had a part in this one so apparently the disease is contagious. If it makes our gals laugh - I hope a get a severe case.
    On my freakin computer note - I think I have finally gotten the virus contained. I think. Now I have a new worry. When purchasing my new laptop, I tapped my college level niece. Apple offers a deal, if you are a college student (apparently I do not look the part ???) and buy a laptop you get a iTouch for free. Cool right. I thought so. Don't ask why I have an iPhone, but it's free, so I wanted it!!! Anyway, long story short, Karen is now in possession of an iTouch. Completely independent, my MAC buddy Kim purchased an iTouch for our notepad wielding friend, Wendy. These two birds (lovely birds I might add) are now wired - god bless us all. Karen is 'Skyping' off the iTouch already - (when I am home :) I cannot speak (nor would I ever dare) for Kim, but the phrase - oh goodness Michele, what have you done - keeps running through my head.
    Lastly - today was Pride Day, now called Heritage Day in NY (who knew). We went, we saw, we shopped.
    Chemo sabe and Dee - The week begins anew. We know it will be filled with chemo, radiation and ridiculous waits. this week should differ from last since you now have experience. We are both rallying around the fact that experience will help make this week a bit easier than the last.
    Love to you both
    Vic - get therapy!!!!

  5. I said to Cal this morning, "I think Marshall Vic might have to retire. I don't know how to beat that last video." She said not to worry, there will be more!


  6. ahhh, the impetus behind the genius. Cal you devil :)