Monday, June 22, 2009

Stage 2 Has Officially Begun!

Hi VP's...Stage 2 of the CURE has officially begun. After the rabid skydiving experience of last week, Brenda and I looked at one another and said..."Let's Get This Show On The Road!" So here we are once again...back in the main clinic at MD Anderson, in the "ATC Bed Unit" treatment room #6. The TV is on to the soap opera that my Mom got me hooked on when we were in Denver, Colorado taking care of my brother...OH! Stop laughing!!! The IV machines in other treatment rooms are beeping, the phones are ringing, Brenda's air bed is making noises inflating and deflating to ensure she's comfortable, and there is an ever presence of human activity in the air. Well, now Brenda's IV machine just starting its's LOUD and really ANNOYING...hell that's the whole point of it, isn't it!!! Hopefully the nurse will get in here soooooooon!

We had an 8:00 am appointment for chemo this morning but in true, ever changing fashion, poor Bren needed to have a blood test before they started to ensure her white blood count was where it should be. You can't even believe how many people were in that lab area waiting to get tests was the worst I have EVER seen it. Well that put us behind an hour+. So when you factor in all the time it takes for the fluids, additional meds, chemo and more flushes, we estimate she might be through by 5:00 pm. That's already a long day, but it's not over yet.

Of course she had a dental appointment at 2:30 but that's now impossible to make. She HAS to get her mouth stent for radiation tonight so I'm going to her dental appointment as her stand-in! Some lady this morning told us that we looked alike! REALLY??? I know we've been together for 23 years, and that we oftern say the same thing at the same time, but looking alike? I think not! So I guess I'll just use that and be Brenda Van Amburg today. Frankly, I wish I could share some of these physical treatments with her so she wouldn't have to feel so bad. I certainly NOT wishing for cancer...NOT, NOT, NOT!!! Pain shared is pain divided! Anyway...I'm just going up there to get all the "stuff" (medical term) and learn how to use the mouth guard and fluoride treatments. That way we can stay on track. we still don't get to go home. After chemo we have to go over to the Radiation Treatment Center for the radiation "dry run." That's when all the equipment is placed in exactly the same manner to ensure Bren is positioned and the machine is calibrated for all the future treatments. That appointment is at 6:45 PM but they said they would try to work us in so I'll call later this afternoon with an update on when we end chemo so they'll be more prepared to really do that. THEN we get to go home!!!! We made homemade chicken soup this weekend so we're all prepared with dinner. Frankly, I'm hungry right now and would love a bowl of that.

Although Brenda is grabbing a nap right now, she has also been burning up her iTouch playing the slots. Michele...let the games begin. How about everyone that's actually playing report their earnings or losses at 8:00 PM tonight, Houston time. Just post your results...OK? That way we can keep track how everyone's doing. VP's you still have time to borrow an iPhone or iTouch (good job Jodie) or go buy one...come on, I know you need some excuse to get that new gizmo!! Ha!

Nurse Dee and a Napping Chemo-sabe


  1. Just want to be sure I have the right time zone. Is Houston time, a time all its own? Or does Houston time fit in maybe central time, or mountain time? I want to make sure I submit by Grand score at the right time. Thanks for the update Dee, you are amazing! I mean that with all the warmth and love the encompasses my soul, and of course our chemo-sabe - the toughest of all of us, with a spirit of steel - you go girl!! Talk to you later
    xo jodie

  2. I was in Kentucky all weekend at my nieces wedding so I missed the slots competition. I did get to wear my princess shoes that chemo sabe picked out for me when we went shopping in Houston during Nurse Dee's last union break. I still have all those credits on my islots from Brenda playing it during chemo on my phone (before she had her i touch). She got me up to 17126. I think Chemo Sabe is the winner!

    I've been thinking about you two all day and am sending positive energy your way. Love you guys!


  3. Oh boy, that is one heck of a day. The schedule is certainly a challenge, but the soap opera - what is that about??
    I have been working like a dog since lunch time and have not had any more time to play. I am still at 6,877 credits after having NAILED the magical red 7, green 7 and blue 7 whilst betting 3 credits. That my friends is the jackpot on this game - oh yeah, oh yeah; go Michele, Go Michele. You cannot see this, and Karen is sleeping so she cannot video but I am doing one hell of a happy dance. Perhaps it's best she does not see it, we don't want to make her or any other viewer ill.
    When chemo sabe gets this score she is going to be doing double time on her iTouch just to try to catch up. Remember I am VERY LUCKY on the slots.
    Hey vicky,
    New game dear - new game! But clearly I see who you are rooting for to win. Heck even Karen wants Chemo sabe to win. How was the wedding and more importantly the wedding pumps?
    Dee - Give Chemo sabe a big sloppy kiss, a rub on her head and a gigantic hug from Karen and me. You are in our hearts and our thoughts - always. You will get through this. I think healthcare prides itself on missing schedules, overbooking and long days for pateints. I also know that inspite of that, healthcare will cure our gal. Even I, who absolutely detests lines and inefficiency, would tolerate the madness for the cure.
    Stay well and enjoy your chicken soup. One day marked off on the timeline to the cure :)

  4. Yeah we're thinking Chemo sabe can beat you all with her hands tied behind her back and that IV in her arm or... anyway sorry folks she is our best gal and we know she can beat them all (every pun intended!)
    Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings for day 2

  5. Hi...Somehow my comments ended up on the Vegas Slots blog. Jackie has a question for someone about the starting amount, since Michele sounds serious and my guess is that there are some competitive individuals in this group.

    Brenda and Dee...the hardest part of this process is behind you, that is waiting for the routine to begin. You're on your way to a winning treatment which is all that really matters.

    Bonnie and Jackie