Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's Dream About the Future!

Hi VP's...No new medical bullets to report. We're waiting to hear what the next things are on the schedule, but so far everyone is still giving their 2 cents and the big guy...Dr. finishing up listening to everyone and deciding what we should do next. We'll let you all know when we know. Until then, Amanda sent us some great material for the blog which has spurred me to use her idea as the jumping off point for our June contest. Yes folks...we're still playing. So the June contest is entitled "Let's Dream About the Future." To get your creative juices going and without further's Amanda's post. The numbered photos correspond to the comments below:

Well, I've been wanting to create a post for some time, so I thought I'd work on one for you all tonight. I got to thinking that a Chemo Sabe has to have something to keep her sights on. I know you went to see "Up" today, and I love that you had wonderful time. So I thought I'd send you something you could go "Down" on. (Michele, I know what your thinking.) But, I mean that in the cleanest way possible.

I'm thinking that for you to have some inspiring photos of our upcoming "CURE CELEBRATION '09" It might help you get through the rough times. You are one day closer, my sweet chemo sabe!!!

So the theme of this series of photos is "DOWN UNDER" --THE FUTURE TRIPS OF THE VPs!!! The FIRST of many trips to come will be the LOVELY PUERTO VALLARTA.......

So, Photo #1 is the first view of Puerto Vallarta. (My MEOS sista is drooling right this very moment, I know.) It's a lovely place with a spectacular pool, and we will all be together bobbing up and down (with our eyes pealed.....hoping NOT to see Blue Bonnet!!)

Photo #2, is another photo of this lovely place, with just a slightly different angle from our balcony. Nice huh?

Photo #3, is a picture of our Daughter Grace...who's showing you that for just a few of "these green thingy' two can hang with your fav VPs in lovely PV!!

Photo #4 (she's gonna divorce me for this) is a Photo of Catie, (with her bad ass New York attitude on) saying "Whadda Hell....You ain't tinkin' a goin'?"

Photo #5 is an example photo of just a couple of sweet people you too could be giggling with until the wee hours, celebrating that this year is FINALLY BEHIND YOU!!!

Photo #6 is three tough Broads who are gonna mess you up, if you are thinking that Arizona is the only fun place to hang out!

Photo #7 is what Cate is going to do to me for putting these photos on the blog

Photo #8 is a lovely example of what our favorite Chemo Sabe is doing most of the time right now. (That's Lily the Chihuahua just FYI)

Photo #9 is what the Pod all looks like when we have to wait in line at the restaurants in Puerto Vallarta!!!!

May you enjoy the collection and have peaceful dreams of the beach and the pool and your buddies who love you.....all celebrating in your honor.

Much Love,

So VP's go run with the notion of dreaming about the future...maybe that'll be easier than Texas!! Ha!

Watch for film later...Bren and I went shopping this afternoon and I had my new FLIP video camera with me....keep watching.

To the future and beyond..."better than new!"

Nurse DD


  1. Don't worry about Blue Bonnet. I took care of her !

    Vic (aka. Marshall Vic)

  2. Freeze dried blue bonnet - sort of like a TV dinner - horrible!!!!

  3. Thanks Amanda for getting us to look ahead, just a little, to a vacation that we so desperately need! i love the pictures of everyone and the story line. Believe me I would like nothing more than to be in one of those photos pretending none of this really happened. I can think of better ways to spend my time and money than here in Texas but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Until that time I will dream of what is yet to come. I still want to visit you in Mass. one of these days.

    chemo sabe