Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brend's Got More Talents!!!

Morning VP's...Little did you know that so many of our VP's have latent talent just waiting to come bubbling out. The latest version of the "Marshall Vic's Texas Chronicles" is a wonderful testament to this fact. Marshall...I have to say that I had a horrible time getting to sleep last night because of you! Every time I was just about to doze off, I run that clip through my head and end up laughing. It's a little known medical fact that you just can't go to sleep when your laughing!!! IMPOSSIBLE. I had to take an Ambien!!! We are all waiting for more's not time to retire the badge!!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, during a rather difficult time in Brenda's medical adventure, Bonnie and Jackie sent me another post that we thought would be good for a better time. So I've held it until NOW!!! Things are better and it's time for you to discover more of Brenda's many talents. I've lived with this woman for 23 years and it had taken Bonnie and Jackie and their spy camera to uncover more of Brenda's artistic side. I'm constantly amazed by our Chemo-sabe in SOOOOOOOO many ways!! Ha! Check out what Bonnie and Jackie have discovered:

With the 'Texas Has Talent' show up and running, Brenda is being highlighted as one of the top contenders for this coveted title. With her fiddlin' around days securely in the past, she's moved to the stable life of playing professionally and has been practicing for her premier production of The Yellow Rose of Texas. You will be amazed at what that girl has prepared for your lookin' and listenin' pleasure. If you have two browsers, the best way to view her performance is to have one browser with Brenda's fancy face showing and the other with a small rendition of the music link. This performance was recorded earlier so that the yellow rose from her garden could be featured. Be sure to call in your vote soon!

xoxo, Bonnie and Jackie

Check out the sound clip below. If it doesn't automatically link you just paste the link into your web browser.:


  1. Oh man that is funny. That must be one happening apartment there in Houston, Texas. Slot machines, fiddlin'and endless food choices. sounds like a casino!!
    Bonnie and Jackie - The "photoshopping work you have done and what Jeanne submitted in the form of a perverted blue bonnet, was a major driver for some of the photo software we also purchased on the MAC tour. All the MAC buddies, reagardless if they came down in the last rain shower (or whatever Australian metaphor Wendy used), covet your talent.

  2. Thanks...I'm learning as I'm doing and Brenda has been such a willing and magnificent model! The yellow rose is now in the 'food category', just in case she run out of noodles... xoxo

  3. oh yeah, I would certainly enter this yellow rose of Texas in the county fair beauty pageant. She's a fiddlin' fool with multiple personalities....Thanks Bonnie and Jackie for creating so much fun. Here we thought that you were the proper and proud type and you have shown us that you are funnier than hell!!! You have been such a great addition to this blog and village and I appreciate the fun you are having along with us during this difficult time.

    love, yellow rose, chemo sabe, fiddlin' beauty pageant honorable mention, and any more names I will acquire along the way.....:-)

    ps...this MacBook is outstanding....Nurse dee-dee was so happy to get it all set up and play with it as well. You just can't take the geek out of that nurse!!!

    love chemo sabe

  4. Chemo sabe
    "Can't get the geek out of the nurse" is such a strange statement since I cannot get the geek into my nurse!!
    Keep smilin" and ditto to bonnie and jackie on your comments.

  5. Chemo-sabe...thanks for your kind and insightful comments.

    Michele...Is there censoring on this blog? Does Karen know that you're saying such things for all of us to think about?