Sunday, June 14, 2009

Madame Michele and her Ladies of Sonora Bay, Mexico

VP's...Good Morning one and all. Well it's been several days since we posted so we just thought it was time for an update especially after Michele's comments about Marshall Vic's "princess pumps," and the Marshall's quick response. Yes VP's we do have visual evidence from that Sonora Bay, Mexico trip that she spoke about.

But before we dive into that we'll just fill you in on the latest "Houston Health Haps." Friday Chemo-sabe went in to the Radiation Treatment Center where they did what's called the "simulation." They had her wear her mouth stint, which by the way she is tolerating beautifully (Thank the Lord!), and then they ran her through the CT scan to get pictures of her neck and head. After that they made the mess mask that will hold her head to the treatment table in exactly the right position and ran her through the CT Scan again. The whole process took about 30 to 40 minutes. Since Chemo-sabe usually sleeps with a pillow on her head, this mesh mask was no big deal. We are so relieved that this is not going to be a claustrophobic nightmare. We also got to talk to Dr. Swartz who is the Radiation Oncologist in charge, but we'll save his comments until after Tuesday's "Planning Session." That's when he'll know a whole lot more as they actually look at the scans they did and map out where and how they are going to target the radiation. Please pump up the prayer machines as we go into this next phase. He said this was a difficult case but he's treated worse with success. We really, really need the divine intervention that we've already seen to continue. IT'S WORKING!!!! So look for more medical "bullets" this coming week.

So now on to the story. Michele, Karen, Cal, Vic, Brenda and I all took an Olivia Vacation together to a Club Med in Sonora Bay, Mexico in October of 2000. None of us are "fashion girls" except for our Cal who can "doll up" with the best of em! She does the whole hair, make-up routine almost daily. Well she was a top gas company executive "in the day" and can still carry off that fashion look like nobody's business. Hell...I was an executive at the police department and the only fashion statement I seemed to be able to carry off was chapstick, handcuffs and a gun!!!

So here we are in Mexico waiting for the evening entertainment and Cal takes a look at all of us and decides we really need fashion help in the worst way which equates to re-moussed hair and make-up. Now Cal is a strong, persuasive gal that you just DON'T say NO to. Of course we encouraged her when WE weren't sitting in the stylist chair, but we all ended up getting the TREATMENT!!! You would have thought Cal was trying to poison us through make-up!!! It was hysterical. Can you hear Brenda laughing and saying "NOOOOOOOOO...PLEEEEEEEEASE!!? We decided it was all Michele's fault that we ended up looking like her "Stable of Ladies!"

Vic added:

Lucky for all the bloggers that I was able to locate these archival photos of our dear "Madam Michelle" and her ladies of the evening. Just like Chemo Sabe, Michelle has many hidden talents. As you can see, one of her "girls" was not the most
willing participant in the evening's activities!

Check out the visual evidence. It was just more to laugh about!!

We also had a wonderful time on Friday night with Lynn and Kim from home who came out to visit Vera, Cheryl, Becky and Kim who live here in Houston. They met them when we all had a soaking wet time in the Turks last October on another one of our Olivia vacations. Hopefully we'll be able to see them before they fly home this afternoon.

So check out the photos, and have a chuckle. Michele arrives in the Houston Hood tomorrow afternoon and we just can't wait. I'm going to surprise her...there's a Dunkin Donuts close to the apartment!!! You'd think that a real addict would have already done a google search on that and mapped the locations. I've got her beat...I have all the Starbucks located...I can smell em a mile away!! Just ask Chemo-sabe.

Happy Sunday to you all...
Nurse Dee and a napping Chemo-sabe


  1. VP's I am going to warn you that if you take a siesta on one of those wonderful vacations you better cover your feet. Yes, our girly girl Cal decided that she was going to paint our toe nails while we bask in the sun and take a snooze. I woke up with 2 colors on each toe and she was giggling the entire time. So be aware fellow VPs.

    chemo sabe

  2. OMG...Sonora Bay! We still have the bedroom wall burns to prove that we were there in 2000, also! That story is adorable and the 'doos' delicious!

    Chemo Sabe...Did your dance addiction begin when you were in Mexico? We understand that you've been practicing La Cucaracha for the latest dance contest that's being sponsored in your area. You may think that no one's been watching, but the dancing duo will be performing soon!

    You make us proud with your determination to conquer every fear. What an example for all of us. Our strength continues to flow from Illinois to Texas.

    Bonnie and Jackie

  3. Ah, our wonderful Cal. In one fell swoop of her magic nail polish brush she ruined "napping at the pool" for all. Like chemo sabe, I too woke up with two colors of polish and multiple designs for my involuntary pedicure. I had vertical, horizontal and 'squiggly' stripes, polka dots and squares. The colors were lovely and her designs were very creative. It was just a shock for someone like me that tends to spend less time primping, if you will.
    I must admit, now one of my favorite comfort things, besides getting my shoes polished at the airport, is a pedicure. The pedicure rapidy moves up to first place if it is accompanied by a foot and leg massage. Makes me smile just typing the words. Thanks to Cal for introducing me to the joys of pedicures.
    As I look at the photo of me and the girls, I can recall exactly how we posed for that shot - legs crossed and hands draping over the knee. What is not obvious is how long it took to get that shot - we could not stop laughing. There were more instructions and more postioning than any major production. You would think we did not know how to sit 'like a lady'.
    Chemo sabe - if you recall, your solo shot captured your futile attempts to avoid lip stick or lip gloss - whatever they call it.
    Marshall Vic - only one other photo could top this 'girls in drag' shot. If you can round up the shots of the shoe switching that would be classic.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    As we all know, Sonora Bay was set up like a Turkish prison camp. Bonnie and Jackie can still show scars form the stucco walls. In spite of all of that, Sonora Bay holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite Olivia resorts!!
    Hey Dee, I did Google Dunkin Donuts, that's how I found the one 21.7 miles away from the homestead. Clearly I am not as adept at searching as you are, but I will practice. Very cool if there is one right there, very cool indeed. I am getting excited.

  4. Michele, you'll have to refresh my memory of the "shoe switching". My menopause mush brain can't remember. I do however, remember spin the bottle.


  5. Well we all remeber spin the bottle. Karen remebers it a little too well if you ask me!
    The show switching was the result of someone, I'll blame Cal, suggesting we (the less girlie, if you will) should explore wearing more frilly shoes. That led to a round robin conversation of - I like those shoes. Oh, I like those. And of course our chemo sabe sticking to her guns and liking her Keen's with white socks :) Next thing I know we are each swapping one shoe. We all went to dinner with two different shoes on that night and laughed ourselves silly.
    Does that help refresh your memory.

  6. Hey, Brendita & Dee:

    Thanks for the medical update. I will keep you in my prayers on Tuesday as you learn more about the radiation process. Brenda, stay strong. There are so many more places in Mexico and around the world the "stable of ladies" can visit once you're good as new. Of course, as a primping, shoe-loving girl, the story of the make-up and shoe-swapping sessions in Sonora Bay cracked me up! I can just imagine you saying, "NOOOOOOOOO...PLEEEEEEEEASE!!" Once again, knowing how different we are, but yet how we bonded, I smiled.

    I'm up to my eyes in clothing, make-up and all the stuff college age girls own, as both girls moved back in with me last week. Quite an adjustment, and there is stuff everywhere, with insufficient storage space! I could really use Dee's organizational skills -- thinking of your garage at home. :)

    Take care, and keep the VPs posted. I'm sure I can speak on behalf of the village -- we all love you so much and want our Brenda to get through this nightmare and return to a healthy, better, and stronger Brenda for all that you've gone through, and for the way you have faced it with beauty, humor and grace.

  7. You know, I'm thinking that this went a little differently than you all remember. Seems it started with Dee asking for CHAPSTICK and I handed her glossy lip plumper. Well when the other girls saw the results of her luscious lips, they too wanted a dose. So, just as you can see in the photo, Karen and I applied a little more content to the palette, (of course she just held the applicators and suggested minor touch-ups) and I began a creation of Michele's Ladies. Don't ask me why, but everyone wanted to be in our game of spin the bottle and it allowed the girls to do things they would never have thought of without their lipstick. See the real problem is you all just look fab ala natural and some of us need a little enhancement. Thanks for the memories...can't wait for our next journey.

  8. Dear Ones... as always we will be revving up all of those positive energies, reiki and healing angel attention... I will put out an added alert on my healing networks on-line....
    Love & Blessings to you both always
    Cathie & Evelyn

  9. I have to tell you I thought Evelyn was the only one I knew who sleeps with a pillow over her face... stranger & stranger...

  10. All that I can say is that I was forced under relentless peer pressure to succumb to the beauty and glamour ways of Cal. I would call this drag today. The only make-up that I wear is chapstick. I am a wash and wear kinda gal and I haven't had a perm in 15+ years. Yes, me and my mousse. Now it is me and my bald head wipes that Michele so lovingly sent me and a hat. God knows what kinda hair I am going to have when it grows back because I have these white alien hairs popping up. I think that 6 more weeks of chemo and radiation should take care of those wild things.

    Bonnie and Jackie-you're right, I have been practicing my dance moves. I did the cock roach dance last week when I kicked a large roach in front of my next door neighbor's door as I waved off the swarm of mosquitoes screaming that it is freaking hot and to let them inside. It was pushing 100 degrees here yesterday with just about as much humidity.

    I recall being in Quantico Va for 3 months and it was the hottest summer on record. I couldn't figure out what the pressure was on my chest until I rolled up the window in my car and turned on the air conditioning. Coming from Arizona that was a culture shock.

    I will take all of the prayers, healing, cleansings, Reiki, angels, soul sweeping, and energy clearing as I can. This next round is going to be tough but I am praying that the radiation to the brain lesion does its magic. According to the radiation oncologist the neck is easy but the rest is a difficult case. He said that he has had worse cases than mine with successful results. Remember the mantra, "Better than new."

    I thank everyone for your loving support, laughs, and healing prayers. It is working believe me. We will learn all about the risks, side effects, and potential impairments of radiation tomorrow morning. I will also have my radiation schedule and on Thursday I meet with my oncologist for the chemo schedule and update. I get a little reprieve before having to go back down into fatigue and a different set of side effects to watch out for or manage. I like having energy again because when I am fatigued they could drop a bomb on the building and I would be wondering for days what happened and just go back to sleep.

    I love you all and miss home but we are here on a mission. I am keeping my eye on the ball so that we can knock one out of the park. These doctors can write their journal articles about how they saw the first case of neuroendocrine cancer that metastasized bilaterally to the neck lymph nodes and how they successfully treated a brain lesion with less invasive therapies. Then I can go home with a cure and get back to my life and creature comforts.

    I look forward to seeing Ms. Michele tonight. She is a love and funnier than hell. God knows what will be posted on this blog after her visit.

    Thanks again VPs.

    love, Chemo Sabe

  11. Hey Sis...I kind of like you all in the pose above with your legs all look so cute all made up. Good work Cal :) I am still envious of how pretty your toes are when they ARE painted. Remember Miami te he.....Only a siser would now! Love ya and wish you good news in the upcoming appts. Tell Michele hello and to behave herself...if she can :)
    Stay strong!!!!
    Love, Rhonda