Saturday, June 6, 2009

Starbucks Made Me Do It...

VP's...I think this video tells the story!!!


  1. Well it seems that shopping makes the chemo-sabe almost as happy as laughing at the VP's antics... excellent camera & tech work folks!!!

  2. Nice...this will soon become the Mac AA group (Mac Addicts Anonymous). Great work with the Flip Video and my heart was palpitating just looking at the Mac store. xoxo, Bonnie

  3. Chemo sabe it's great to see you out and about. Starbucks and the Apple store...double bonus. I'm not sure about any more Marshall Vic videos. I'm out of chew!


  4. You two are sick and dangerous!!!! You should not be aloud to shop alone!!! Sista you look great! Must be what you always say "Look what jumped into my basket" feeling :) Nice to hear your voice as well. Dee you are a computer wizard for sure!!! Happy Saturday shopping!! Love you both oxoxox

  5. Thanks for the great laughs today sis...always enjoy your phone calls and texts :) they make my day oxoxoxo
    hugs to you!

  6. Well I woke up at 3 am last night and said OMG did she say her Mac was driving her crazy so she needed to buy a new one... HA... after all those people regaling how trouble free Macs are and why the whole world should switch! Oh I am so confused now... you mean even Mac users have problems and want to toss their computer out the window! (e-mail to follow...)
    Lots of Blessings for you and the new Mac

  7. Nice video - what type of MAC Book did you buy?
    with all this tech talk, video flips and photoshopping, I fear we are starting to teeter on the line that distinguishes tech savvy from techno-nerd!! Tread lightly ladies. Bonnie for safety sake - have a defribrillator handy if you re-run the video - just in case :)
    Chemo Sabe - all along I attributed your exhaustion and low energy level to the medications they were pumping through your body. I know that is a factor, but...... Checking out the "tool Belt" around your waist in the MAC video I am starting to think a bit differently. Perhaps you are exhausted because you have a ton of stuff on your waist! Just an observation.
    So far we have two posts on this small blog alone of Apple sales folk. Makes one think, how many Apple sales people have been photo/video'ed and put out on the net.
    Finally, while you are out and about, can you find a Dunkin donuts coffee shop? I like Starbuck's Frappacinos but at a gazillion (no exaggeration) calories per frap, I need to be a bit more health conscious. And although Karen would testify that I am absolutely addicted to my laptop I think even she would agree that my dunkin Donuts coffee addiction is by far the most significant.
    Cathie - my laptop is still a Dell (for work purposes) so I have not made a clean break. However, if this #$%%^^& thing freezes up one more time today "clean break" may take on new meaning!!!
    Gotta go catch a flight
    Love ya

  8. Well I just bought a new HP laptop 6 months ago because all of my work is tied into a server which I can access from home or anywhere (and I do have a fabulous techie (my boss/friends grandson who lives for this stuff) literally on call 24/7 who craves to solve any little glitch). My job switched from Mac to PCs about 5-6 years ago because Macs just didn't have the software at that time to support what we needed to do - so we are pretty locked in at this time. And with an 18 year old tech nerd at our beck & call who can complain.... have Dee forward my e-mail to you re: computers... an extra laugh for the day...
    PC Cathie