Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marshall Vic is Back Announcing the June/July Contest

VP's...and a happy Thursday to you all. This morning we had to go back to the dental clinic where they did the fine tuning on Brenda's mouth guard that will hold her mouth in a specific position and keep her tongue down when she gets her radiation treatments. Some of you know that she has a horrible gag response so she talked to the radiation nurse last night and he said that that happens to lots of folks and to begin practicing with the back of a spoon used to hold her tongue down. They have to get this splint way back on her tongue and that's when that gag thing happens. We got some expert Skype instruction from Cal and Brenda practiced last night...she's really working on "mind over matter" with this. She's doing a great job with it and certainly is not shying away from this challenge.

So we got to the dentist at 9:15 for a 9:30 appointment and had to wait until 11:00 to get in for the fitting that took about 10 minutes! GRRRRRR! Hey! It's a really busy place trying to do right by all their patients...Brenda played slots on her iTouch...a lot of slots on her iTouch!!! (Thanks Amanda, Cate, Karen, Michele, Wendy, Kim and Cal and Vic...she's having a mindless ball with that new distraction...she loves it!!!It's the PERFECT thing for this type of waiting.) The stint fit fine after a few minor adjustments and the doc tried to alter it as much as possible to keep that nasty gag response down. With Brenda concentrating and trying to relax into this, the stint worked just like it was supposed to and she did NOT throw-up all over the doctor. YEA!!! Houston...we have lift-off!! I'm so happy that she can deal with this issue so successfully.

I have some more exciting news. Marshall Vic knew that there were many stages to this cancer journey to the CURE and so when she and her alter-ego, Doc Vic, were here in Houston, they all decided that some "retail therapy" was in order. The theory was that each stage of the CURE needed a new fashion look. Now this is a little hard for Brenda and I...we are T-shirt, levis, and shorts kind of gals, but Marshall/Doc Vic have many sides to their persona....this could get really interesting. Marshall Vic finally had time out of her busy day to model the new "Stage 2 - Radiated Chemo-Sabe" fashion look. Check out the video and you'll see what I mean.

Marshall Vic's effort to create a new fasion statement for every stage of the CURE has officially given Brenda and I the idea to post this as the NEW CONTEST for June and July. The official name for this new challenge to all the VP's that are brave enough to play is:


This should begin to stur some creative juices...heck...the first thing I thought of was, "What can I do with aluminum foil and duct tape?!" Ha! Got some ideas?

Just check out this wonderful flick of our favorite Marshall...we're now waiting for some of your wonderful and very creative ideas for Brenda's new look or a new look for you to commemorate Stage 2.

Smiles to you all...stay cool...summer is almost here!

Nurse Dee and Chemo-sabe


  1. I don't know who that woman is. I've never seen her before. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  2. Oh man that made me laugh out loud. Lovely dress, gorgeous shoes but the accessories are the key. Where do I start? Could it be the cowboy hat - maybe. The vest - perhaps although the badge does give it an edge. The winner, in my opinion is the "Livestrong" yellow bracelet that makes this outfit complete. Tin cup and chew - now I have a gag reflex!!!!
    Hey Chemo sabe - a gag reflex, really?? What are the chances with a person of your persuasion. I'm just saying.
    New competition, fashion alternatives - we will have to shop when I am in town. Be warned we can skip the dress and pumps aisle. I too am a casual kind of gal. Maybe some irredescent sneakers. Let me think....
    Talk soon but get ready baby I'm coming to Texas - yee haw!!

  3. Vic- nice princess shoes...Brenda was telling me about that story, that she helped pick them out....imagine that! But even us prissy girls call those "cock roach killers" ha ha... But the dress and shoes...I'd say you are ready for one fun wedding!! You look great! Must be the summer for nieces and nephews weddings :) enjoy!!!

  4. Vic- P.S. If we were all playing Balderdash....your favorite game...and the card read "Marshall Vic" my submission would be..."Something Miss Kitty would be looking for"!!! LOL
    Rhonda :)

  5. Chemo sabe and Dee,
    Are you getting ready??? Adjust your chin straps ladies 'cause I'm a coming and Karen will not be with me to filter the antics.
    Marshall Vic, you'll be proud. I got my steel horse all gassed up with A paid plane ticket (freakin costly one if I must say so myself - but it is a business expense - yee haw). I got my saddles bags packed in the form of a fully stocked roll-a-board. I have my business clothes neatly tucked within those "saddle bags" (this is a business trip after all). I'll spare the blog the gory details of all I pack, unless you are really curious. I actually pack really well if I must say so myself;) I even have some gifts for the two girlies on the other end of my journey.
    With all that planning, there is one item that will probably disappoint you; my shoes. I would need a balance poll to walk in your princess pumps!! Just thinking about it makes my face hurt and my feet too. I am sure I do not have to explain the sore feet part as most of the folk on this blog get that part. When I reference the sore face, it is because I would most certainly do at least one face plant if I tried to navigate in those puppies, or is that pumpies - tee hee.
    Oh wait, there might be actually be two areas where I fall short. The other is in my work outfit. I am not packing a dress either. My pantyhose days are over (god lord I hope so anyway). Not that I mind wearing dresses or business suits, but the pantyhose just blow. With my naturally IRISH, lily white skin, there is no way I could get by going 'commando', if you get my drift. (Karen, Kim, Wendy, Cate and Amanda - stop laughing right this minute! That story was a secret.) Besides, if I ever woke up Chemo sabe whilst wearing a dress and pumps, the laughter would be shattering.
    Wait a minute - isn't laughter the point??? Uhmmm perhaps I may have to change my thinking and my packing a bit. We will just have to see what happens when I get to Houston.
    I cannot wait to get there even if there is not dunkin donuts coffee shop within 21.7 miles of your place, but who's counting?
    Chemo sabe promised "big, wet kisses all over my face" when I arrive. I am not sure there is much I wouldn't do for that type of greeting. Chemo sabe, I know you are probably aware there is one and only one thing I am bursting at the seams to do. Yes, you guessed it - I cannot wait to rub my hands over your head. I have no magic healing powers, I just want to feel the stubble.
    Love you guys and I will see you soon. Oh and 21.7 miles is not far in a place as big as TEXAS!!! I'm just saying :)

  6. Ah Michelle, I know you have little experience with dresses. Makeup is another story. I've located some photos and learned how to scan them into iPhoto (love those Macs). These are older photos (prior to digital cameras and photoshop, so you know they are authentic!). As for panty hose, they are out! My fashion consultant (no, not chemo sabe, but Cals sister Mary Kay....a real girlie girl!) says bare legs are in and I can't wear hose. I would rather wear them to cover up my lilly white legs but there's always instant tan. The shoes are actually fairly comfortable. I just wish I could have Cal there to do my make up. Do you remember when you hired her to do the make up for all your girls in Sonora Bay?