Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vegas Slots Contest - Care to Play?

VP's...We're mentally and physically preparing for the beginning of Stage 2 tomorrow morning. It's going to be a very busy day. Brenda will begin her first round of chemo at 8:00 am...for 7 hours!!! Then we go to a dental appointment after that to ensure the permanent stent for radiation works fine in her mouth and to pick us the mouth trays for her fluoride treatments that she'll have to use daily for the rest of her life. After that we go to the Radiation Treatment Center for the "dry run" to ensure everything is all set and lined up properly for the beginning of the actual radiation treatments which will begin on Tuesday. On top of all this we have to begin all the additional home self-care regiments that will help her through this next Stage.

Some of you that know me really well know that I tend to be a little OCD at times and LOVE to organize just about everything in Brenda's and my life together. Stop laughing you guys!! I HAVE to do this or I go nuts!!! Ha! Anyway, I have created a notebook with charts, calendars, useful information we can quickly refer to, and forms that will keep track of food and fluid intake, symptoms, pain levels, food and liquid elimination...well you get the idea. would make you proud.

So now you ask...why on earth are you telling me all this! Well if you've read the comments from Michele on the blog...she has just challenged Brenda to a "Slot Comepetition." So I just thought I'd help ORGANIZE that a little and also send out the challenge to all the other VP's that would care to play. I guess the only problem is that you have to have an iPhone or and iTouch to be able to play. So if you're looking for an excuse to get one of those really great is your chance. make this fair and exciting...all the players have to use the same game. We just downloaded "Vegas Slots" into Brenda's iTouch. The game cost $3.99 but I think most of you could afford that. For those of you that have to go out and buy the device itself...the cost of the game just might put you over the edge...hell just give up your daily Starbucks' run and you're good to go. She's using the one-line, double jackpot game.

How about if we start at 8:00 AM, Houston time, for the actually beginning of the tournamnet? It's the time Stage 2 will start. If you're playing with the game today, you can just cash-out and start a-new tomorrow morning. You can report your winnings on the blog so we can all see how you're doing. We can end the game on August 10th which is Brenda's LAST radiation treatment.

So how does this sound? The Mac stores are open today and you still have time...and now an go buy one of these really cool devices. Have I missed any details? Michele? Are you good to go? I know you got your new phone and we have downloaded and installed the new operating system on Brenda's iTouch so we're good to go.

Let the slots begin!!!

Nurse Dee...Pit Boss for Casino Chemo-sabe


  1. Yikes is right... not having an itouch or iphone... and unfortunately I don't think that is happening any time soon! So I will just have to be a cheerleader (like that has ever happened before) or a sponsor (yeah I could do that one)... so I think we should have daily postings of people's progress so that the peanut gallery can egg everyone on!

    Meantime I think Brenda should start singing the "hey Mr Postman" song again... because.....

  2. Dee - organizational skills are a key trait of a true Chief Executive Officer - of the homestead. Isn't that correct Wendy? Although I usually shy away from organized fun in favor of a more chaotic environment. I get the reasons so count me in - GAME ON gals.
    Hey everyone - today is Wendy's birthday!!!!!
    Chemo sabe - tomorrow sounds like a long day for you both. I hope you have a winning day tomorrow with your treatments. However, I must be honest and hope you have a terrible day on the slot machines. I am ready to go. I have been exercising my thumbs since we first talked about this game. Both thumbs are quite buff now and can certainly handle a few rounds.
    Dee and chemo sabe, before I put my slot machine game face on, know that all the mojo I can muster is heading your way. The only thing that is going to kick chemo sabe in the butt is me - on the slots.
    Love you both

  3. i will borrow Lucas' Itouch, and start competing tomorrow. Something is wrong with this picture that the 13 year old has all the gizmo's, and the auntie has none...Hopefully he will show me how to get the app, and get signed up. Can't wait to wrap up the points...hehehe. Get ready chemo-sabe - you got some new competition down the pike... always, Prima....and donna too

  4. Okay pit boss:
    I downloaded the game and reluctantly authorized the $3.99 payment. That is TWO cups of dunkin donuts coffee - not one, but who's counting. Anyway, I uploaded $2,000 into my credits and played for a few minutes. I am currently at 2114 credits. That is winnings of 114 in a few minutes. I have two observations - I have got to be winning so far and boy or boy don't you wish the real slots were this generous?
    Chemo sabe - I know today was going to be an anxious one for you so I apologize for taking advantage and whopping you in slots for the mid day, but it is a competition :) Chemo sabe - go kick chemo's butt.
    We often talk about the value of friendship and partners. I started to think of chemo and radiation as partners because, well because that is how my mind tends to work - freakishly. Odd couple I know and I probaly would not want to have dinner with them on an Olivia trip, but they are lifesavers so we have to be polite. In that view, I am sure that chemo has been telling radiation how hard it has been trying to tear you down - high dose, consecutive days, in a strange environment, pink colored caps, etc. Chemo meds has surely shared its failure to tear you down.
    That leaves me to believe that they are now trying to leverage their friendship to partner in an attempt to wear you out. Well, they have no idea about your tenacity, strength and courage. They have no idea of your partnership and friendships. They have not met this village. I know that radiation is quaking in its lead lining (medical speak for quaking in its boots) knowing it will not beat you either - even if they team up!!
    All our well wishes and good vibes are with you and I am sure you can feel them. This is all about "the cure with NO unwanted side effects". We are with you!!

  5. Hi all,
    Just a little "slot contest update". Whilst our Chemo sabe is napping, I used my lunch time creatively - playing slots. I just hit the Red, Green and Blue '7's" whilst betting 3 coins. That equates to a win of 5,000 credits. I am at 6,877 credits!!
    I think I'll stop now :)

  6. Brenda and Dee...Wow...what a day! The word on the street is that a successful party is one that's overflowing with friends. Well, MD Anderson sounds like the place to be! Add that thought to your supportive village and you're off to a winning start! Your attitude is beyond admirable. Sitting in for Brenda at the dentist's office and being told that you two look alike made us laugh. Good that it's not an optometrist's! Our humble hug of support surrounds your every moment as the countdown to the cure continues.

    Michele...Your comic relief and ability to nail the emotions is a gift wrapped up with love and levity. You are amazing! Now, Jackie needs to know the rules. She has downloaded the game and started with $500. Is $2000 the starting amount or can you pick any amount? Jackie has a competitive edge that is subtle, but definitely there.
    Bonnie and Jackie