Friday, June 5, 2009

Doc Vic Freeze Drys Blue Bonnet!

OK VP's...go to the bathroom and pee before you check this video out from Doc Vic. It's absolutely priceless...her creativity is boundless. Film is NOW!!! We all welcome your comments...we're still laughing here in Houston...HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


  1. Boy do I wish I had taken Dee's advice and peed before viewing this. Holy shit, you're funny, Vic!

  2. Imagine trying to live with this kind of competition...I thought my Nacho boy was going to knock her down for putting treats in a freeze dried package. Not bad filming in one take, huh? I even did it without cracking up!!! She is way too funny!

  3. Oh man that is priceless - freeze dried blue bonnet, hilarious. Love the simulated "chew" and "spit", however the badge and zippy cap with chin strap tells another story. Chemo sabe maybe you will enlighten our lovely Texas Ranger Vic about chin straps!!!
    Beautiful horse.
    Callie - you did a great job, especially since you have a fractured paw.
    Very very funny and creative.

  4. This is a post from our favorite "defense" investigator (PK) especially to you Marshall Vic:

    The fact that Marshal Vic's confession is on tape is troublesome, but
    Blue Bonnet had it coming!

    That's her story and she should stick to it! I know several good defense attorneys and we'll make sure the Marshal gets appropriate legal assistance.

    (At least she's got the right color hat on if she's going to play on the 'dark side'.) {-8

  5. OMG!!!! Vic called and said to empty the bladders and open our e-mail. She was laughing so hard before we even discovered what she did. When we saw this we howled. We keep playing it over and over again because this is our shy Vic...NOT!!! She is cracking us up all of the time. She just needed a village blog to try out her new talents. Where did she come up with this? She was in the airport and found that the blue bonnet is Texas' State flower. She sent me a card with pig snot on it (another story) and a package of these flowers. She was laughing all the way home and here's what appears as a result of it.

    First of all she could not believe that Blue Bonnet was for real. After explaining the whacky character to her she was beside herself although she has some pretty interesting patients in rural PA. Good lord she has some stories...

    So to come up with this video made us laugh even harder than before. She has a new flip video and she is on a roll. Of course Dee has one now because they are so easy to use and they are connected by USB port.

    I am coming out of #3 chemo and this is the best medicine for this chemo sabe!!!

    love, CS

  6. Michelle, who said the chew was simulated? Also, as far as the chin
    strap "on" the hat. I know all about that story. I even have a photo of chemo sabe modeling it. You need a strap "on" your hat when your riding your mount and galloping through the fields roping blue bonnets.

    Marshall Vic

  7. Marshall Vic, help!!! I opened my refrigerator and found Blue Bonnet margarine that Doc Vic left. I think that it is singing to me, "Everything is better with Blue Bonnet on it."

    You freeze dried the bitch and she was reincarnated as margarine. I am a damsel in distress....I need Marshall Vic. Do you answer to 911?

    chemo sabe

  8. I just can't believe everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it. If you wan't me to mail her to Houston so you can sprinkle her on your food while playing culinary roulette I would be happy to oblige.