Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Houston...We Have Tumor Shrinkage

Hey VP's...I was just playing around with some pictures tonight and wanted you all to see what Vic and I have seen...yes Houston, we have tumor shrinkage! This sure does give us hope and keeps us on the path. Amazing! Although it's slow and we're impatient, we can see results from the "Cure Juice" and we wanted to share that with you...our amazing support system.

Brenda slept a lot today and felt better tonight when some large foreign and unmentionable object came out of her sinus cavity. I'll spare you all a trip to the bathroom to throw up by saying, "It was NASTY!!" We Skyped Doc Vic to ask what on earth it was...Callie was about to pass out after checking it out. But amazing as this journey is...we did a taste test after we disposed of the alien...and things don't taste so bad. She had some Moose Tracks ice cream and a bit of brownie (neither of which she could eat before she drove the creature from the depths of her sinus cavity.) She could actually taste chocolate!!! There is hope that a lot of that nasty taste might be related to "the creature." Keep your fingers crossed. We'll do more experimentation tomorrow.

Let the healing continue...thanks for traveling the path with us. Be thankful we didn't introduce you to the "Nasty Nasal Nemesis."

Nurse Dee


  1. Ok Ok......that is good news but GROSS! Those are the kind of things people bring into the doctors office for us to look at and we about gag!! Then to skype it?? Your truly sick sista!!!! LOL You all could create your own "doctors" show. I had to read this twice to make sure you weren't taste testing the alien. uggghhh! Bren your neck looks amazing, it HAS gone down a lot. You don't even have the puffy tight face from the steroids like Amy had. You look sooooo good and healthy. Must be the big smile on your face from hacking the big loogie!!! HA HA Peeker you are really getting into this nurse thing aren't you, next you will have your own cancer crime lab set up in the apt. Thanks for not revealing the big NNN!!!!!
    With that I'm going to bed, as I'm clearing my throat...yuk!
    Love you guys, sleep well sista!!

  2. You look marvelous!!!! I actually just compared some of my 'before' shots to this after shot and WOW!! There is a marked difference. I sent Dee some photos form Tahiti in March. The difference is amazing.
    Keep up the good work. How dare cancer think it could beat you!! Keep kickin' ass in your 'biker babe do rag. How's that for Texas talk???

  3. Brendita:

    I'm with Rhonda. I had to read it twice to make sure you weren't taste testing part of the alien. Whew! Noodles sound better!

    I am glad to hear you are hanging in there AND improving every day. Love the "rag" with the Quiet notice. Your humor and spirit consistently amaze me. I have been praying for you every day, and am one step closer to sending a card. The creative part is done, now I just have to find the words. . . And, after that project, I've still got an idea floating around in my head for the Texas contest -- as it relates to that photo of you your Mom found and posted on the blog. . . but I might need some technological help from Courtney for a sound byte. :)

    And, hell, if I had known you loved Scrabble so much, we would have had players tournaments back in the day. . . But, from the way Rhonda describes it, I might have been a sore loser if you were such a damn gloater.

    I've been busy submitting late application and registering to start my Master's -- had my first class today. Also learning the ropes in my newest occupation in Social Work: behavioral health. UUUGGGH. This weekend, I fly to Denver to bring Courtney home for good. A road trip will be fun. She's trying to talk me into driving a u-haul box truck home. I'm tellin' her we should ship some stuff and would do well to stick to the car! Can you imagine me driving a 10' box truck? Totally blows the princess image, doesn't it?? -- not to mention I'd have a knot in my stomach and white knuckles all the way home, thinking I would wreck the thing.

    And, tell sister Rhonda that my sister in Idaho fixed me up with a date when I visited Boise in March. Interestingly, we had our second date in Phoenix. You will crack up to know that I played golf at the TPC -- as it was his dream. So, here I am, driving the ball about 3 feet into the desert brush at the nicest course in the valley. Cracked me up, and at least the two guys they paired us with were pretty good sports about it. We resorted to him throwing the ball on the green for me to putt on each hole and me trying to improve the driving problem only on the par 3s. Sounds like I will be visiting Boise again in August. I will have to look Rhonda up and go to lunch while I am there. . . If Rhonda heard about a road rage incident involving ranch dressing and coins yesterday in Boise, my niece was one of the victims. The headline of ranch dressing and coins sounds kind of funny, but I know my niece was pretty shaken.

    So, while it's been crazy, you have never been far from my heart, prayers, and thoughts.

    Talk soon,
    keep the good news coming and keep that smile that makes us all know you are beating the damn pants off that cancer -- and WE WILL ALL be gloating about that, my friend.

    Love you!

  4. WOW ! That is one super great new look !! And still that great big smile that spells mischief Chemo-Sabe!!!

    Your looking great girl despite having endured the recent infiltration of the cure juice !!

    Keep on kicking butt, we're thinking of you and keep sending positive energy your way.

    Both take good care :)


  5. okay I had to read the blog as well a few times and lets set the record right, I would not and could not eat that alien. That was half the size of my index finger and I am telling you I was about to hurl. Everyone was gagging on that one. It's amazing that I can breathe better now. It is most likely scar tissue or coagulated blood that accumulated in the back of my sinus cavity. I can't even tell you the taste of this stuff that totally destroys real food.

    I have had this love drainage every time after chemo so the last high dose dislodged the alien. Dee put together an alien photo poster of Sigourney Weaver in Alien with her big butch gun with a caption that said, "Take that you fu....ing bitch." The first surgeon took it into the surgical room with him being the good Christian that he is he was hoping that no one was offended. That's the alien that came from my sinuses I swear. Gag the baby.

    I feel better today and the steroid is starting to wear itself down and take the target off my stomach. As I promised Dr. Vic I ate a piece of toast with peanut butter on it. I haven't been able to eat peanut butter for a few months. It didn't taste like it should be but it was better than tasting that nasty chemical metal taste.My normal source of protein is peanut butter, nuts, protein shakes, and none of this I could eat. There may be hope although I am getting used to the wild gulf shrimp here doused with a sauce with horsradish, catsup, and worsteshire sauce.

    I feel better today and hope for a much better day thanks to all of you and the many laughs last night about the alien. Thanks Cal and Vic for "sharing."

    Like I said before, there is no dignity in cancer. Just be glad that Dee spared you the picture of this thing. Good god that was NASTY!!!

    love to you all and thanks for the laughs,

    chemo sabe

  6. Okay all you VPs, why was I the only one subjected to the cyber loogie?
    I can appreciate the comment from Rhonda about bringing it in to the doctor's office. As a matter of fact, I suggested it but Dee nixed the idea. Patient's bring us little gifts all the time. I had a guy bring me a nasal polyp that he blew out of his nose....it looked like a giant gummi bear. The best one was a guy that came in with a beautiful glass bottle with a glass stopper on it. He pulled it out of the pocket of a tight pair of jeans. I still don't know how he got it in there. In the bottom of the bottle was a little dried up black thing about the size of a pin head. He said, "This fell off my penis. My nurse of many years said, "You should have asked him what it looked like before it stopped crawling around."

    Enough of that. Brenda called last night and Cal answered the phone and suggested she skype me. She paid for that suggestion because when Brenda skyped the "alien" they could hear Cal gagging all the way to Texas. It looked like something from around the neck of "the hunter with her dogs head dress entry". It was about the size of half a dog, only moister and darker. I suggested she post it on the blog, but she didn't want to share. After she expelled the creature from the deep we watched her taste test some Moosetracks ice cream and she could actually taste the chocolate! She then tried one of the Brownies I baked when I was there. She could eat that as well. Dee is probably trying to stuff that sucker back up her nose so she doesn't have any competition for the coveted brownies.


  7. You know, folks, those 'things' carry a high price on eBay! Just come up with a 'lookalike name' and your 'alien creature' may pay for all of the noodles that a girl could ever want.

    Dee...A huge compliment comes to you for your angel wings that are ever present. They continue to expand with your humorous outlook, love for Brenda, and endless effort to make her life the best that it can be while she's preparing to be Better than New. Your love is truly priceless!!

    Bonnie and Jackie

  8. Dear Dee and Brenda,

    You guys make me laugh so much. Brenda you look beautiful in the pictures, the cure is really working. I just know that you will be better than new, and soon. You are really so brave, and I love that kick your ass attitude.

    I was very touched by Bonnie and jackie's comment about Dee - I second that.. I could not have said it any more beautifully. Hope today is good day for both of you.

    It's rainining in California this morning - Rain in June....unheard of!!

    Love you both,
    Jodie and Donna

  9. Bonnie and Jackie may be on to something. I think I saw the Mother Theresa crying in "that thing!" Let the bidding begin.......


  10. OMG... e-bay auctions, taste testing aliens, I don't know were to begin... accept to say you look marvelououous darling... and pretty soon hopefully you will feel marvelous... glad I missed the film at 11... so I say let the binging begin!

    I was laughing so hard from all the commentary it was a good thing nobody was here at work with me!

    Onward and upward to becoming "better than new"...
    Lots of Love & Blessings to you both

  11. This post is from Toni...

    Brendita, I think you should contact the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest lugie ever. You could be famous!!! :-))) And because there is so much competition in the world, you know there would be all those guys out there trying to "pick a winner" to beat your record! It would provide everyone an excuse when they get caught with their finger up their nose: "Hey, I'm trying to beat the Guinness World Record!".

    Sweetpea, your neck looks great!! That juice is definitely working. I dreamed last night the CT scan was wrong and the tumor had not pushed through the duram (?). It wouldn't be the first time your tests were wrong, and I'm really hoping my dream comes true!!

    You need to know I think of you both every single day. Everyone back here asks about you often and sends good ju ju your way. Hang in there!

    Love and Kisses all over your face!!

    Tonya Jill aka Tonya Jill Toddface

  12. Hi Rosie :)
    Yes I did hear that story, I was just reading it again online. What a crazy chick, hope your niece is doing ok. Small world huh! So how do our Boise men rate? ha ha....hey I might even know him, never know. ha ha Well when Sis is better than ever and feeling wonderful will have to get the gang together again for Bingo and slot machines. Those are her most craziest moments. I'm sure she is having withdrawls as we speak, right Bren!!!??? Take care Rosie :)

    Hilarious Alien talk ladies, keep the humor going! Love you Sis oxoxoxo

  13. P.S. Michele, good job on naming the bull, knew you'd come up with a good one. So Clever! Will keep my eyes open for other future animal sites you may encounter :) Keep hunting! Hello to Karen :)

  14. All this talk of "nasal aliens" has my stomach feeling a tad bit queezy.
    In a very overt attempt to move things away from the alien, have you gotten any update on the next phase of the "cure program"? Perhaps I am being a bit inpatient and I apologize, but with the comparison photo showing such shrinkage, it raises my optimism. Sort of like a play-off - adreneline flows when you win and you cannot wait to get on with the next game.
    Speaking of playoffs, my absolute favorite soccer team - Chelsea United - took the FA Championship on Saturday - Go Chelsea Blue. Chemo sabe if the Chelsea team were half as determined to win as you are, they would have won the Premiership as well as the FA. Maybe when you are 'better than new' we can go over to London and provide a clinic.
    Love you both
    Oh and one last thing. As a new MAC user, I was looking forward to the Skype possibilities. Not so much now knowing the alien was out there.
    Love you guys

  15. Hey Hey Hey us PC users have and can Skype... watch it Ms Michele... but I'm with you I am pulling at the bit for a really nice medical up-date!
    Lots of Love & Blessings

  16. as to aliens....Dee, try a razor, that way Brenda won't have to cough up hairballs! Just kidding! D and I check in regularly and the two of you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are looking forward to seeing you all in PV in 5 months! Yippee! Love you guys! Dayna & Louise