Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tanner Is A New AKC Champion

VP's...We have FABULOUS news!!! Some of you know that I have totally gone to the dogs after retiring from the police department. I have really gotten into training and competitively showing our 2 Dobermans...Abbie, our female and Tanner, our male. According to AKC rules for Conformation Competition, your dog has to earn 15 points to be declared a "Champion." Simply, this means that he or she has won the overall competition against the other dogs entered in their breed. The points for the shows are determined by the number of dogs of like breed entered into the competition. Believe me, getting these total points is easier said than done and usually takes months if not years to accomplish. Have you ever seen the movie "Best in Show?" This is an hysterical comedy about folks that show's really not far from the truth!!

Anyway...Tanner was in a show in Flagstaff, AZ this weekend. My dear friend Gerry, who breeds Dobermans and is the breeder that I bought Abbie and Tanner from, is taking care of our 2 while we're in Houston. She has also been showing dogs for years. She took Tanner and 2 of her Dobermans up there for the show and passed Tanner off to our professional handler and friend, Sara Lopez who actually took Tanner into the ring. Believe me handling the dog correctly in the show ring is not an easy thing to do.

We just got a phone call from Gerry who reported on the results of todays show for Dobermans:



This is a really BIG deal. We're on cloud go out today and help us celebrate! YEA TANNER!

Nurse (Woof) DD and Chemo-sabe


  1. As parents of an AKC champ you must be so proud!!
    enjoy the day

  2. Kind of makes all that testicle massaging worth it. For those of you who don't know, when Tanner was a puppy there was some concern about his testicles descending properly. Dee Dee had to do a little massage therapy on her boy. Now he's a champion! He's come a long way. You must be so proud!

  3. OMG I am soooo excited... I can't believe I know, have petted and played with an AKC champ... there will be no living with him now... do you think I can get an autogragh (oops I mean paw print)??? since I knew him when he was just a little pup?

    I know you are both (especially DeeDee) so very proud!!! Kudos to everyone!

  4. Wow...what a thrill for all of you. Tanner just wanted to get into the blog and knew that bringing such good news would create a smile. You must really miss your babies. Time to celebrate from afar!!

  5. SOOOOOOOOO happy for you all and especially for you Dee! I loved watching you in the video - you were so giddy and happy and it made me have big smiles!
    ....Though I would be fine without the testicle massages (and tampons on my ears), you have always heard me say that in my next life I am coming back as one of your dogs! Never have I seen more love and care and sweetness than you and Brenda provide them both.
    I love you both and am thrilled that Tanner now gets to start having sex!... Oh man, that means you and Brenda are going to be PIMPS! Cool. *Brenda, you may have to take another trip to that party store and get those purple hats with the feathers!
    Love you both and miss you terribly! Hugs and kisses from me, Julie and Ryder


  6. Dee, I don't think I have ever seen you more proud and more excited about anything than you were in that video. I am SOOOO happy for all of you. You have worked so hard with both of them... it's nice to see something go in the right direction for you.
    So do we have to refer to him as "Sir Tanner" or "Champion Sir Tanner your Highness"... just let us know so we address him with the proper title.
    Looking forward to celebrating many things upon your return. THAT will definitely be one of them!!!
    big hugs

  7. Yeah Jules, they miss you at Nandos and the margaritas are very lonely. Dee will now get to come home over the 4th of July so you all can celebrate with her.

    Tell Ryder that I am still looking for my hair and that Auntie D did not steal it after all. That was so darn cute. Auntie B, where is your hair. ( He's the cutest little guy and is about to turn 3) I love and miss that little guy.

    Yes, more people want to come back in their next life as Dee's dog. Hmmm feed him buffalo, steak, chicken and all he has to do is stand and look pretty. Well, he does have to trot with her when she rides her bike and has to run next to the car as she holds the leash out the window so that she can build his top line, or obey commands all the time. Other than that he sleeps in his chair and waits for Abbie to tell him to run outside to look for the Coyotes. So, it's a good life for those two dogs. I don't have Abbie to wake me up at 0530 to move over so she can sleep on my pillow as I go to work. hmmmm

    I miss you guys a lot and appreciate how to take care of my nurse as she takes her union breaks. One of these days this patient is going to come home for good and we will all celebrate.

    Love to you all,

    chemo sabe