Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Bullish Good Time

Mornin VP's...Brenda had a rough night last night...poor thing. On top of ending her 3rd round of chemo and being amped up on the steroids they have to give her, she got a Neulasta shot yesterday that helped to make her miserable last night. Her stomach was bothering her because she needed some of her meds and couldn't take them due to time limits on the dosage. She had a spliting headache and she can't take any asprin products...they said she could take MORPHINE...but you know...we just didn't have any of that around the apartment and the last time I checked, that wasn't something I could get at the local drugstore!!! She was aching and sweaty but wasn't running a fever. She needed to eat somehting but couldn't find the noodles that I bought her yesterday. Everything else we have here in the apartment make her gag! Bless her heart....she didn't want to wake me up to show her where the dang noodles were. We worked that problem out this morning and now she knows to wake me up to help and we'll have emergency noodles/food sitting out on the counter ready to be pressed into action. She's got her meds on board now and is eating some food so she's feeling a little bit better. She'll sleep today and that's a good thing. Here's Michele's post for today:

The NJ gang got together with the Mass gang adn they had a great weekend in New York City. Michele wanted all of us to share in the fun they had and gave us this little montague' to post. Amanda is ALWAYS on the ball (no pun intended...read on and you'll get that one...) wanting to offer medical support to all that need it...well just ready Michele's post:

As you may recall, Cate, Amanda, Kim, Wendy joined Karen and me in NYC for a fun filled weekend (yes the weekend that included the MAC purchase). However, I will not talk of MACS on this entry, even if they pale in comparison to the computers ;)

NYC is a wonderful place to visit particularly because there are so many neighborhoods; each one unique and each one with a special surprise. On this particular day we were making our way thru SOHO heading to Little Italy for dinner (via the Apple store - Okay I'll stop). As we made our way down this particular avenue we stumbled upon this life size stainless steel bull.

So being a group of pretty smart women, we put 2 + 2 together; "Big in Texas" theme and "Bull in NYC". Of course we had to grab the shot to prove that even a major city can compete with Texas for big and bull. A wonderful couple offered to take the photo so we could all be in the picture for our Chemo Sabe. A bonus, he did not try to make off with the camera - NYC is improving.

Anyway, we were completing our photo shoot when of course Amanda, being the thorough doc that she is decided to examine the bull as well. She determined the horns were of good quality and the overall frame was pretty solid and clearly this was a prime specimen. I thought she had completed the exam, after all it is a stainless steel bull. But no that's when things went south - pardon the pun. Before we knew what was going on, Amanda was doing some kind of "medical exam" on the poor bull's genitalia.

I cannot serve as a complete witness in this case because as I snapped the photo, I heard Amanda whispering instructions to the bull "to cough". I'm sorry but she lost me on that one.
Now I know my integrity has been, shall we say suspect, in the past when it comes to getting the facts correct. I will be the first to admit that I do take some liberties if it makes for a better story. In some cases that criticism is fair. In other cases - well you now how those turned out - I WON!!!!!.

Anyway, rather than have to go through a few days of suspicion and people questioning my character, I thought I would show the two photos this time to prove my point. I will let you all be the judge on my integrity.

However, for the bigger in Texas theme - this is one big bull - from all perspectives!!
Chemo Sabe when you are "better than new", I am sure we can hook you up here for a ride. Bring your snappy new cowboy hat.

Thanks for the great story and pics that made us smile on a rough morning...perfect timing.

Nurse Dee


  1. Michelle and Amanda...seems like this is a common theme you have with animals,birds and such on the trips you take. "sizing them up" HA...Remember the beak on Paul the Pelican in Turks and now the bull...did you guys name him as well?? What other ones have I missed??? Could only imagine the laughter on the street with you girls that day, how fun! I can hear you from Idaho :) HA HA Again you all just kill me....keep the fun going!

  2. Okay, Michelle, aside from photoshop masterpieces by Bonnie and Jackie, I would have to say that this is evidence extraordinaire. This bull must be fully healthy but it is missing its bully stick. Notice the NYPD paddy wagon across the street waiting to arrest our GAMD for molesting a metal bull. It seems that NY would have some code on the books for this. Windy and Keem sure would think so.

    I am glad that you guys had a good time and shared it with all of us. Thanks for keeping me laughing when sometimes I just can't crack a smile.

    love, chemo sabe

  3. Hello All,

    Well, I have to say, if you look closely at that picture of us near the bull, I am clearly distressed. This is because only minutes before Michele was found in a decidedly awkward position sort of underneath and looking upwards at the bull. Being the medical professional that I am, I was deeply concerned for her safety. I had no idea what it was that she was doing. I was so concerned that I was willing to risk my own safety approaching the back end of the bull to see if in fact this bull was in posession of all of his earthly parts. As you can see, in the second photo, he clearly was.

    So, I promply notified the NYPD and they helped me get Michele to safety. I didn't want to hear another one of her "Cock and Bull" stories, so I wanted to be sure you guys knew what really happened. She can be dangerous apparently around large farm animals. I know she lives in Jersey, so she hasn't seen large farm animals in a while. And I know she's supposed to wait another five years, but c'mon VPs....really!!!

    We did have a terrific time, and we really did take every photo with you in mind my sweet Chemo Sabe. We were thinking of all the ways to bring Texas into NYC. This is not so easy. I have to say, it would have been fantastic if you were there with us. We were in Little Italy after all, and they have LOTS of noodles. My wife is Italian, I know these things.

    While I'm eager to spend time waxing about the spectacularness of all things Macintosh, I do think that my spectacular friends have probably succeeded in convincing the rest of you Windows users about the miracles of a REAL computer!!

    I miss you both and wish I were there with you Nurse Dee and Chemo Sabe!! I want to tell you that you NEED to call me at home if this type of thing EVER happens again. How the heck is a GA-MD supposed to help guide you if my crystal ball is in the shop and you don't tell me what's cookin' baby? I never want you to suffer for a night like that again. Often we can work with the meds you've got. You really should never be waiting for the next dose to get relief. There are many things we can do, noodles aside. I do so very much wish I were closer, but if I can't be, then my phone works darn well. (I'm sure I speak for Vic too, I know we both want to be here to support you through this with all the tools in our toolbelt.)

    Watch out Michele, put the tool down..... Rhonda stop drooling!!!

    Anyway, I hope you're through the roughest spots. Keep on napping. I'm here for you whenever you need me.

    Lots of love,

  4. The last thing I told chemo sabe before I left Saturday was to call me anytime, day or night, with any problems, questions or worries. So you give her hell Amanda. Did she call.....No!!!! Did she even wake Dee.....No!!!! I'm up all night with hot flashes anyway. She may as well call. I don't know how to get it into that cute little bald head of hers. Brenda, we all love you and we don't care if you wake us up. That's what friends are for. Plus, I knew where the noodles were.


  5. okay, okay, I got my noodle lashing from two outstanding docs. I'd like to say that I thought about calling you but hanging over the counter jones-ing for some noodles was all that my middle of the night brain could tolerate. You both have been very generous with your assistance and ideas. I have a better plan should that ever happen again thanks to you both. I will have you on speed dial now so calm your hot flashes and snoring chemo sabe will be calling.

    You are the best! love chemo sabe

  6. Chemo Sabe...You know, one of the issues is that you were using your noodle to look for noodles! It's difficult to find something that's in use. Glad that the plan is in place for tonight.

    Michele and gang...you have certainly milked this NYC trip, along with the creative bull that accompanies your running 'Texas' dialogue. Seriously, there's a creative writing job for you somewhere in this world. Thanks for sharing your gift of gab with all of us.

    May the sleep gods appear tonight for all of us!

    Bonnie and Jackie

  7. Chemo Sabe et al,
    Just so we are clear - you can call me anytime, anywhere for anything, BUT (that is such a big ass BUT, the correct spelling should be BUTT), if you are jonesing for food - remember I have absolutely no clue what to do in a kitchen. I can work a microwave and follow instructions well, but that pretty much exhausts my resume in the culinary field.
    I am so curious as to the "nasal alien" and without dragging out too much detail wonder if it was some residual packing. A simple yes or no will suffice. I crack myself up - residual packing - I love talking medical.
    I think you have compromised my federal right to privacy by sharing my psychological infomation in an unauthorized, albeit creative, manner. When I was under that Bull you did indicate you were a doctor and could help me. I trusted you to help, not to share. Thank goodness you are my meos sister :) I'll let this one slide!!
    Bonnie and Jackie - talk about creative writing. In person you are both realtively quiet and reserved and on the blog - comics. I know Karen and I are richer for having met you and gauging from how you make us smile, I can only imagine how Dee and Chemo Sabe must feel. Love it!
    Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda..... of course we named the bull. For a few moments before GA-MD interceeded his name was Honey, oh Baby, etc... (aw yuk! this freaking comedy crap is disgusting, but I'm on a roll tonight). After complete composure was restored, we chose, Michael.
    Now wait, I know you are thinking Michael, what the.... Well our logic was to think of the Texas theme, incorporate the Bull and have our Bull win. So here goes - Big Bull - Michael Jordan (Chicago said NYC could borrow him for this blog). Texas theme, San Antonio Spurs. Do I need to document how many time the Bulls beat the Spurs? Voila - Michael Jordon (NYC silver bull) wins.
    Second choice was Lone Ranger. Our logic there was - how poetic it would be for Chemo Sabe to finally ride the Lone Ranger. With that picture floating through your minds I will say good night. Sleep well my friends.