Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's a MAC Thing!!!

OK VP's...we've all been talking about the magic of the MAC...well that applies to its other products as the iPhone. Doc Vic has one of those tricky devices and also has some fun you can play while you waste all that free time you have gained because you transitioned to an efficient MAC computer!!! Yes! That thread is still going! Well she has a slot machine application on the phone and Brenda has been playing it as the chemo has been dripping away...anything to break up the boredom. Now our Vic also brought her new FLIP video camera to Houston and we shot this little chip of Brenda with the slot phone...check it out.


Nurse (MAC addict) Dee



  1. Well you can take the girl out of the casino but you obviously can't take the slot machine playing out of the Brenda... missing that Mazatzal Casino in Payson are we????

  2. Now I wish I had taken more videos while I was there. My mac consultant, nurse Dee, talked me through the process of shrinking the file so I could e-mail it. She's very handy to have around.

  3. I have had an iPhone over about 2 years now. I have not found a slot for the coins to get the slot machine rolling. Maybe it is because I still have the 1st generation of iPhone nt the newer fancy 3G, but still..... Any suggestions?

  4. Hey Bren...Vic sure has your number with iphone slot machines and scrabble, no wonder you guys click ha ha....I agree with Cathie, we all miss the casino in Payson. Remember our forth of July trip there....we had some fun jack pots didn't we!!! I never laughed so hard.You were even on the slots in Turks...but the best one to watch you play is "wheel of fortune" hilarious...then there is our favorite...da da da dant!!!!!! LOL
    So nice to hear your voice today :) I miss you lots!! Here's good vibes for the next phase of treatments!! Hugs to you! oxoxoxoxo
    Love ya,
    P.S. what about those WCWS games today unreal huh!! Yak at ya soon.

  5. Caution to all you Mac newbees out there. It truly is an addiction. The above video clip was taken on a Flip Video camera (about the size of a cell phone). It has a USB arm that opens on the side of it that plugs into the computer and with one click it downloads to iphoto. One phone call to Dee later and the video was on it'd way to Dee by e-mail and then on the blog. Within the hour Dee had purchased her very own Flip Video on line (like I said it'd an addiction.)

    The everyready bunny finally slowed down and got some sleep. It's back to work today. I had a wonderful week with Brenda playing culinary roulette. We did a little shopping and she found me a pair of what she calls, "Princess shoes" for my neices wedding. I also got to see MD Anderson and it's incredible. There is no question you two are in the right place. I play daily for both of you and my gut feeling is that everything will be okay! AS GOOD AS NEW! Love you both!


  6. That video is fabulous and it's obvious that Brenda is smitten with the iPhone apps! What a wonderful idea!! Say, a question for our other Mac gurus: How do you shrink a video file so that it can be emailed?

    Love the idea of celebrating along the way! It's those baby steps that get you home.

    Loving Monday energy coming your way,
    Bonnie and Jackie

  7. Bonnie and Jackie...use iMovie to build your video and then go to "share" on the menu bar and use "media browser" or the "export movie" command to open a dialogue box that you can select the size of the video according to the device it will play on . There's still limits to how long the file can be because most e-mail programs have a limit on the size of the file you can send. You can also use cpmpression software like "Stuff It" to compress the file in a "zip" format. Then the other way is to get an Apple "MobileMe" account and post it directly to the web. Does that help?

    Nurse (hopelessly addicted to electronics and MACS) Dee

  8. Yes, that helps a lot! Thanks for all of the choices. Funny that you mentioned Mobile Me, since I just bought the program after sniffing around the Best Buy Mac area today. The clerk convinced me that it would be a safe place to store any really important stuff. Wow...posting to the web is another great idea...thanks! xo