Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Aussie's Cry FOUL!

VP's...I got this note from Windy with an "E." It appears there is some dispute over the gal in the yellow hat....hummmmmmm! Could Michele actually be mistaken with the identity of this hat-wearer? Here's what Wendy wanted you all to know:

THIS ISN”T A PHOTO OF ME……….I think there has been some sort of mistake (I just heard Michele gasp). I offer the following as evidence.

1.  I never wear vertical and horizontal stripes at the same time – anyone who knows me knows I would never make such a faux pas

2.  I would not be caught dead in vertical stripes and polka dots or horizontal stripes and polka dots, let alone vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and polka dots at the same time (try saying that out loud….what a mouthful!!)

3.  I never, ever wear yellow. I’m a gold girl with diamonds added for sparkle

4.  I can’t wear big hats……….I seem to get lost in them. Caps are more my style

5.  I don’t wear a hat when I’m out because I suffer badly from the after effects, eg: hat hair!

6.  I would never just try on a hat……what if the last person that did had nits!

7.  I am very shy and would never think of doing such an attention drawing thing like trying on such a silly hat

8.  OK if you didn’t believe the last one….I’m an exhibitionist (and in good company given the entries in the hat competition) and therefore would make sure my fat little cheeks were on display (maybe I should have said face instead of cheeks!)

So it’s rather obvious that as hard as it is to believe, MICHELE has made a MISTAKE, an ERROR, a BLOOPER, a BLUNDER, a GOOF in saying this is a photo of that lovely Aussie named Wendy with an ‘E’.

I accept apologies in writing Michele. As is a case of wine just in case I can’t understand your American version of an apology!



  1. Really??? Sit tight, let me gather the evidence :)

  2. I don't know Windy (or Wendy) but my money is on Michelle!

  3. whahoo a girl fight... is there going to be any mud slinging involved??? film at 11???